So, sometimes I get some really awesome asks from people. Usually I answer all my asks privately, but I just love some of these questions. I have to share with you how sweet some people can be. Notes like this just make my day, okay! ;o;

yoshiofyellow: This means a lot because I do try to make my art somewhat recognizable, so that if you see it you go “Oh, that’s Jak’s art!” I’ve always had problems with getting my own style, so it’s good to know it’s paying off! Thank you, you always send me such wonderful, supportive messages. <3

maskedhero: Those are amazing adjectives, haha! Next time someone asks me to describe what I do, I’ll say I do SHAMELESS, LUSCIOUS THINGS. Thank you!

karebeargoesxpoofx: Who, me? I think you must be mistaken!

mahsome: Normally I wake up and think, “Dear sweet criminy christmas crackers, I have to pee.”

kalodelmar: In my mind, there’s nothing wrong with geeking out over fan stuff and fanart. That’s how I’ve made all my friends, so if anyone tells me I’m wrong for doing so, or that I’m “squandering my talent” can go eat a bucket of rusty nails covered in spiders. DRAW ON AND DRAW TRUE, SISTAH.