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RtW ch3-4

Making another (probably futile) attempt to keep things short today:

Chapter 3:

In a lot of ways, this chapter just seems to be recapping the problems facing Cassie. We already know what’s going on with Pritkin, but Cassie’s little chat with Marco reminds us that there’s a lot more going on. Jonas is trying to get control over the her Court, her relationship with Mircea seems to be on the edge of some kind of explosion and there’s two dozen frightened girls camping out in her suddenly very crowded suite. I have to give KC props for almost invariably delivering exposition in an engaging manner. This particular scene dumps a lot of info but does it through the lens of Cassie and Marco’s relationship, and that makes it interesting to me. You can really see how much Marco worries about Cassie but also get a sense of the pressure he’s under. And we also get to see the seeds of Cassie and Rhea’s burgeoning relationship, Rhea’s protectiveness of Cassie and her respect bordering on fear of her, clashing a little with Cassie’s far more informal nature. I love their friendship and I’m going to yap about it a lot during this reread.

Chapter 4:

Again, more hints of problems on HMS Mircass - Cassie knows they need to talk, but she’s just so afraid of the confrontation that’s looming. She also mentions that Mircea ‘plays her like a violin’ and I think she said something like that in HtM as well? Like, imagine being in a relationship where the other partner had known you since you were a child, was older than you and more experienced than you and being aware that this partner was continually manipulating you? How could you feel safe and comfortable in a relationship like that? No wonder she doesn’t want to talk to him, honestly.

Cassie’s fight with Rosier is interesting on a lot of levels; for one thing, it really shows how Cassie forgets her insecurities when she’s trying to protect someone else. Like can you imagine book 3 Cassie grabbing a demon lord and slamming him into a wall? She was never this dominant and assertive until she ended up on this quest for Pritkin, but now she’s beginning to take charge and I love it. For another, it reminds us yet again about Cassie’s feelings for Pritkin, which are just bubbling along beneath the surface the whole time, as we can see in her absolute panic at the thought of failing to get him back, her description of his 'precious’ soul and the way she sees little flashes of him in Rosier. These little flashes of similarity were another reason that I began to sort of like Rosier:

“For a moment, he sounded exactly like his son giving me an order in the middle of a fight. It was enough to snap my head up, enough to bring me back from the brink. I blinked stupid tears away.”// “I looked up and met Rosier’s green, green eyes. They were so like Pritkin’s that, for a moment, I almost thought I saw a spark of compassion in them.”

Reading stuff like this got me thinking that if he shared some traits with Pritkin, then maybe he couldn’t be all bad? The development of Rosier’s character is something that I will come back to after RtS *sigh*

Guys the butt scene in Lover’s Knot! I was dying!!😂 Did that not remind any one else of the scene between Ray and Dory in Fury’s Kiss??? It was so prefect! I mean Anthony specifically chose that spot, I really can’t imagine why except for some kind of payback.

I hope I’m not late in gushing over the end of LK, someone please talk to me about it!!