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An excerpt from July, July in honor of @dadharbour. Congrats Leah!!

I. June 1994

After graduation, Mike moves to Chicago, living with Lucas and doing grad work at the University of Chicago. Will moves out to New York and Dustin stays in California. Eleven remains in Hawkins, working at the library, reading everything in sight, starting to feel a bit constrained in the small town. She goes up to Chicago sometimes; she likes it there - the bustle of the city but less claustrophobic than New York, the lake providing space and air and light.

On this June day, Mike is visiting home, and El spends every spare minute with him. Ted and Karen have left to take Holly to summer camp, and the two take refuge from the oppressive heat in his basement. They’re feeling lazy and silly and after El makes a comment about the old blanket fort, they decide to make a new one. It’s a little bigger than the original, but not by much. They lie there side by side, Popsicles in their mouths, relaying stories of the library and the university and things they’ve heard from their friends. After a while they quiet down, almost dozing, content to hear each other’s breathing.

El stares at the blanket above her, thinking of the first time she slept under it. Scared and cold and confused, but this boy gave her clothes and a name and spoke so kindly that she felt comfortable enough to fall asleep. She’s never forgotten that night, that week, every feeling she had as her world took on color and music and life. Sometimes she’s amazed that it wasn’t a dream, that it still isn’t, that she won’t wake up in that little bed with the lion in her arms and Papa just outside the door.

She’s thought about it a lot lately, over the past few months, and there’s a question dancing on her tongue but she hasn’t been able to ask it yet. Until now. Now seems perfect.

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karendavidofficial Walking off set now…that’s a wrap for #Jasmine and I on Season 6 of @onceabcofficial 💙 It feels like yesterday when I walked on set back in early August. I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. What an incredible adventure this has been! Everyday I walked onto set, I had a permanent smile on my face and a happy and excited heart. I always say it’s the people who make a show special and the #OUAT family are such a lovely bunch. I’ve enjoyed every minute of getting to know this wonderful cast, crew and creatives and I adore them all. Thank you, lovely #oncers and #jasminians for welcoming me into the family with open arms. It warms my heart to no end with your daily dose of kindness and thoughtfulness you have blessed me with. Playing Jasmine and being in such a well loved show, is a childhood dream come true. I only hope I made you all proud and played the character the way you had envisioned. Here’s hoping there will be more adventures for her to come! I’ve learned so much from playing Jasmine and on OUAT…that anything is possible if you dare to hope, believe in yourself, love yourself and forgive yourself. She is a true heroine, and she has inspired me to be the best version of myself… Bless all your hearts and see you soon for more S6 📺. 🙏🏽😘💙 Photo: @vfxsup (x)

Harry imitating Liam’s old headteacher: *puts on Birmingham accent* He’s done very very well, yeah? He has. Very proud of him.

Liam from offstage: Harry… Harry he’s Welsh.

Harry: I’d like to say to all of you teachers, family, chip shop people that Liam used to go to, all of you thank you for letting us borrow him for the last five years. Karen, don’t cry on me now, you always do this. Stop! C'mon.

Handcuffed // l.h

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Requested: no

A/N: So before you start I would like to point out that I have no idea where this idea came from or like… how it turned out tbh. Anyways, this is not smut, sorry to everyone thinking it was some kinky ass sex, it’s not, it’s literally so funny and weird… just read it, you’ll understand then ;))

Pairing: Stranger!Luke x Y/N

“Karen, sweetie. What exactly are you trying to do?” you stopped and almost dragged your best friend away from the house. The bushes and trees covered the white newly-painted walls on the house and the driveway seemed too big, too scary, too rich. Karen didn’t know rich people living in rich houses so you knew already then something was off - however, she did know a lot of people that you didn’t know about, so maybe she actually was friends with some rich people.

“You’ll see.” Karen pulled you towards the entrance and rang the doorbell two to three times very aggressively, making you pull her sleeve because you could hear the annoying bell from inside the house. Whoever lived in this beautiful house would only smack the door open with a grumpy face, after Karen’s endless ringing. But it wasn’t a grumpy face that opened the door for you. Quite the opposite. A guy with a charming smile, bleached hair and glistering eyes stood in front of you. Tattoos were sprawled across his body as he welcomed you inside with a small gesture of his hand.

“M’lady.” He said and did a little bow as Karen walked inside with a cocked eyebrow, just as surprised as you were by the behaviour.

