karen and ivy

Okay so I ADORE Karen, and I also adore Matt but let’s be real they don’t make a good couple, they’re cute and look pretty together but there is just no chemistry between them and I’m kinda disappointed that the show decided to pair them up when there are so many better pairings.

Like Matt and Claire had chemistry and were good together and don’t even get me STARTED on Matt and Elektra because honestly?? They’re perfect together, they understand each other and there’s such a deep connection between them and such strong chemistry that it seems silly not to have them be the main pairing… Matt even said he’d give up his beloved city for her which I doubt he would do for Karen.

And speaking of Karen, I adore that girl and tbh feel like she can do so much better than Matt. Like with Frank, there’s chemistry, they have a deep unspoken connection and he understands her and really sees her for who she is. They’re honest and open with each other and they just seem to be good for each other- she brings out the soft side in him and listens to him and they could help each other heal. Frank respects and treats Karen better than Matt does and even if they’re just platonic they’re still a better pairing.

And Karen and Foggy would even be better than her and Matt and they would be so fucking cute and adorable together and idk … Matt and Karen as a couple just … Seems so forced and cold and I really hope in season 3 some other pairings can be explored.