peasant: oh ya i love The Outsiders its a very good movie i love the part when johnny, is that his name? whatever, anyway when he’s like “stay golden horseman” dude im like a total fangirl over that movie but dude robin lowe is such a good actor, he’s so cute, he’s literally the reason pepsiman is my favorite characte-



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80′s Movies


so, yeah, i hit 5,000 followers today. and, i mean, i know 2,000 of you are porn bots with cyber vaginae and 2,000 of you followed me years ago and have since diminished and gone into the west, but never got around to deleting your tumblrs, but hooray! here are some of the doodles i’ve doodled while bored.

doctor strange (complete)
stephen strange, two-fisted occult investigator (inks)
spider-man (complete)
corey cann as nightwing (complete)
jason castleton as captain britain (complete)
karate kid (complete)
parker hurley as rule 63 mohawk storm (complete)
parker hurley as the silver surfer
ra’s al ghul (inks)
rosario dawson as america chavez / miss america (color flats)

Pony trying to impress Johnny..