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person: simon
prompt: literally a smol blurb on frat boy!simon

okay but like frat boy!simon on your first official date. he’d be so nervous like he wouldn’t know what to do cause he hasn’t been on for such a long time and he’d probably get ethan to help him or something and ethan would get him an outfit and simon would try to wear that snapback with it but ethan claims that “it’s not right for the first date.” so simon just looks at himself in the mirror and slightly cringes at the outfit cause it’s not him at all so he’s just panicking cause your date is literally in ten minutes so he just thrown on his everyday outfit and runs to his car to pick you up, and when you guys finally arrive at the restaurant he’s texting ethan and asking for cute pickup lines and you’re a little mad cause he’s texting during a date so when you finally ask him what the deal is he jumps up and looks at you and starts telling you things like

“look, this is my first date in a really long time, and honestly if it was with any other girl i wouldn’t even bring her to a restaurant i’d probably buy her mcdonald’s or something, but i really like you and don’t want to screw things up. but i think it’s too late for that cause you probably think i’m texting some random girl which is not the case i’m just asking my friend for cute pickup lines to tell you, but all of these are something a creep would say, and i honestly don’t know how he has a girlfriend cause these pickup lines are just awful. jesus christ i didn’t even know what to wear for this date cause i didn’t want you to think this is just a date, i mean it is but-”

and you’d probably cut him off with a kiss, and when you pulled away he’s just in love with you and you just keep calling him cute and awe awe


You want me and my client to think that you’re doing us a favor, that we have no leverage. When really, we have all of it. So you’re gonna see us in court… where I will absolutely dismantle you, from the top of your salon blowout to the bottom of your overpriced pumps.

Christmas!AU - Michael/5SOS

Summary: You’re nine months pregnant and a week overdue, I don’t think I need to say much more for you to work out what happens…

Pairing: Michael Clifford x Reader

Requested: Fandom, yes, plot, no.

Warnings: Labour, but I don’t think it’s too detailed.

A/N: This is the last one guys! I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a wonderful time!



Being nine months pregnant over Christmas isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Everyone else is excited and energetic, while all you can really manage is a little sing-a-long whilst sat on the sofa with Michael by your side. You’re actually a week late, which makes it worse, because you feel even more exhausted.

It also meant that if the baby didn’t come soon, you would have to be induced and practically forced into labour, which you found even more daunting than going into labour naturally.

“Have you guys decided on a name yet?” Karen asks, turning the attention onto the two of you.

You and Michael turn to look at each other, as you both awkwardly shake your heads at each other.

“We have a bunch of names we really like, we just can’t work out which one to go with!” Michael replies, laughing awkwardly.

Karen shrugs her shoulders back, “What you’ll probably find is one name will stand out more than the others when she’s first born.”

You smile back to her, gratefully, before announcing you need to go to the bathroom. Michael helps you to your feet and you’re able to make your way to the downstairs bathroom without his assistance.

You begin to think of how stressed you are over the baby – over the fact she’s late, the fact you still haven’t decided on a name for her, and over your worries on parenthood. Neither of you had planned this pregnancy, but from the second you found out you were expecting, both of you became really committed to the idea of being parents; you went to anti-natal classes together, did research together, went shopping together, painted the nursery together…you were both making an effort so that you could be the best parents to your little one.

When you found out you were having a girl, you were both thrilled. You immediately began to think of potential names for your little girl, but you’ve never been able to decide or agree on a name. Michael’s mum is right, you will probably know the perfect name for her when she’s born, so you don’t want to worry about it until then.

Once you’re finished at the bathroom, and you’re making your way back to the living room, you get a sharp pain in your ‘stomach.’ You curl over in shock, but soon realise the pain was sharp and quick and was gone before you knew it, so you continued to the living room.

The same thing happens again when you sit back down in the sofa. Everyone turns to face you, looking anxious.

“(Y/N)…are you okay?” Your mother asks you.

You pause, “Err…yeah…yeah…it’s probably just because I’ve had a big meal.”

Your mother’s look between each other, but don’t say anything. You take a few deep breaths, as Michael takes your hand in his.

You suddenly lurch forward as another sharp pain soars through you, grabbing tightly onto Michael’s hand at the same time. You panic as liquid begins to spurt out from your downstairs area.

