kardashian sisters

Wendigo Worries

One Shot Sister Fic, Dean, Sam, John
Summary: Reader gets hurt on a hunt and Sam and Dean have to take her to the hospital.
Dean: 18
Sam: 15
Reader: 12
Warning: Language
Word Count: 1504

Deans Pov  

Shit. I thought as I drove a stolen car to the hospital. Shit. Dad is going to kill me. I should have kept a closer eye on Y/n before the Wendigo got to her. Before it kidnapped her and hung her up in its cave.  Before she almost froze to death, while bleeding from the temple of her head. Now, she is in the back with a blanket around her while Sammy holds on tight to her, try and keep her warm. I’m about three miles away from the hospital when Sam starts panicking.

“Y/n? Y/n! Wake up! Stay with me, don’t close your eyes! Shit! Dean, she just passed out from the pain!”

I stepped on the gas and we got to the hospital in the next four minutes, which should have taken at least ten. I park the car, then run to the back and pick her up, bridal style while running into the hospital with Sam behind me.

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