recent Anova character doodles, (compiled few older ones to clear blog space) rehashing body types a bit. Pint has a bit more elongated body proportions and fat wrists/ankles, Rajen’s an actual bird of prey, Karel’s just a tank and Bree’s officially tarzan now with her crazy acrobatics/brachiating body/skills 


twitter doodles b/w me and Ziggy. Reese is a cat magnet and I’m sure he’d be unlucky enough to attract monster cat boys–such as Karel. He doesn’t appreciate when someone rejects his CLAIMING SCENT (after vigorously rubbing on you) and will proceed to knock belongings over with vengeful spite 

that’s what happens when you’re raised by a conqueror tyrant dragon mother


twitter doodle dump of pug foo and the rest from my anova project stuff. Dusting off my chalkurites, I haven’t touched some of these guys in a while (tho they’ve been around for a loooong time) jauria stuff (making baby gestalt even a lil bit more animal-y by giving them youth/adulthood patterns)  

also bonus pint and tiny ginger mom. i renamed Roxanne to Raquel though the former is sometimes used when navigating fed outposts as they are predominantly more english-culture conforming, (she was definitely raised in frontero spanish setting and that lend to her mispronouncing Pint (as in pint-erest) and keeping the moniker. 

all of the above © me, please respect ideas and concepts