“(Y/N)?” Your mother shrieks, jumping up and rushing to your side.

You give her a knowing look, and she immediately turns to your Father. “Go get some towels!”

Michael gives your mother a confused look, and she sighs at him exasperated. “The baby’s coming!”

His face turns white, “What? Now? On Christmas Day?!”

Your mum rolls her eyes at him, “Babies don’t take holidays, Michael.”

“Well…shouldn’t we be calling for an ambulance?” He questions.

“You can get the paramedics on the phone. Explain to them that she’s going into labour now…but this baby is not going to be born in hospital; this baby is coming right now!”

Michael looks to Karen, and Karen is already on the phone to the paramedic as we speak.

“We need to get her on the floor, and on top of a clean towel.” Karen announces.

Michael and your mother lower you onto the floor, your father having placed a towel on the ground below you. They both hold your hands as Karen relays the instructions she’s being given from the paramedics – who say they are on their way to us now – to us.

You let out one massive groan, which signals to your mother that you’re ready.

“Right, sweetheart, you really need to start pushing!”

You do as she says, but it’s harder than you’d think. It feels like you’ve been really badly constipated for a full nine months, which means it’s particularly difficult.

You push a good few times before Karen announces that she can see the head. This inspires Michael to really help encourage you.

“Come on babe, you’re doing really well!” He smiles, “Just keep pushing!! Just keep pushing!!”

“Your baby is going to be here before you know it!” Your mum smiles proudly.

You keep pushing, and keep pushing, and keep pushing, until Karen announces that both the head and shoulders are out.

Your mum’s eyes light up at the very news. “That’s it (Y/N)…one more, big push, and she’ll be here!”

You do as she says, and give one huge push.

The sound of a baby’s cry fills the room, as Karen places the little baby on your chest. You wrap your arms gently across the baby and hug them into your chest.

You look up to Michael, who is looking back at you with proud tears in his eyes.

“We did it!” You whisper, and he immediately kisses you on the lips.

“You are so amazing!” He smiles, “Thank you for giving me the greatest Christmas present ever!”

You laugh, “I think we did that together!”

The paramedics arrive at the house not long after, and run as many checks as they can.

“So, do you know what you’re going to call her now?” Karen asks you, when you get a moment away from the chaos.

You look up at Michael.

“I was thinking…and we haven’t spoken about it yet, but…I was thinking that we could perhaps name her Belle?” You suggest, “It’s just…it’s Christmas, so I thought it would be nice for her name to be Christmas related.”

Michael smiles to you sincerely, “I think that would be perfect.”

The Premiere

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Requested by anonymous: Hola, please write one where y/n (18 years old) is a main character in a movie and she has a kissing scene and then Shawn gets jelly?💗

Note: I was so hyped for this guys, jealous Shawn does things to me


Tonight, was finally the night.

This was your first movie premiere ever and to top it off, it was yours. You found it hard to wrap your head around something like that - yet, it was really happening.

Shawn had shown his relentless support, always saying how proud of you he was and to have him by your side, was what it must feel like when you come to Shawn’s shows, honestly. Well, whatever the feeling resembled, it was honestly one of the greatest moments of your life.

You were wearing an Adrianna Papell sleeveless floral embroidered, high-low tulle dress where a pink ribbon wrapped around your midsection. Honestly, it was one of the prettiest things you had set your eyes on and you shifted slightly in your high black strappy heels on the edge of the red carpet.

Your co-star Nick Robinson had gone on to pose for pictures before you and your manager Reagan told you to walk on in about thirty seconds. With her - it was all about timing.

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Title Bronze and Flame  

Media: Arches 300 Gsm, Hot Press and KWZ Iron Gall Inks in Orange and Noodlers Ink Rome is Burning( FP) and watercolor

This is the scan and I finally finished..  Thank you to friends who encouraged me and to advise from Ms. Karen Sioson and Sir Rolly. Its a piece I really am proud of. A piece that  i spent time thinking about and pondering because it is my favorite bronze dragon and my fireproof boy.  An amazing scene from the book “The Lost Hero “ of the Heroes of Olympus series by @rrriordan.


Convince me that you cannot wait to
come back, that you prefer me to the
sun. Tell me that you know how I fought
for you.

