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You Fall (Omaha)

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It was no joke that you were ballsy, but it was also no joke that you were clumsy. 

Nate had to cancel a show, because of sickness, so to make up, he rescheduled the show, as well as a free meet and greet at the park. It had been really rainy, but that didn’t stop the fans, they still showed up. 

You, being the clown, tried to jump on the swing that was over the huge puddle of muddy water. All your weight on your front foot made you swing up, and you couldn’t catch yourself, so you landed right on the puddle. 

A fan ended up getting a video of it and even though you were embarrassed, it was so funny you couldn’t help but laugh. The fans didn’t really mind getting splashed with a bit of muddy water, because Nate took off his shirt and sweatshirt for you. 


You and Jack always had a playful relationship and fans thought it was so cute. 

One day, Jack decided to take you to Hurricane Harbor with the other guys. You loved water parks and huge slides, so you didn’t say no.

Jack had pulled you into a kiss and you pulled away with a mischievous smile, shoving him into the water. You ran away, slipping and body slamming yourself to the concrete. 

It hurt like hell, but the karma was so funny, you couldn’t help but laugh. 

Sammy had gotten a video of it and when you got back, you were everywhere. 


Your family was the famous Kardashian-Jenner family, so cameras were around you twenty four-seven. That meant that all your clumsiness and stupidness was caught on tape. 

When you and Sammy bought a house, your mom wanted to decorate it all. Kris, had invited you over to check out these new chairs she bought for your diving room, so you and Sammy went to lunch, then went to go check it out. 

“These are so cute!” Kylie says, sitting in one, you sit in the other one. You wiggle a little bit, but then you heart falls for a moment, and you scream, falling back. 


Jack and Jack had a show tonight, so they were doing a bunch of sound checks and were super busy. That meant you were alone and you were super bored. 

There was a lot of fans outside, waiting to get in, so you decided to go hang out with some fans. There was a play ground like a minute from the venue, and you asked fans to go with you. 

You being Jack’s girlfriend, more than twenty fans went. Jack texted you asking where you were, and you told him, not thinking he would show up. 

“What’s your boyfriend’s name?” You ask, making conversion with one fan. You all were sitting on the bleachers and you were walking around on them. “Finn.” She answers, blushing. “And we’re not dating.” She adds. “Yeah, I saw your tweets.” 

You jump when somebody yells your name, but your feet hit the side of the bleacher and you fell. “I caught that on camera!” A fan yells, laughing. 

Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss Slayed on the Same Red Carpet

Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss Slayed on the What Comes Around Goes Around Anniversary Party

October 12, 2017

Vintage luxury shop What Comes Around Goes Around celebrated the one-year anniversary of the brand’s Beverly Hills location on October 11 in California. Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Karlie Kloss were amongst those in attendance. From how to style jeans to a modern way to wear a leather jacket, the event brought it in the fashion inspiration department. See their red carpet looks!

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I Went to Church with Bruce Jenner and Here’s What Caitlyn Taught Me About Jesus.

I Went to Church with Bruce Jenner and Here’s what Caitlyn Taught Me About Jesus.

When I was a budding twenty-one year old I took a job at a church in Calabasas. It was a brand new church meeting in a movie theater, and as I relocated to Los Angeles for my first service I learned the Kardashian family were major supporters of the church from its infancy. At the time I had to Google their names to figure out who this celebrity family was. They had previously attended another church and met a very charismatic and prolific pastor there. He ended up leaving that church believing he wouldn’t go back to ministry.

It was Bruce Jenner that found this pastor three years later, was working at Starbucks.

Bruce searched this pastor out and told him that his wife, Kris, had been trying to find him and would love to talk with him. The Pastor kindly received the request, and upon meeting, Kris Jenner told the pastor that they wanted to start a new church in their hometown of Calabasas with him as the pastor.

If you’re surprised by this..so was I.

It’s a long story that doesn’t fully connect with the purpose of this post, and so I’ll keep it short. He accepted.

