karen and ivy


Today, I cover a song from an ill-fated television musical series!

Give it a gander, and let me know what you think! Thanks for listening~

“phoebe and sibella hate each other though.”

wrong. not every two females in a show hate each other. this shot is from the show, not from curtain call, not from anything else, but from the actual show. look at them. they are smiling at each other. they genuinely like each other. they do not hate each other.

I am absolutely a Karen Cartwright and not an Ivy Lynn so I want to say a big ole congrats to Parker! Seriously though, I’m so proud of him. And I’m super excited to do a show with all my friends. And [SPOILER] die with Rory. 

SMASH would have been like 10,000% better if they didn’t pit Ivy and Karen against each other.

think about it

Ivy being a stage veteran, so she helps Karen with the move to Boston

Karen and Ivy running lines together

Karen and Ivy eating lunch everyday together in Times Square, gossiping about the Tom and Derek drama 

Ivy asking Karen for help with Derek

Ivy and Karen shopping together

Karen talking to Ivy the moment Dev proposes (because in this version, Ivy didn’t sleep with him.)

Karen talking over quitting Bombshell with Ivy. Ivy wishing her the best.