Kristina Haynes, “Reassurances to Hades


Idea comes from @destiny1205953

Your publication inspired me so much… I though stories about this while I was drawing them.
This took abouth 5 days… why it took me that much?
I don’t really like the way Cartman and Tweek looks :(
Nevermind, I hope you all like it!!

Also, I’m proud of the backgrounds in this one ^w^


Gallavich fanvid - Karen O, Rapt - Video description

Hello my dear followers and guests! 

This is officially my first Gallavich fanvideo. I’m gonna go ahead and explain it a little, since I do like some interpretation of my videos, I think it helps appreciating them.
Firstly, the song of choice is Rapt by Karen O. You’ll never guess where I discovered this song - in Cameron Monaghan’s playlist for Ian in Season 6. The first time I listened to it and read the lyrics, I figured it was talking about Gallavich, the break-up, the struggle, the love. I decided to use this for a fanvid right away.

The video is split in two:
1) Mickey’s POV: Mickey’s thoughts regarding Ian, how Ian made him feel, how the relationship with him freed him, but also the doubts that came when Ian got diagnosed with the bipolar disorder, and the struggle of trying to love and care for someone who doesn’t want to be loved and cared for anymore. Mickey’s section ends bitterly, leaving unanswered questions regarding Ian’s love for him, “leaving him blue”.
2) Ian’s POV: it’s set forward, after their crisis, and it’s Ian’s journey in 7x10 while he finally understood that Mickey is what he was missing for all those years, all along - Ian’s final acceptance of Mickey, and his choosing him over everything and everyone else. It ends happily, “it’s gonna feel like new”, a new hope for them, for their love.

No matter what happens in the next episode, I wanted to upload this before sunday. If things go sourly, if things go poorly, if they part, this video will remind us that Ian did choose Mickey, that Mickey did choose Ian, and that they’re endgame, whatever happens next.

Now, for the lyrics:

Bright as a star be the light
Strobing down on me
Suddenly I was free
Let me go on these
Show I can cough I can choke
On this kind of smoke
Off went the switch
Love is soft
Love’s a fucking bitch

Do I really need
Another habit like you
I really need
Do you need me too
I believe it’s gonna leave me blue

Bright as a star be the light
Strobing down on me
Suddenly I was free
Let me go on these
Show I can cough I can choke
On this kind of smoke
On goes the switch
Love is soft
Love’s a fucking bitch

Do I really need
Another habit like you?
I really need
Do you need me too?
I believe
It’s gonna feel like new.

[Hope you like it! <3]

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What do you think about Jon stating that he thinks Frank views Karen as kinda like a daughter or along those lines. I mean he is on a revenge mission, so thats the focus. But I'm not getting a familial vibe between Kastle, like at ALL. Cool blog :D

thanks! <3

im assuming you’re talking about these quotes.

“These writers and producers watch the dailies, they see things that were happening. You might not be able to put words to it, and they develop that. In the same way that there’s this connection between Frank and Karen and we never explain exactly what it is. I felt what it became was that I thought he looked at her as, this is the kind of woman his daughter could have become, bold and intelligent, and courageous, independent, bold and caring. I think he saw his daughter in her. I think as a man that swore off caring about anything besides his mission and completing it, I think he started to care about her, her well-being, and her opinion.” (x)

“The Frank Castle that’s introduced in Daredevil is a guy who’s really put effort into building a wall around his heart and around his sense of morality, his sense of his right or wrong. He’s a guy who has seen his life as he had known it is over now, and he’s in this dark nightmare and his own allegiance to kill the people that have taken his family from him. But you’ve got to remember that anyone who tries to build a wall like this, there will be cracks in it. They’re a human being at the end of the day. What’s great about the character of Karen, and what’s so beautiful about the way that Deborah Ann plays her, is that she cracked me open and she gets in there. She’s relentless, and she’s strong. For Frank, he really looked at that character as, he swore to himself no one would ever affect him again. He would never have any emotion except for loss, and anger, and rage, and pain. Here’s this character, all of a sudden, that he’s talking to and that’s opening him up. Bernthal says Frank’s relationship to his weapons is an actual relationship. I really think he looks at Karen Page as if that’s what he would have hoped that his daughter would have grown into, somebody as courageous and brave and bold and intelligent as her. ” (x)

okay. now, in the script it’s clearly stated frank wasn’t even able to have sex with his wife because his depression affected his sex drive so much. so already jon is taking this into an account. plus, the punisher is canonically in love with war. i think, because he has referenced the punisher having a relationship with guns, jon has really latched onto that image. from jon’s perspective it seems like he doesn’t think frank is even considering romantic or sexual relationships.