I was introduced to this pastor as a potential worship leader (music leader) for the new church. The pastor flew up from Southern California to the Bay Area where I was living, to come watch me lead worship at my Dad’s church (my father is a pastor). I had lunch with him afterwards and he told me about the vision of his new church. He explained that it was a church designed for everybody, all were welcome, and it was a “come as you are” atmosphere. I was thrilled with this idea, and I hoped and prayed that he would call me about a position. I wasn’t convinced that I nailed the interview, but I was convinced that this was where God wanted me.

Sure enough, the following week I was asked to come down and lead worship (music) in a preview service, and a week later I was offered the job. I had also let it slip that I had a youth leader background, and was great with students. The pastor asked me if I would take on that role at the church too, and I told him I would. I was thrilled to be able to work with kids close to my age and teach them about Jesus. It was only just before that preview service that I learned that the Kardashians/Jenners were an integral part of this church. I couldn’t understand why a family like this would want to start a church… but honestly, I was even more intrigued.

As soon as I moved to Hollywood I was contacted by Kris Jenner and asked to meet her at her home. I drove up to their larger than life mansion in Calabasas in the busted-up Honda I still drive today. She shared that she hoped her young daughters, Kendall and Kylie, would find God and He would be a huge part of their lives. I had a blast going to the Kardashian home over several visits. It was a warm and inviting place. They loved me for who I was, and Kendall and Kylie were always fun to be around. They were so funny and beyond their years. I specifically remember their kitchen pantry - to a starving music student, that place was heaven and I was not too proud to eat as many Susie Cake cupcakes as could fill my 21 year old stomach.

As the church got its start, I quickly fell in love with it. The church was growing, I was growing, my faith was growing, and soon I was able to start the youth group. The youth group initially met on the steps inside the Edwards Calabasas movies theater, and in attendance were some of the craziest/most diverse students I have ever come into contact with. There were middle school computer prodigies, One Direction experts, and a troublemaker or two, along with Kylie and Kendall Jenner, in attendance every week. This was the beginning.

At a certain point I realized that just the Sunday morning experience wouldn’t be enough, and asked the group if there was a house that wouldn’t mind hosting a Wednesday night gathering where we could continue our conversations from Sunday morning. To my surprise it was Kendall Jenner that approached me, and told me that we could meet at her house. She had asked her parents and that was that…I was leading a youth group at the Kardashian home.

This is the same home you would recognize from the show. On my first visit I noticed stage lights in every corner as a producer that told me I couldn’t enter yet- they were in the middle of a scene. Here on the set of reality TV and a family home I began to have conversations with Caitlyn before youth group. We would make smalltalk as she microwaved a giant plate of spaghetti. Students dropped cupcakes in her pool and she was stellar enough to tell me not to worry about it. I would then later watch her scoop it out of the pool herself. It was a great experience and formative time for me, I even met my wife here as she volunteered for the youth group.

As the Jenner girls grew into careers of their own there wasn’t a lot of time for youth group. Kris and the girls stopped coming as regularly on Sunday mornings as well, although Kylie and I would still joke around when they were came for Easter and Christmas services. We moved the youth group from the Jenner’s home to my wife’s parent’s home and met weekly there. One thing remained, as odd as some of you may now find it…

Caitlyn stuck around.

She was there at church almost every Sunday, sitting in the front row and singing along to every song if she could. She would chat with me before services and make fun of how I wore sandals every day. I used to think that I was wasting her time before the service…why would this Olympian/reality TV super star want to talk with me? But the more I talked with her on Sundays the more I realized she actually cared about me. She wanted to know what was going on in my career and why I wasn’t preaching yet. I knew her family, I knew her simply as a parent to two girls in my youth group, and she just wanted someone to talk to. We did just that.

Caitlyn listened with great intention to the sermons at my church. I could tell she just loved being there. Caitlyn was the one in this family who never went out claiming to be a Christian. Her statement was her attendance at church, week after week, Sunday after Sunday.

I eventually left that church under great terms to help start a brand new church in Santa Monica. Caitlyn was there my final Sunday and gave me a big hug wishing me well.

News came out shortly after that Caitlyn was transitioning.

My newsfeed is flooded by both enormous support and enormous disappointment. Most of my friends who don’t know Jesus were in support of Caitlyn, proclaiming their acceptance and love for her. Those who did know Jesus were mostly either silent or derogatory.

