karen are you proud of me

Harry imitating Liam’s old headteacher: *puts on Birmingham accent* He’s done very very well, yeah? He has. Very proud of him.

Liam from offstage: Harry… Harry he’s Welsh.

Harry: I’d like to say to all of you teachers, family, chip shop people that Liam used to go to, all of you thank you for letting us borrow him for the last five years. Karen, don’t cry on me now, you always do this. Stop! C'mon.

Aaliyah Graduates

A/N: “Two posts in one day? Geez Lex, we get it.” I know I know, I’m sorry. I just wanted to get this up while it was still kind of topically relevant. Excuse me, its super rushed and super short. ALSO I have never heard of a middle school graduation in my life so sorry if this is entirely inaccurate.

Requested by: Anon - Pls pls write an imagine based on you and Shawn attending Aaliyahs graduation and it’s super cute !!

Word Count: 744

“Do you have the flowers?” Shawn asked as he rushed around the room gathering the last of his things before we headed out the door. We were now five minutes late and for the first time ever, it wasn’t my fault.

“Yep.” I said leaning against the door frame.

“And the gift?”                        

“Right here.” I said lifting up the box wrapped in the ugly ass “conGRADulations” wrapping paper I’d begged him not to buy.

“Does this tie make me look stupid?”

“What?” I laughed as he stepped in front of the mirror.

“That’s not an answer.”

“No. You look fine, Shawn. We’re gunna be late.” I said. He stood in the mirror for an additional beat before scrunching up his nose and removing the tie.

“Okay let’s go.” He said grabbing my hand as we rushed towards the garage. “Did you get th-“

“Yes, Shawn. I have everything. I’ve checked and double checked and if you want I’ll even triple check” I giggled as I swung open the passenger door of the Wrangler and hopped in.

“Sorry.” He said sheepishly as he slid in the divers seat beside me. “I’m just excited. This is a big deal.”

“It is! Lil Liyah’s off to high school. I can’t believe it.”

“Me either.” He sighed as he stuck his key in the ignition and pulled out of the garage.

Shawn’s smile grew goofier by the second as we searched for Aaliyah at the graduation. He pointed out exactly three girls that turned out to not be her before we finally spotted her and Many standing by the door.

“Aaliyah!” Shawn shouted, throwing his hands in the air like a dork. Her eyes lit up when she saw us as she rushed over and into her brothers arms. “Congratulations! I’m so proud of you.” He laughed.

“Thanks!” She exclaimed before letting go of him and allowing me to scoop her into a hug. “Hey, Y/N.”

“Hey, Liyah! You look so beautiful!” I said, stepping back to see her dress. “I wish I could trust myself enough to rock all white like that.”

“Oh please, I’m just hoping they take the pictures before I get a chance to mess it up.” She said making us laugh.

“Oh, hey! We got you something!” Shawn said handing her the flowers and the gift.

“You guys! You didn’t have to do that.”

“What do you mean? Of course we did! We’re so proud of you Liyah!” I said waving at Karen and Manny, who were now on their way over.

Shawn gave each of them into a hug and kissed Karen on the cheek before they made their way over to me.

“It’s good to see you again, Y/N.” Karen said, pulling me into a hug. “I’m glad you could make it.”

“It’s good to see you too! I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” I smiled, giving her a squeeze.

“Pictures! We need to take pictures!” Shawn exclaimed before whipping out his phone and throwing his arm around Aaliyah. 

5 minutes and what felt like a million pictures later, we all huddled around Shawn for the results. “Send me these.” Aaliyah said, swiping to the next picture. “Ew except for that one. Delete that one.”

“Why?!” Shawn responded. “We look good!”

“Shawn, I mean it. Do not post that.” She said before she was called to join her class.

“You’re gunna post it aren’t you?” I asked looking over his shoulder.

“Oh yeah.” He laughed before taking my hand. I chuckled and shook my head in response as we followed Karen and Manny inside to our seats.


Shawn drifted off during a majority of the ceremony until he heard his sister’s name. He shot up to his feet and cupped his hands around his mouth. “Woo! Go Liyah!” he shouted, earning him a couple looks from the people around us. 

“Shawn sit down!” I giggled grabbing his arm and pulling him back to me.

“What? I’m being supportive.” He smiled, sinking back into his seat.