now, one of my favorite quotes on tumblr is the classic, “don’t marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him.” so when i hear jon saying that frank cares about karen’s opinion and considers her to be someone courage and brave and bold and intelligent and cares about her well-being, i don’t see it as a bad thing. jon has never stated karen is like a daughter to him. jon has never stated karen reminds me of him of his daughter. she has qualities he admires and he gives her the highest compliment of wishing his daughter (one of the people he loves most in the world) would have grown up to be like her. 

if maria had told frank ‘i hope our son grows up to be just like you’ we would all weep and smile. so if frank wishes his daughter could have grown up to be like karen - why is it a bad thing? sure, if kastle had a decade in age difference, it would be weird, but these two could have gone to high school together! they are only a few years a part! 

there are certainly some people who think frank could never or should never have another romantic relationship. i could understand if jon agrees with that.

but just because jon, right now, doesn’t see them as a romance or sexual doesn’t mean the writers could never go down that path. jon admits how much karen means to frank. so that leaves it open for their relationship to stay platonic or for something else to develop.  

in short, it doesn’t worry or bother me. if anything, it gives evidence how special karen is to frank. it doesn’t mean our ship is sunk. 

CLAMP and the seven deadly sins (long,very long post,possible spoilers for clamp)

1.Lust - Karen Kasumi from X/1999

I picked Karen to be the “lust” sin for obvious reasons,her mother and her close society could never understand her special abilities around fire,instead of using her brain (which she obviously had) to control her power and live there until she could live by her own she prefered to run away at very young age,unable to take care of herself she choosed the ‘easy’ way of becoming a prostitue,later she even tried to confuse her enemies with her beauty,i think she is is obviously the lust sin.

2.Gluttony- Yukito Tsukishiro from Card Captor Sakura
this was the easiert pick,none else could take this place away from Yukito who would sell his soul to the devil for food,we see him in many episodes to carry bags with food and when Sakura asked him if its his week shopping he answers “no,just my school snack” he was getting happy when people offered him food,he was stealing food from Touya,of course he had his reasons,Yue the guardian of Clow was living inside his body and all of his magical powers were draining every drop of power from Yukito who had to 'refill’ himself with food in order to survive,we see later that when Yue woke up inside him even food wasn’t enough (and he was eating more than usual! if that’s possible) and he was to the edge of dying.

3.Greed- Yuuko Ichihara from XXXHolic
Well..i am not quite sure about this but Yuuko was the only person fitting for this,her greed wasn’t that 'bad’ she wasn’t asking for money she was seeking what is precious to the others and she couldn’t stop herself from this even when she knew that the consequences of the wishes would be terrible,she still did it in order to obtain a precious object
at least her collection was really magnificent.

4. Sloth - Subaru Sumeragi from X/1999
While we see Subaru as a really active boy in Tokyo Babylon,a few years later in X/1999,after the loss of his sister and the betrayal of the one he loved he became an unemotional and careless rock,even if he was the strongest seal (which was never broken after all!) we never saw him on action except of the very last moment before the Messiah’s sacrifice.

5.Wrath - Fuuma Monou from X/1999
Fuuma lived all his life being one kind and gentle boy (and man later) until he woke up as a dragon of earth,his destiny was to be an angel always in pain for the pain the earth had,and this blazed his warth against humanity,he lost his mind in madness and started to destroy the seals and everything that had to do with humanity,including killing his sister and also killing and torturing many other dear to him humans,even if his reasons weren’t completely wrong his wrath and madness make him one of the scariest characters ever.

6.Envy - Alcyone from Magic Knight Rayearth
I had trouble to pick one for this until i remembered Alcyone,she wasn’t evil but she was hurt because the one she loved,Zagato never showed interest for her,everything he did was for another woman,even putting Alcyone to his service was for the sake of another woman,this flamed Alcyone’s jealoushy and lead her into killing and betraying and fooling everyone for her ultimate goal to gain Zagato.

