karen and ivy


Laverne Cox, Ralph Souffrant, Karen McDonald, and Grace Bol for IVY PARK AW17.

“The message for this campaign is to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness. True beauty and power are born out of strength of character.” —Beyoncé

“It’s like I’m dreaming. It feels amazing that I get to work with a woman who has been a huge inspiration to me.” — Laverne Cox


Today, I cover a song from an ill-fated television musical series!

Give it a gander, and let me know what you think! Thanks for listening~

DCEU Fancast

Matthew Daddario as Jason Todd

Katherine McNamara as Barbara Gorden

Robbie Amell as Richard Grayson


Danny Shepherd as Richard Grayson

Ruth Connell as Poison Ivy

Gage Golightly as Stephanie Brown

Celestine Rae as Karen Beecher-Duncan(Bumblebee)

I’ll probably add more later.

“phoebe and sibella hate each other though.”

wrong. not every two females in a show hate each other. this shot is from the show, not from curtain call, not from anything else, but from the actual show. look at them. they are smiling at each other. they genuinely like each other. they do not hate each other.