Aaliyah’s face turned a new shade of red as she stepped up on stage, avoiding the audience.

“You didn’t have to do that, you know.” Aaliyah said to Shawn when she found us after the ceremony

“Do what?” Shawn laughed innocently. She rolled her eyes in response. “I’m just proud.” He added, throwing his arm around her shoulder. “You’re all grown up.”

Newcomers Pt 21

Oolana ran and embraced her husband who for all his reserved nature could not hide his shock and joy at her appearance in their doorway. Selan being there too was too much and she embraced them all or tried to with her short arms and wept, her family was alive and safe. She would morn the loss of her two older sons but not only had the two younger ones survived but her husband too. She prayed her thanks to Oril the mother god for bringing her family back.

“Well this is a step up for us” she remarked some hours later enjoying a drink the Humans called tea. It was part of the food distribution that was handed out.

“Yes the Humans have been rather generous, they also offered father a new arm” Creten stated.

“Where is it then?” she asked Malthos who did not answer and only grunted.

“Oh I see, there is no shame in accepting”

“It is surrender” he said harshly “I will not submit to these creatures”

“But you do eat the food they give us” Creten said and his father looked at him both angry and surprised he was standing up to him.

“Food is to survive, offering such things as to give father an arm is to try and turn us against our own kind” Selan said coming to her father’s defence.

“I think the High Chiefs are doing a better job of that than the Humans” Creten shot at his sister and the two glared at each other.

“So Creten” Oolana said trying to change the topic of discussion “I saw you talking to a crowed of people when I arrived, what were you saying?”

“Are you still preaching that bullshit!” Malthos screamed getting to his feet.

“It is not bullshit, you only call it that because you disagree with me” Creten shouted back getting to his own feet, his father still towered over him but Creten shoot his ground.

“What you are preaching is traitorous!” Selan shouted getting in on the argument “You are a traitor!”

“To whom?!” Creten asked.

“Your own kind!” she stated as if obvious.

“What I purpose is for the betterment of our kind so how is that traitorous?”

“The High Chiefs-” his father started.

“The High Chief’s are not the whole of the Benemar! When was the last time they even left that city of theirs? Do they even truly understand or even know what is going on? Have you ever met one of them? Has anyone?”

Malthos and Selan had no immediate answer to that and Creten pressed his point.

“Exactly they sit there in big home and in eat their large meals, they are the trait-” he never finished his sentence as his father had struck him, being small he was lifted off his feet and thrown into the wall.

“You really are living up to your names meaning” Malthos said advancing on him “Unwanted one”

“A name I now bare with pride, for who said I ever wanted you for a father” he said quickly getting to his feet and running out the door.

Oolana stood, she had been stunned to silence by this argument and it was one they had clearly had had multiple times as if this was rehearsed. She went to her husbands side and he looked at her as if she would approve but she kept her face stern.

“I have lost two children because of the lessons you taught them and forced them to accept. I will not loose a third because of you” she looked at her daughter to signify that meant her as well and then went out the door after her son.

Creten had disappeared into he crowd mumbling and cussing to himself, he cared for his father but he hated him to, he was always so dismissive of anything he had to say and that infuriated him.

“Creten?” he heard his name and looked to see a Human looking down at him.

“It is you, Creten” the human said hugging him but he said nothing as he did not recognise this one.

“Oh right, you wouldn’t recognise me” she laughed “It’s me, Karen”

“Karen” he shouted and leapt into her arms again “I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you”

“You are not alone, I’m sure my own mother wouldn’t recognise me now” Karen pushed him away to look at his face and saw the large bruise appearing on the side of his face.

“Your father?” she asked and he nodded and she embraced him again kissing his head. “Come, let’s find somewhere quieter”

She walked with him to a bar and although he may be an adult by Benemar standards to Humans he was still under age so could only have soft drinks. Not that he mind as the sugar content was like nectar to him.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

“Humans don’t stay at the front forever, we are rotated and it was my turn to have some time off as they say. But I want to talk about you, you have been making waves” she smiled.

“Sorry” he said looking down.

“Don’t be, keep doing what you’re doing, even Jenkins said that he thinks you will do great things”

“Captain Jenkins said that?” his eyes wide.

“Oh yeah, as Humans say, stir the pot once in a while, cause a bit of chaos, challenge everything” she grinned “Why do you think we all liked you so much?”

