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“Rapier Two.” Lieutenant Karé Kun sounded positively bored. “Everything’s green, Commander.”

“Rapier Three, and I have to agree with Rapier Two, Commander.” This was Iolo Arana, flying to Poe’s withdrawn starboard. “This is another waste of fuel and time.”

“Rapier Four. Standing by.”

“You see,” said Poe, “you should all follow Muran’s example, there. You hear how nicely Rapier Four reported in, without editorializing or anything?”

The sound of Karé’s yawning for effect came over Poe’s speakers. He grinned, despite himself. —‘Star Wars: Before The Awakening’ by Greg Rucka

(Translation) Kare Pillow vol. 8

大好きな彼とHして腕まくらでピロートークされちゃう vol. 8 (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Hanae Natsuki

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Summary: You’re in a dance club and your kouhai fell in love with you, thus you guys started dating. One day you go on an amusement park date with him, which leads to spending the night and some pillow talk. ifyouknowwhatimean

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Everyday Recommendation Day 3 TITLE: Nanohana no Kare GENRE: school life STATUS: Ongoing w/ 11 chapters RATING: ⭐⭐⭐ COMMENT: The girl suddenly confessed to a stranger even though she hasn’t seen his face yet. It’s really cute. Awesome Art, Nice story makes you feel angry at some point (doesn’t wanna spoil hehehe). I gave this 3⭐ because it’s still in progress, I’ll change the ratings when the manga’s completed. ANYWAY..YOU. JUST. GOTTA. HAVE. TO. READ.THIS. LOL.

Fire in the Sky
Kristoph Klover
Fire in the Sky

Prometheus they say brought god’s fire down to man
And we’ve caught it, tamed it, trained it since our history began
Now we’re going back to Heaven just to look Him in the eye
And there’s a thunder ‘cross the land and a fire in the sky.

“Fire in the Sky,” by Jordin Kare, performed by Kristoph Klover - for when you want to be REALLY PUMPED ABOUT SPACE but also kind of sad and afraid.

I want a group of friends like the ones in anime.

But NOPE! I get one’s like these!

Guess it’s a good thing I love them!