Locations + Airports

This game is full of MULTIPLE locations for all the quests. It can definitely get a little confusing, especially when Simon decides not to tell you where the restaurant or club is located.

Check out the locations below. It’ll save you from wasting money by mistake because of going to a wrong city.

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Oksana Kardash and Soloists from Stanislavsky Ballet in La Esmeralda. Music by Cesare Pugni, choreography by Vladimir Burmeister.

© Jack Devant

anonymous asked:

you know who else had obnoxious images that worked for them even though they weren't everyone's cup of tea? Nicki Minaj, Katy perry, lady Gaga. they gave them up eventually but they sure did get famous with that sort of brand and it's certainly better for jojo to do that than to do the kardashian instagram thing everyone else does


theres a million wannabe kardash insta stars, and the dm girls are no where near the top of that list

there are very few people out there w branding like jojo’s, so ofc shes the top of that