7.Pride - Fay D. Flowright from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
i think pride is very fitting feature of Fay,it was his proudness that made him that closed and until the ending we knew NOTHING about him,he prefered to seem bad than let anyone know anything about his terrible past,he thought his friends would be sorry for him and pity him and that would break his proud spirit,so he prefered living and enduring his pain alone which made him seem distant,untrustworthy and sometimes even evil (i admit it was a few times i suspected him being evil before to know the truth)

well that’s it,i hope you like my opinions over this,you can tell me if you agree with me or maybe you have to suggest something different and why ^^

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Imagine Zeta Society dating. Imagine them watching tv. Imagine them talking about girl-crushes. They get in a heated debate over who's celeb crush is cuter. Danny says Caitlin Stasey, but Kirsch insists it's Karen Gilan. After straight up YELLING. Danny slams down on the couch in a huff. "Why do you even like her?!" Danny demands. "Because she reminds me of you" Kirsch says back.












Liam Payne

You rested the rim of the mug on your bottom lip, the steam from the mug of tea brushing your face. The intoxicating smell travelling through your nose. The fire was warm on your socked feet, and the old blanket of Liam’s was holding you hostage on the sofa. The snow fell vigorously outside, your head turning to watch the soft, fluffy-white flakes fall from the darkened sky. It was mid-January, the cold weather just coming round the corner, bringing the snow and the flu along with it. 

When Liam went to LA, about a week ago, Karen and Geoff had offered that you could pop over to Wolverhampton to see them. A reason as to why you loved the Payne family. They were loving and caring of anyone that their son, or daughters, brought home. They didn’t want to see you alone, on a cold evening back in your flat complex. When you told them that you were going over for the weekend, to welcome Liam back to the UK, Karen was ecstatic. She loved having you around. Both of Liam’s parents had welcomed you the first day he brought you home, and you couldn’t have been anymore thankful.

“Are you alright there, sweetie? You don’t want some biscuits or chocolate or anything?” You heard her voice come from the doorway, a smile on her lips. Your head turned to look at her, a shake of your head giving her your answer. “Are you sure? You’ve not eaten much this evening” She stated, as you gave her a warm smile, along with another shake.

“I’m fine, Karen. Just.. Excited” You smiled, as she took the seat beside you, a hand patting your forearm. Your eyes trained to the coffee table in front of you, where a baby picture of Liam was sat. “Really excited” You whispered, taking a hearty sip of the liquid from the mug you were nursing in your hand.

“You know something, love…” Karen started, as you turned to look at her, a warm smile on her lips. One that could comfort anybody in times of trouble. One that reminded you of Liam. His smile was a replica of Karen’s, and it made you feel at ease. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen my little boy so happy. Ever since you graced his life, you’ve always made him have that smile on his face, and me and Geoff couldn’t be anymore happier. You’ve changed him, in a good way..” She smiled, as her thumb ran over your blanket-covered arm. “He loves you, so much, sweetheart. And we really think you and him are going far…” She smiled, as you heard Geoff shuffle into the room.

“Karen, love… Stop making the poor girl teary, bless her” He chuckled, as he took a seat in the arm chair, in the corner of the room beside the fire. 

She looked at you, as she gave you a flushed smile, her arm laying over your shoulder as she pulled you into a side hug. She smelt warm, and of cinnamon; and ingredient to her apple sponge cooking in the oven in the kitchen. “I’m sorry, lovely. I just felt the need to express how we felt..” She smiled, as your head tilted to her shoulder.

“No, no. It’s all okay. It’s nice to feel loved in my boyfriends family. I mean… My other boyfriends couldn’t even be bothered to bring me home to their families for a proper formal meeting.. I feel like part of your family, if that makes any sense” You smiled, sitting up straighter. You saw Geoff smiling, and Karen looking over at him.

“You know, you are part of the family. You’re our sons girlfriend. Of course we’re going to treat you like a Payne” Geoff smiled, as you grinned softly at him. “Now… How about some old home videos? We’ve got some cracking ones of Liam, bless him” Geoff chuckled, as Karen stood up.

“I’ll go get the cake sorted, and bring some in” She smiled, as she walked into through the door, her hands going behind her back to tighten her apron strings.

* * 

The image of Liam running naked around his garden went across the screen, with laughter filling the room. The sun was shining on the tape from 1994, when Liam was a cheeky 1 year old. His lips were plump and pouted as he ran with a bucket of water in his hands. His elder sisters were laughing as he toddled about, their laughs being loud and cheerful. 

