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The Karelian language (karjala, karjal or kariela) is a Finnic language spoken by the Karelian people, mainly in the Republic of Karelia (Russian Federation) and eastern Finland.

For anon

mythology meme: 1/2 rulers

Louhi [ˈlouɦi], also known as Loviatar, Louheatar, Lovehetar or Louhiatar, is a queen of the land known as Pohjola (‘Northland’) in the Finnish and Karelian mythologies. She is the adversary of the hero Väinämöinen in the battle for Sampo, the magical artifact built by the blacksmith Ilmarinen. She has numerous beautiful daughters, and the heroes, including Ilmarinen and Lemminkäinen, attempt to win them in various legends. Louhi, however, is known for setting them impossible tasks to perform in order to gain their prize. 

Louhi is a powerful witch: her powers include those of shapeshifting, commanding the weather, healing, and of giving birth to the most monstrous of creatures. Sometimes she is credited for being the mother of the Nine Diseases (as Loviatar); however, there is debate on whether Louhi and Loviatar are two different goddesses or whether the names are just regional variants.

Louhi, the 'Whore Mistress of Pohjola’, is depicted as a matriarch, and no presence of a husband is mentioned in most myths about her; instead, she becomes impregnated by the wind or by the sea monster Iku-Turso. 

Изготовление короны - YouTube
Среди элементов традиционного праздничного крестьянского костюма Заонежья особый интерес представляет девичий головной убор корона с сеткой-поднизью («кору́н...

This is a lot of fun.  It’s a crown that is used as part of a traditional Karelian outfit.  The video is in Russian but you don’t have to speak Russian to follow it because she demonstrates how she makes it in pretty good detail.  

The paladins as dogs

so ok luckily for you guys i went through a dog phase in elementary school so clearly im qualified to do this 

Shiro- Alaskan Malamute 



-pack dog, needs a squad

-gentle but protective 

-tough but not agressive 

Keith- Karelian bear dog

- Agressive 

-not trusting of outsiders 

-fiercely loyal if you gain its trust 


-stubborn, once it starts fighting a bitch it aint gonna stop

Hunk- Leonberger

-gets along with everyone

-quickly adapts to whatever situation theyre in


-smart socially and situationally 


Pidge- Border collie 

-The smartest™

- cautious 

-protective, dont mess with their toys

- tenacious 

- alert

Lance- whatever the fuck my dog is 

-tries to act chill even tho everyone knows they’re not chill 

- sleeps a lot

-short attention span

-is annoying but its ok we still love them

- a lil bit weird 

Finnish/Livvi Karelian animal vocab

🐶 - koira - koiru
🐺 - susi - hukku
🐱 - kissa - kaži
🐭 - hiiri - hiiri
🐸 - sammakko - šlöpöi
🐻 - karhu - kondii
🐷 - sika/porsas - počči
🐮 - lehmä - lehmä
🐵 - apina - oblezjan
🐎 - hevonen - hebo
🐑 - lammas - lammas
🐦 - lintu - lindu
🐔 - kana - kana/emäkana
🐍 - käärme - noloi/mado
🐛 - toukka - toukku/čyöttöine
🐝 - ampiainen - amboi/ammurjaine
🐜 - muurahainen - kudžoi/mauroi
🐌 - etana - edenöi
🐠 - kala - kala
Animal - eläin - elätti
Domestic animal - kotieläin - kodielätti