Today, I can’t help but think how backwards that is.

Caitlyn knows who Jesus is, and Jesus knows her by name. Whether that sits comfortably on a timeline or blog comment, I know firsthand that Caitlyn has heard the good news.

And, Caitlyn has taught me more about Jesus.

Caitlyn taught me to be bold. That’s why I’m posting this. I’ll gladly take the heat if it means standing for what is right. Jesus was bold enough to overturn tables at his father’s temple, he was bold enough to stand up to the religious leaders of his day and let them know they had it backwards. In the Bible we see the oppressed overcome the oppressor and the meek become strong. That is the core of the Jesus I know. Jesus came to eat with the people no one would be seen with, to turn the tax collector into an honest man. He came to transform the world.

Caitlyn showed me that life is a journey with many twists and turns. Look back at this person’s story- a major Olympic athlete on the cover of a Wheaties box and a reality TV star on one of the most bizarre shows about a family on the air. I will tell you that in my limited time in the Jenner/Kardashian home Caitlyn was the most grounded and sensible person there. Would she claim to know Christ now? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I’m sure if I asked she would give me an answer more fully thought out than I could muster for myself.

What’s more pressing to me is how the church (my tribe) will respond to Caitlyn. The LGBTQ people I know are loving, accepting, beautiful people and many of them have been so hurt by their church communities that they have left the faith.

Jesus wasn’t one to turn away from those the world had labeled broken. He was the one  who would walk towards them with open arms.  

As we continue this conversation (some would call it an argument) about the LGBTQ community and the church, I pray we can remember our God, read His word, and most of all, pray before we speak. I know plenty of other church leaders who don’t feel comfortable affirming the LGBTQ community. I also know their hearts.

May your heart break for those who are struggling or hurting. May you see what God is doing in the world he has promised to transform. May we live in hope and love.


Please know that in any church or community I am involved with, Caitlyn- or any person who is struggling or marginalized…you are welcome and accepted. God loves you, so do I, and so do countless others. Let’s show the world who Jesus is. Let’s be brave.



2015 foi o ano do street style. A inspiração para se vestir não passou a vir somente de editoriais ou revistas de moda, e sim das ruas. E na minha opinião, independente de polêmicas, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin e Gigi Hadid foram um show a parte. Cada um com seu estilo, não deixaram de nos inspirar com suas personalidades únicas. Um brinde aos melhores desfiles do ano!

- Lia Gomes

2015 was the year of street style. The inspiration for dressing not only started to come from editorials or fashion magazines, but the streets. And in my opinion, regardless of controversy, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid were a show a part. Each with its style, have left inspire us with their unique personalities. A cheers to the best shows of the year!

- Lia Gomes

anonymous asked:

What exactly happened at the hotel? I love your blog by the way and im glad your back :)

  • Ok here’s a quick summary and thank you! :))

    • Harry is back in LA (as of 4/16/14)
    • Harry is currently staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel
    • Kendall was spotted at the same hotel, at the same time as Harry
    • Harry fans claimed Kendall was there with the Kardashians/Jenners for an event 
    • There was no event
    • There were no Kardashians/Jenners present except for Kendall
    • Harry fans claimed Kendall and Harry ignored each other *Yawn*

    Now I have some questions: 

    • Why was Kendall at the same hotel as Harry?
    • Why was she there at the same time as Harry?
    • Why was Kendall alone without family or friends? 
    • Why was Kendall there if she did not attend an event? 
    • What is the coincidence of Kendall randomly visiting a hotel Harry just checked into?
    • Why would Kendall attend an “event”in such casual clothing sans makeup? I don’t know about you, but that’s how I’d dress to have a casual day out with my boyfriend or “good friend”  :’)

    • Oh, and let’s not forget the bracelet on her right wrist which is very similar to the one Harry started wearing 
    •  Once everyone discovered the ring she gave him


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Kendall Jenner is no stranger to the pages—or cover—of Vogue, but to grace the September issue, as she does this month, is a milestone of a different caliber. The cameras were rolling as the Kardashian-Jenner clan received the first copies of the issue, but it didn’t go quite the way Kendall expected.

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