9-year-old girl gives care bags to homeless women

After noticing homeless people on her walk to school in Irvine, California, 9-year-old Khloe Thompson decided to start her own charity, dubbed Khloe Kares. She passes out hand-sewn bags filled with life’s little necessities (feminine hygiene products, soap, socks, toothpaste) to homeless women. Thompson’s work doesn’t stop at Kare Bags though, she just led a huge initiative for kids in group homes.


Most people read fanfics when they wait for new content of something they like, me? I read as many AU comics and ideas as i can!

This fandom has never failed to surprise me, so i know you guys can come up with some fantastic ideas (there are some amazing aus out already!), hell i might even try and make one myself, maybe… if i come up with a good idea.

So come one YOI fandom! hit me with all you’ve got!