He lowered his gaze again “Humans are easier to talk to”

“How so?”

“You don’t…judge or jump to conclusions or interrupt anyone when they are talking even if you don’t agree with them”

Karen laughed “Firstly, everyone judges everyone else, it’s natural. When I first saw a Benemar I judged that your kind were idiots, a few I first met did nothing to sway that but over time I have been proven wrong. Secondly, jumping to conclusions is again natural we all do it, I have done so more than once in my life but the best you can do is not make it control your every encounter. As for interrupting…well that’s just rude don’t do it. I have met a lot of Benemar since coming to Bento Prime and I can honestly say although we may look different, especially now, we can be very much alike. You just need to show people that there are better ways to live than always being strong. Live lives that will make the world a better place than when you found it”

Creten looked up at her “See a lot of my kind don’t talk like that”

“Not a lot of Humans talk like that, I do because I read to the point of madness, you ever heard of tumblr?”


“Good stay away from it it’s the cesspool of humanity but it has a lot of good fiction stories I’ve spent sooooo much time reading it drives my wife mad”

“Your…your wife?” Creten asked confused thinking he had misheard.

“Yes my wife, I know I’m married shocking isn’t it. It had to be quick ceremony though as the invasion was about to start”

“You’re married…to a…female?”

“Yes?” Karen looked down confused then it clicked “Oh right, um…listen first of, when a mummy and a daddy who love each other very much–”

“No no I know about all that”

“Oh thank god” Karen said burying her head in her hands “Well in Human culture it is not unusual for those of the same gender to have relations and get married” Karen froze expecting the worst.

“Oh..okay….do you have any children yet?”

That caught her off guard “Wait” she said scrutinizing him “You accepted that awfully quickly”

“You explained it awfully quickly”

Karen smiled wide and placed her hand on his shoulder “You are a credit to your race you now that? I think Hopkins was right, after this war is over, this world will need you more than you know”

The reason for her surprise was that such actions were forbidden in the Alliance and actively scorned and even prosecuted by some. The Benemar as well had purge all those they thought were afflicted less they in their minds pollute the gene pool.

“Creten” his mother called from the entrance and ran inside to hug him.

She had found him by asking a Human guard and he had used the Link to ask if anyone in the city had seen him and Karen had responded. All this while they had been talking.

“Mother, this is my friend Karen, she looked after me before we came to Geeda”

Oolana knew what that meant, this Karen was part of the attack that saw her home town burned to the ground. “Nice to meet you” she gingerly greeted.

“Pleasure to meet you too” Karen said shaking her hand “You have a fine son here, you must no doubt be very proud”

“I am” she replied without pause.

“Well Creten, I shall no doubt see you again soon but for now I leave you in the care of your mother. If you would excuse me I am meeting someone very special and she is probably wondering where I am” Karen straightened herself and left with Creten and his mother watching her go.

“Wonder who she is going to meet” Oolana speculated.

“Her wife probably”

“Her what?”

Creten let short laugh and began explaining it to her as they made their way back home.


An excerpt from July, July in honor of @dadharbour. Congrats Leah!!

I. June 1994

After graduation, Mike moves to Chicago, living with Lucas and doing grad work at the University of Chicago. Will moves out to New York and Dustin stays in California. Eleven remains in Hawkins, working at the library, reading everything in sight, starting to feel a bit constrained in the small town. She goes up to Chicago sometimes; she likes it there - the bustle of the city but less claustrophobic than New York, the lake providing space and air and light.

On this June day, Mike is visiting home, and El spends every spare minute with him. Ted and Karen have left to take Holly to summer camp, and the two take refuge from the oppressive heat in his basement. They’re feeling lazy and silly and after El makes a comment about the old blanket fort, they decide to make a new one. It’s a little bigger than the original, but not by much. They lie there side by side, Popsicles in their mouths, relaying stories of the library and the university and things they’ve heard from their friends. After a while they quiet down, almost dozing, content to hear each other’s breathing.

El stares at the blanket above her, thinking of the first time she slept under it. Scared and cold and confused, but this boy gave her clothes and a name and spoke so kindly that she felt comfortable enough to fall asleep. She’s never forgotten that night, that week, every feeling she had as her world took on color and music and life. Sometimes she’s amazed that it wasn’t a dream, that it still isn’t, that she won’t wake up in that little bed with the lion in her arms and Papa just outside the door.