“Water!” The young boy grinned, as he thrust the bucket to his father, your eyes trained to the screen as Geoff took it from his small hands. “Water!” Young Liam giggled, pointing to the blown up swimming pool in the back of the shot. 

“He was such a sweet little baby… I never ever thought his life would ever change into this. He makes us proud every day” Karen whispered, as you placed your empty bowl down on the coffee table. Your eyes turning to her as her thumb swiped under her eyes. “You should be so proud of him, sweetheart. He’s done so much for everyone, and he’s just the best person I’ve ever spent my life with..” Karen added, as you felt tears prick at your eyes.

“Karen, my goodness” You whispered, as you felt your lip quiver. “He is so special. We have you to thank for that. And Geoff. You raised him to be the polite, sweet, caring, handsome man he is now. I think you should be proud of yourselves for doing that. He always tells me how happy he is to have such a wonderful family, and I agree with him. You’re incredible. The both of you, plus Nicole and Ruth” You smiled, as you felt a tear dribble down your cheek. 

“Oh, sweetheart…” She whispered, running her hands up your arms. A warm smile thrown your way. “He’s so lucky to have someone like you… You’re such a sweet girl” She smiled, as Geoff stood up, picking your empty bowl up.

“Well… This is a nice sight” You heard a voice say from the doorway of the living room. A chuckle leaving their lips. Heads turned to the voice, laughs and tears being heard as Karen and Geoff walked over to him. His suitcase falling to the floor as Karen took her son into his arms. “Hi, Mum” He smiled, as he rested his chin on her shoulder. His eyes opened softly as he saw you sitting on the sofa, a small smile on his lips.

“Welcome home, son. It’s good to have you back” Geoff smiled, as he took his son into his arms, the pat of Liam’s hand to Geoff’s back being heard.

“Thanks, Dad. I hope you didn’t scare my girlfriend..” He joked, as Geoff let go of Liam. 

“Oh, no. I wouldn’t. I’m a teddy bear around your girlfriend” He chuckled, as he walked into the kitchen. “We were just watching some old home videos… You know, just showing her what you were like as a little boy..” He laughed, as Liam’s cheeks turned a tinge of pink.

“They didn’t…” He whispered, as he looked over at you. Your figure still sitting on the sofa, tears dribbling down your cheeks. You didn’t want to cry. He was home, for goodness sake. But, you were overwhelmed with emotions. He was finally home. “Hey.. Hey.. Don’t cry, baby… I’m home” He whispered, as he dropped to his knees in front of you. His hands holding yours as he brought your knuckles to his lips. “I’m back. I’m back” He whispered against your skin, his nose nuzzling against your hand. 

“Liam…” You whispered, as he looked up, his lips curved into a smile. “I missed you” You cried, your arms moving around his neck as you leant forward to hug him. “I missed you so much… So much” You mumbled against his shoulder, your nose inhaling his cologne.

“I’m home, darling.. I’m home” He whispered, as his head tilted to the side, the side of his head resting against yours. “I’m home..”

delanislupis-deactivated2016070  asked:

Soulmates + kastle please, because let's be real, that's what they are

For real, they so are.  And thanks for requesting!  This was too much fun! [Rated M-ish, AO3], prompt list

He’s never bought into the whole “soulmates” bullshit.  He doesn’t pay much attention to those words written on the inside of his left bicep.  Those words that were supposed to be the first words his “soulmate” was going to speak to him?  They didn’t mean a thing.  They are nothing more than a conspiracy for society to be forever searching for something.  So when his appeared four days after his eighth birthday, he blew it off.

Even when he was young — his parents weren’t “soulmates” and they got along.  Sure they fought and bickered, but they lasted.  A couple friends found theirs early on and it seemed alright, but even those who didn’t carried on just fine.  Maria wasn’t his “soulmate” and his love for her nearly eats him alive to this day.

Words don’t fucking decide who you’re supposed to be with.   This — what we have, that decides.  We decide.  He argued with her one night.  She stayed because she knew he was right — or convinced herself, either way.  She stayed and they were happy.  Deliriously, imperfectly happy.

Then it’s gone.  And those two fucking words remain, in hair-thin loopy, cursive writing.  Now they angers him every time he catches a glimpse because he knows his chance at true love died with her that tragic day.  He knows his “soulmate” couldn’t hold a candle to that.  That is why he’s become what he has — a man starved for justice, a man thirsty for tainted blood.

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