kardashian christmas cards

Christmas Eve 2015

The Kardashians get to release a family portrait each year, why shouldn’t I? Here’s my little family portrait for this holiday season. Their unconditional love is astounding. They may not like anyone else… but who cares? I don’t… They love me and that’s all I need. This year, they gave me love when I needed it the most. And that’s why I’m a cat lady.

I’ve received many “blessings” this year and one of them was these two little buggers, Duke Tan and Queen Regnant “BooBoo” Sine.

Merry Christmas Eve beautiful people, XOXO


anonymous asked:

Hmm please tell me ONE thing that Kendall doesn't have that other Victoria Secret models do? She is tall enough beautiful enough and has been modeling since 14! Is it her fault that she was born in a wealthy family and could get to that career quicker!? Or are u just jealous of a girl who had dreams and they got achieved? Thank you...

What the majority of Victoria’s Secret models have:

  • Talent.
  • Skills.
  • A unique appearance.
  • Experience (and no, paid photoshoots organised by Kris Jenner and being in the annual Kardashian Christmas card is not experience. Kendall barely did any modelling when she was younger. She has only recently started working with elite brands and magazines).
  • Versatility.
  • A decent runway walk. 

What Kendall has:

  • A common pretty face and a common slim body.

I rest my case. Thank you…