She’s thought about it a lot lately, over the past few months, and there’s a question dancing on her tongue but she hasn’t been able to ask it yet. Until now. Now seems perfect.

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karendavidofficial Walking off set now…that’s a wrap for #Jasmine and I on Season 6 of @onceabcofficial 💙 It feels like yesterday when I walked on set back in early August. I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. What an incredible adventure this has been! Everyday I walked onto set, I had a permanent smile on my face and a happy and excited heart. I always say it’s the people who make a show special and the #OUAT family are such a lovely bunch. I’ve enjoyed every minute of getting to know this wonderful cast, crew and creatives and I adore them all. Thank you, lovely #oncers and #jasminians for welcoming me into the family with open arms. It warms my heart to no end with your daily dose of kindness and thoughtfulness you have blessed me with. Playing Jasmine and being in such a well loved show, is a childhood dream come true. I only hope I made you all proud and played the character the way you had envisioned. Here’s hoping there will be more adventures for her to come! I’ve learned so much from playing Jasmine and on OUAT…that anything is possible if you dare to hope, believe in yourself, love yourself and forgive yourself. She is a true heroine, and she has inspired me to be the best version of myself… Bless all your hearts and see you soon for more S6 📺. 🙏🏽😘💙 Photo: @vfxsup (x)

Handcuffed // l.h

Originally posted by lipringsandsnapbacks

Requested: no

A/N: So before you start I would like to point out that I have no idea where this idea came from or like… how it turned out tbh. Anyways, this is not smut, sorry to everyone thinking it was some kinky ass sex, it’s not, it’s literally so funny and weird… just read it, you’ll understand then ;))

Pairing: Stranger!Luke x Y/N

“Karen, sweetie. What exactly are you trying to do?” you stopped and almost dragged your best friend away from the house. The bushes and trees covered the white newly-painted walls on the house and the driveway seemed too big, too scary, too rich. Karen didn’t know rich people living in rich houses so you knew already then something was off - however, she did know a lot of people that you didn’t know about, so maybe she actually was friends with some rich people.

“You’ll see.” Karen pulled you towards the entrance and rang the doorbell two to three times very aggressively, making you pull her sleeve because you could hear the annoying bell from inside the house. Whoever lived in this beautiful house would only smack the door open with a grumpy face, after Karen’s endless ringing. But it wasn’t a grumpy face that opened the door for you. Quite the opposite. A guy with a charming smile, bleached hair and glistering eyes stood in front of you. Tattoos were sprawled across his body as he welcomed you inside with a small gesture of his hand.

“M’lady.” He said and did a little bow as Karen walked inside with a cocked eyebrow, just as surprised as you were by the behaviour.

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if you're a parent of a trans kid

dont pretend you’re the fucking victim. your kid is probably in the process of coming out, and you need to fuckin support them. it’s DIFFICULT to come out, and your child needs you to have their back. don’t say stuff like “the gender stuff just makes me uncomfortable!!” or “you’re still a boy/girl in my eyes!!!” GUESS WHAT?? THAT’S TRANSPHOBIA, KAREN. i PROMISE YOU your kid is already going through enough shit surrounding their identity, and as a parent you have the ability to make them feel guilty about their identity, and that’s pretty fucking manipulative, because now there are trans kids who feel like changing their identity in any way will hurt everyone around them, and that their identity is damaging to others. nobody should have to think like that, trans ppl should be proud of their identity and proud of themselves, and fuck you if you think that your child should feel remorse for who they are.

Are you gonna stay the night? mikey way imagine.

A/N: woop nr. 2 of the day is done. i am proud of myself. so yeah, hope you enjoy.

Y/N`s P.O.V. 

I was sitting on Mikeys couch ”watching” the movie. It was a bad movie, which made it way more fun to make fun of the movie than actually watch the movie. There is nothing wrong with that. We were laughing about the cheesiness of one of the characters, it was so staged it was unbelieveble. ”I can’t do this Karen I love her.” he said, with the least feeling I have seen any actors express since Kristen Steward in Twilight. If you are a Twilight fan don’t get mad at me. but come on you have to admit Bella Swan is the most boring teenage girl ever. It is like she is constantly on her period. Which I imagine Edward fucking loves. When I told this to Mikey he laughed so hard he got cramps. Actual stomach cramps. I jawned and looked at the time. I looked at Mikey who turned his head to me in a sweet matter.

