Who cares about the episode? This postcard made my day! ;)

No, but seriously, I feel like I’m missing “Free! Iwatobi Swim Club”, because there is tons of “Trap! Samezuka Swim Club” and new characters’s problems and then will come new character who appeared in HS and… I feel like I want to watch just my dorky boys swimming, why for only 20 minutes of episode I got only few minutes of them?!
As I said, let’s skip all this drama, Reigisa strong.

I’m sorry it’s so fast and lame, I simply don’t have time this week, because I’m doing many stuff in real life (IT CAN’T BE) and they’re making me kinda tired and then I need to think and draw different things than Reigisa (IT CAN’T BE 2). But it’s alright ;) (and I’m waiting for my new sketchbooks, I hope I’ll get them tomorrow!).

I’ll try to make more redraw screencaps, I don’t want to fail in my redraw challenge! :’D


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