kareena kapoor wedding

The signs on their wedding day

 Aries: You want to dance, cause its your day, but bae is auditioning to be a wax statue in Madame Tussauds

Taurus: When you see bae in traditional wear for the first time

Gemini: When it just hits you who your new relatives are..lord give me the strength

Cancer: When your henna is freshly applied and someone asks you to hold something, or you need to use the bathroom really bad or you just want to take selfies, or eat or do ANYTHING……tragically impossible

Leo: The struggle between having to cry when you leave because everyone expects you to and not wanting to ruin your make-up that took nearly 3 hours to get done….

Virgo: When its already been two weeks of celebrations and you’ve barely gotten any sleep throughout these two weeks because of all the late nights, you’re ready to sleep but everyone still keeps talking to you… just going to nod my head and hopefully they’ll think I’m listening?

Libra: Reacting to all the “amazing” gifts you got…

Scorpio: When nosy aunties try to get the juicy deets (every little detail) of your love story..like talk about weirdness level 10000, can’t they ditch the investigator role for one day?

Sagittarius: The most exciting part…

Capricorn: Dreading the 100′s of photos they have to take with people you barely know.

Aquarius: When people start complaining how long it took you to get to the event…

Pisces; When people compliment your whole look.. like nbd it just took me like 5 hours but yeah

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Manish Malhotra’s name was launched into the public eye through the world of Bollywood. His illuminating designs have been represented by a number of actresses, either on screen or at events, who are quick to be snapped up wearing a design exclusively made by Malhotra himself. He started his career by designing costumes for Bollywood films, which he continues to do whilst he launches his annual haute couture lines.  

The two worlds of the Indian film and fashion industries have intertwined seamlessly as one industry endorses the other and vice versa. This combination guarantees both sides to receive high recognition. One of the ways in which actresses and Malhotra (as well as many other Indian fashion designers) become more noticeable in front of the media glare is by including Bollywood starlets to walk on the runway ramp in Malhotra’s designs. This attracts more of a media spotlight on the appearance of the actress. As one of the most prominent fashion designers in India today, it is a given that Malhotra would work closely with Bollywood to ensure the success of his fashion collections.

Malhotra’s designs are instantly recognisable with his amalgamation of traditional Indian wear with contemporary shaping and colour. The outfits he crafts enhance the female figure demurely, which in turn emboldens the individual wearing one of his couture pieces. Malhotra encompasses a range of features such as heavy embroidery, elegant frames, bold jewel tones, pastel shades and much more on traditional Indian attire. 

Malhotra undoubtedly has the ability to enhance the beauty and celebrity status of Bollywood actresses when they wear one of his creations. His designs have been represented at international events, promotional appearances, film premières and weddings, such as the wedding outfits he designed for actress Kareena Kapoor (both pictured together on fourth image). Malhotra’s name will forever be associated with the glamour and grandeur of Bollywood.  His unique style on Indian clothing has enveloped Malhotra to become one of the most sought after Indian fashion designers to date. 


Mr. & Mrs. Saif Ali Khan’s reception