”I should head home. It is getting late.” I said jawning, while I got up from the couch.

He rolled his eyes, and grabbed my wrist pulling me down again.

”Just stay the night. It is to late to drive anyway.” He said.

I knew it was true, and I stayed there all the time. I just nodded and shrugged. Why not? I texted my mom letting her know I was staying with Mike. She just responded ”K” she was probably already asleep so I didn’t think anything of her short response. I poked Mikey to get his attention, he looked at me and I smirked.

”Looks like I’m staying.” I said singing the last word a little. He chuckled and shook his head at me.

”You are such a weirdo.” he said, I just rolled my eyes at him.

We turned our attention back to the movie. Just like watching Twilight, even though we missed 10 minutes, you didn’t really miss anything. I jawned for the 3rd time and Mike noticed.

He smiled a little and looked at me for approval. He put his arm around me and I cuddled into his chest. We had done this before as well. nothing new there. Finally the movie ended and we moved the party to his bedroom. I stayed over pretty often so I had a tooth brush there. I went out to brush my teeth, and put my hair into a braid. My hair is mid lenght and pretty thick. So I  hated sleeping with it loose. I walked into Mikey bedroom. he had changed into the pj´s I gave him last christmas. I smiled when i saw him wearing them. Then I frowned. I would prefer not to sleep in my current clothes, and unlike the tooth brush I didn’t have pjs lying at their house.

”Hey Mike, I have nothing to sleep in.” Said and put a pout on my face.

”Aw we can’t have that can we?” he said pouting back at me and then smiling. He turned around to look through his closet.

”uhm.. here just wear that. I am in the bathroom so you can just change here.” he said throwing me a t-shirt and some boxers.

He then turned around and walked to the bathroom closing the door behind him. I sighed and got up from the bed and took of my jeans, put the boxers on, took of my shirt and put on his t-shirt. It smelled nice. Like him. Maybe a little cleaner but that is a different story. I smiled to myself when I knocked on the door letting Mike know I was covered. He opened it and smiled at the sight of me. I looked at him confused and he chuckled.

He took my hand and spun me around.

”You look good in my clothes. You should wear it more often.” He said, I smiled and rolled my eyes.

”Even though it is like 2 sizes too big. Sure.” I said and he chuckled.

I was about to walked away but he pulled me back like he had done on the couch.

”Where are you going?” He asked and smiled.

I rolled my eyes. ”To sleep on the couch. Like I always do.” I said, he knew this.

”Come on we could share a bed when we were younger, just lay in my bed.” He said I shook my head and sighed.

”Fine. But you better not be hugging the covers.” I said. He rolled his eyes, and we laid down in the bed.

He turned of the light on his nightstand and we were in complete darkness. I could feel his arm around my waist and i scooted a bit closer to him until we were spooning. I smiled to myself and closed my eyes to go to sleep.

*the next morning*

both Mike and I awoke from our sleep like nothing had happened. we just walked down stairs getting break fast. Gerard was already sitting there eating some toast.

”Oh Hey the love birds are up.” He said and smirked at us. I looked at him confused. Since when are Mike and I love birds?

Mike apparently noticed my puzzled look and puffed my arm with his albow giving me a little smile. He then handed me a bowl and cereal and I smiled, he for no reason always made me cereal as well when he was making his own. Go figure.

I just took a spoon, handed him one and dug in. He sat down beside Gerard. Looking up at me.

”Nah, you’re just jealous because you dont have a pretty girl sleeping in your bed wearing your clothes.” 

delanislupis-deactivated2016070  asked:

Soulmates + kastle please, because let's be real, that's what they are

For real, they so are.  And thanks for requesting!  This was too much fun! [Rated M-ish, AO3], prompt list

He’s never bought into the whole “soulmates” bullshit.  He doesn’t pay much attention to those words written on the inside of his left bicep.  Those words that were supposed to be the first words his “soulmate” was going to speak to him?  They didn’t mean a thing.  They are nothing more than a conspiracy for society to be forever searching for something.  So when his appeared four days after his eighth birthday, he blew it off.

