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Speaking Truthfully // Ansel&Karen

The entire drive to Karen’s home was silent, the music being something that he couldn’t stand at that moment as thoughts ln how to tell her the news ran through his head, she wouldnt be happy.. No quite the opposite actually. He knew it would be hard and emotional but at this point he was just hoping for no tears. After only a few more minutes of driving he pulled into her driveway and cut the engine off and taking a deep breath, “Karen.. I kissed Karla” he practices then shakes his head, “So Kaz.. you know Karla… No! Fuck. Okay.. lets go” he hypes himself up and gets out of the car with another sigh. Ansel was dreased in a retro Pepsi tee shirt, black jeans and his boots, he runs his hand through his hair then starts walking toward the door, knocking a few times once he was there and waiting on her to answer.

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Pages not Chapters: Karen and Ansel

Karen couldn’t believe that Ansel was back in LA she had missed him so much and the bond between them was undeniable and ever since Karen had visited her friend Lily, on the set of her film she did with Ansel she couldn’t help but laugh and smile and feel something starting in her heart when she met him. Not only was he tall enough for her, but he was just weird enough for her, she hadn’t dated someone in a really long time. And whatever was happening between her and Ansel is something that she wanted to keep special.

Knowing that she was heading over to his house it was like turning a page in a book and not the many chapter’s that had passed, it was a regular thing to be heading over there. Smiling as she parked and got out of the car and headed to the front door. She wanted to have him hold her and watch films all night, fall asleep cuddling and wake up to kisses all over her face. The thoughts of what would happen in this reunion made her grin a little too big. Smiling she knocked on the door and waited for him.