Movie Facts #11

In Karate Kid, when Daniel reads the letter Miyagi’s holding while crying, he mentions that his wife died in childbirth at “Manzanar Relocation Center”. This means that Miyagi’s pregnant wife was thrown in an internment camp while he was fighting for the US Army in WWII

Karate Kid was released the summer of ‘84.

It’s my favorite movie.

Things I NEED:

- Dustin rents the movie for everyone to watch since they where pre occupied and missed it in theaters.

- Mike thinks it’s kinda lame.

- El loves the love story.

- Max loves the fighting.

- Will thinks Ralph Macchio is , cool.

- Lucas trades his bandana for a headband like Daniel’s because Max thought it was awesome. He won’t admit that.

- A dojo opens up at the Mall and Dustin signs up. He gets ice cream at Scoops Ahoy after practice and tells Steve he will AVENGE HIM! And karate chop Billy.

- Max wants to join but there’s a bullshit boys only rule. She has Dustin teach her and she kicks his ass every time.

- El gets Jonathan to help her find the songs in the movie and she plays GLORY OF LOVE and CRUEL SUMMER on repeat till Hops ears bleed.

Please and thank you.

Spoilers for Cobra Kai ahead…

I feel the best interpretation for the Robby and Miguel dynamic is that Miguel is Daniel LaRusso but one who was raised and nurtured in the toxic Cobra Kai philosophy. He goes from being a nice and amiable kid to a jerkass. He is essentially what Daniel would have become under Kreese. Johnny only sadly realizes that he is perpetuating Kreese’s philosophy to Miguel too late. 

Robby, on the other hand, is his father’s son…at first. He is a criminal, a fraud, a lowlife. He is Johnny. But he comes under the Miyagi-do karate. He becomes a good person, finds balance in his life, comes to appreciate hard and honest work. He is what (bully teen) Johnny would have become under Miyagi. 

This fits brilliantly into the theme of father figures and how they can influence you in life - for better or for worse.