Even when he was young — his parents weren’t “soulmates” and they got along.  Sure they fought and bickered, but they lasted.  A couple friends found theirs early on and it seemed alright, but even those who didn’t carried on just fine.  Maria wasn’t his “soulmate” and his love for her nearly eats him alive to this day.

Words don’t fucking decide who you’re supposed to be with.   This — what we have, that decides.  We decide.  He argued with her one night.  She stayed because she knew he was right — or convinced herself, either way.  She stayed and they were happy.  Deliriously, imperfectly happy.

Then it’s gone.  And those two fucking words remain, in hair-thin loopy, cursive writing.  Now they angers him every time he catches a glimpse because he knows his chance at true love died with her that tragic day.  He knows his “soulmate” couldn’t hold a candle to that.  That is why he’s become what he has — a man starved for justice, a man thirsty for tainted blood.

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The Premiere

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Requested by anonymous: Hola, please write one where y/n (18 years old) is a main character in a movie and she has a kissing scene and then Shawn gets jelly?💗

Note: I was so hyped for this guys, jealous Shawn does things to me


Tonight, was finally the night.

This was your first movie premiere ever and to top it off, it was yours. You found it hard to wrap your head around something like that - yet, it was really happening.

Shawn had shown his relentless support, always saying how proud of you he was and to have him by your side, was what it must feel like when you come to Shawn’s shows, honestly. Well, whatever the feeling resembled, it was honestly one of the greatest moments of your life.

You were wearing an Adrianna Papell sleeveless floral embroidered, high-low tulle dress where a pink ribbon wrapped around your midsection. Honestly, it was one of the prettiest things you had set your eyes on and you shifted slightly in your high black strappy heels on the edge of the red carpet.

Your co-star Nick Robinson had gone on to pose for pictures before you and your manager Reagan told you to walk on in about thirty seconds. With her - it was all about timing.

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Christmas!AU - Michael/5SOS

Summary: You’re nine months pregnant and a week overdue, I don’t think I need to say much more for you to work out what happens…

Pairing: Michael Clifford x Reader

Requested: Fandom, yes, plot, no.

Warnings: Labour, but I don’t think it’s too detailed.

A/N: This is the last one guys! I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a wonderful time!



Being nine months pregnant over Christmas isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Everyone else is excited and energetic, while all you can really manage is a little sing-a-long whilst sat on the sofa with Michael by your side. You’re actually a week late, which makes it worse, because you feel even more exhausted.

It also meant that if the baby didn’t come soon, you would have to be induced and practically forced into labour, which you found even more daunting than going into labour naturally.

“Have you guys decided on a name yet?” Karen asks, turning the attention onto the two of you.

You and Michael turn to look at each other, as you both awkwardly shake your heads at each other.

“We have a bunch of names we really like, we just can’t work out which one to go with!” Michael replies, laughing awkwardly.

Karen shrugs her shoulders back, “What you’ll probably find is one name will stand out more than the others when she’s first born.”

You smile back to her, gratefully, before announcing you need to go to the bathroom. Michael helps you to your feet and you’re able to make your way to the downstairs bathroom without his assistance.

You begin to think of how stressed you are over the baby – over the fact she’s late, the fact you still haven’t decided on a name for her, and over your worries on parenthood. Neither of you had planned this pregnancy, but from the second you found out you were expecting, both of you became really committed to the idea of being parents; you went to anti-natal classes together, did research together, went shopping together, painted the nursery together…you were both making an effort so that you could be the best parents to your little one.

When you found out you were having a girl, you were both thrilled. You immediately began to think of potential names for your little girl, but you’ve never been able to decide or agree on a name. Michael’s mum is right, you will probably know the perfect name for her when she’s born, so you don’t want to worry about it until then.

Once you’re finished at the bathroom, and you’re making your way back to the living room, you get a sharp pain in your ‘stomach.’ You curl over in shock, but soon realise the pain was sharp and quick and was gone before you knew it, so you continued to the living room.

The same thing happens again when you sit back down in the sofa. Everyone turns to face you, looking anxious.

“(Y/N)…are you okay?” Your mother asks you.

You pause, “Err…yeah…yeah…it’s probably just because I’ve had a big meal.”

Your mother’s look between each other, but don’t say anything. You take a few deep breaths, as Michael takes your hand in his.

You suddenly lurch forward as another sharp pain soars through you, grabbing tightly onto Michael’s hand at the same time. You panic as liquid begins to spurt out from your downstairs area.

