The paladins as dogs

so ok luckily for you guys i went through a dog phase in elementary school so clearly im qualified to do this 

Shiro- Alaskan Malamute 



-pack dog, needs a squad

-gentle but protective 

-tough but not agressive 

Keith- Karelian bear dog

- Agressive 

-not trusting of outsiders 

-fiercely loyal if you gain its trust 


-stubborn, once it starts fighting a bitch it aint gonna stop

Hunk- Leonberger

-gets along with everyone

-quickly adapts to whatever situation theyre in


-smart socially and situationally 


Pidge- Border collie 

-The smartest™

- cautious 

-protective, dont mess with their toys

- tenacious 

- alert

Lance- whatever the fuck my dog is 

-tries to act chill even tho everyone knows they’re not chill 

- sleeps a lot

-short attention span

-is annoying but its ok we still love them

- a lil bit weird 

Sielulintu, “soul bird”

As previously mentioned, a human has three souls according to Finnish mythology. One of these, henki (= breath, your life force), can occasionally take the form of a bird, most typically at the moment of death when it flies out of the body. The other occasion it does this is when you’re asleep and can sometimes travel long distances before it eventually returns for you to wake up. It can also help you navigate your way in the land of dreaming. In SSSS-verse Lalli’s sielulintu would probably be his Henki-soul, his lynx his Luonto-soul and his own dream being his Itse-soul… well, that’s my theory of it at least. :D

Karelian Finns often placed a carved wooden bird called “unilintu”, “sleep bird”, above a child’s cradle just because of this sleep traveling business. It was considered an extra help in keeping the child’s soul bird present, after all a child’s soul could easily get lost while asleep and if it didn’t return - well, remember how losing this soul means literally losing your life? Yup. 

The dead were sometimes given similar wooden birds for their graves because one way they could return to visit was by taking the shape of a bird. This tradition still lives on in f.ex. one really popular (and depressing as heck) Christmas song about a little girl who gives food to a sparrow, that then tells her he’s actually her dead little brother come visit her! It’s a really sad song.

💕topias’s dad&mom! 💕
the dad is a karelian bear dog/norwegian elkhound mix, mom is a bern shepherd/siberianhusky/golden retriever/finnish hound mix!