When I was growing up an issue of Ebony magazine was always on the living room table. Always. My mom must have had a subscription to that thing for 30+ years. She still has that subscription as a matter of fact. I’d venture to guess that many black families have a similar relationship with that great magazine. So, you could imagine how truly humbling it was to be asked to shoot the cover of Ebony magazine. I’ve shot for GQ, Interview, Rolling Stone and all the rest but I knew that in my moms eyes, this was probably the job that made my college tuition worth it ( actually I got a scholarship but you understand what I mean ). Anyway, I was assigned to shoot Chadwick Boseman and the cast of “Get On Up” the James Brown biopic at the legendary Apollo theater. Lots if history there. Lots of opportunity.  I love the images that were made that day and It was a great honor to do that job. Here are some of the images.