“(Y/N)?” Your mother shrieks, jumping up and rushing to your side.

You give her a knowing look, and she immediately turns to your Father. “Go get some towels!”

Michael gives your mother a confused look, and she sighs at him exasperated. “The baby’s coming!”

His face turns white, “What? Now? On Christmas Day?!”

Your mum rolls her eyes at him, “Babies don’t take holidays, Michael.”

“Well…shouldn’t we be calling for an ambulance?” He questions.

“You can get the paramedics on the phone. Explain to them that she’s going into labour now…but this baby is not going to be born in hospital; this baby is coming right now!”

Michael looks to Karen, and Karen is already on the phone to the paramedic as we speak.

“We need to get her on the floor, and on top of a clean towel.” Karen announces.

Michael and your mother lower you onto the floor, your father having placed a towel on the ground below you. They both hold your hands as Karen relays the instructions she’s being given from the paramedics – who say they are on their way to us now – to us.

You let out one massive groan, which signals to your mother that you’re ready.

“Right, sweetheart, you really need to start pushing!”

You do as she says, but it’s harder than you’d think. It feels like you’ve been really badly constipated for a full nine months, which means it’s particularly difficult.

You push a good few times before Karen announces that she can see the head. This inspires Michael to really help encourage you.

“Come on babe, you’re doing really well!” He smiles, “Just keep pushing!! Just keep pushing!!”

“Your baby is going to be here before you know it!” Your mum smiles proudly.

You keep pushing, and keep pushing, and keep pushing, until Karen announces that both the head and shoulders are out.

Your mum’s eyes light up at the very news. “That’s it (Y/N)…one more, big push, and she’ll be here!”

You do as she says, and give one huge push.

The sound of a baby’s cry fills the room, as Karen places the little baby on your chest. You wrap your arms gently across the baby and hug them into your chest.

You look up to Michael, who is looking back at you with proud tears in his eyes.

“We did it!” You whisper, and he immediately kisses you on the lips.

“You are so amazing!” He smiles, “Thank you for giving me the greatest Christmas present ever!”

You laugh, “I think we did that together!”

The paramedics arrive at the house not long after, and run as many checks as they can.

“So, do you know what you’re going to call her now?” Karen asks you, when you get a moment away from the chaos.

You look up at Michael.

“I was thinking…and we haven’t spoken about it yet, but…I was thinking that we could perhaps name her Belle?” You suggest, “It’s just…it’s Christmas, so I thought it would be nice for her name to be Christmas related.”

Michael smiles to you sincerely, “I think that would be perfect.”


Convince me that you cannot wait to
come back, that you prefer me to the
sun. Tell me that you know how I fought
for you.

Kristina Haynes, “Reassurances to Hades

alternate universe (rose garden)

day four | alternate universe. karen owns a tattoo parlor and frank recently inherited his grandmother’s flower shop.

Frank stares at the amount of flowers sitting in his Grandmothers flower shop, a scowl written on his face. They aren’t flowers from the shop, they were from the funeral.

“You’d think people would think of something far more creative than flowers to send to a flower shop owners funeral.” A gentle voice lifts Frank’s head up and he’s looking at a blonde woman. There’s a small smile on her face, a bit sad and a bit welcoming.

“My thoughts exactly.” Frank says. The blonde stops at one of the flowers and picks up the card, reading over what it says. “Who are you?”

“I’m Karen, I own the place next door.”

“Nail salon?”

“Tattoo parlor.”

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Idea comes from @destiny1205953

Your publication inspired me so much… I though stories about this while I was drawing them.
This took abouth 5 days… why it took me that much?
I don’t really like the way Cartman and Tweek looks :(
Nevermind, I hope you all like it!!

Also, I’m proud of the backgrounds in this one ^w^

Title Bronze and Flame  

Media: Arches 300 Gsm, Hot Press and KWZ Iron Gall Inks in Orange and Noodlers Ink Rome is Burning( FP) and watercolor

This is the scan and I finally finished..  Thank you to friends who encouraged me and to advise from Ms. Karen Sioson and Sir Rolly. Its a piece I really am proud of. A piece that  i spent time thinking about and pondering because it is my favorite bronze dragon and my fireproof boy.  An amazing scene from the book “The Lost Hero “ of the Heroes of Olympus series by @rrriordan.