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If Peter Capaldi’s run as the Doctor could be summed up in one phrase it would be, “All of Peter Capaldi’s boyhood dreams came true.”

I just noticed Ron & Marco both are Very Similar…
They Both Have High Physical abilities.
(Karate & Monkey Kung fu)
They Both Like Mexican Themed Food.
(Nachos & Bueno Nacho)
They Both Are Sidekicks To Extremely Powerful Main Characters.
(Star Butterfly & Kim Possible)
There Both The “Funny Type” Characters.
(Marco gets blasted with Magic & Ron loses his pants or gets shot at)
They Both Wear Loose Clothing.
(If You Count Hoodies & Baggy Pants “loose”)
They Both Had Trouble With Aquatic Creatures.
(Marco’s monster arm was like an octopus & Ron’s bully basically turned into a lake monster named GILL)
There Both From Disney.
There Body Builds Are Both “Slim”.

The Signs as Bizarre Kate Bush Outfits

Aries: Snuggie with matching shoes and socks

Taurus: Goth top with tinfoil pants (skirt?) and hickey coverup while high af

Gemini: too much going on here to describe except in one word: BABOOSHKA

Cancer: Problematic bindi

Leo: Dressed for the club at 9 AM, with a dowdy gray cop top to cover up the full-body spandex, and blue glittery sweater inexplicably over that

Virgo: Psycho/Vaguely Wild-West Corseted Wedding Dress

Libra: The Iconic Dreaming Signing Outfit

Scorpio: Kimono with fugly pants

Sagittarius: Hobbit Queen Chic

Capricorn: Dressed for the library on top, for the club on bottom

Aquarius: King-Sized Bedsheet as shawl

Pisces:  Moose Sweater with karate pants

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Number 48 or 10 for tipo

10. high school popular kid/nerd au

“Um… Is this where I sign up for the Kung Fu Club tryouts?” came a nervous, hesitant voice.

Crane looked up from his evaluations sheet and squinted at the large panda standing in front of the table.  “Do I know you from somewhere?”  A wingtip scratched his beak.  “I’m 99% sure I have a class with you.”

“Po Ping, eleventh grade, Mrs. Chao’s Algebra class,” the panda supplied helpfully.

“Yeah…” agreed Mantis, tuning in to the conversation.  “And aren’t you in the chess club or something, too?”

The panda grinned sheepishly, rubbing his head.  “Yeah, I am.  Well, I mean, I was.  Group Beta-Seven, the junior varsity team.  Not enough people signed up this year, though, so they canceled it.  Thought I’d try something new.”

“What made you pick Kung Fu?” asked Crane.

“Uh… I watch a lot of movies?”

Mantis leaned back to take in all of the panda’s bulk.  “You sure you’re in the right place?”

“Oh let him give it a shot,” piped in a female voice.  The green form of Viper slithered up to the table, grabbing a pen with her tail and starting to fill out a new eval sheet.  She smiled up at Po.  “Just so you know, it’s club policy that all new tryout candidates do have to go one round against the club president so she can get a feel for your skill level.”

“Club president?”

Viper pointed with her tail.

Po turned to see a blur of orange and black engaged in a fast-pitched spar with another tryout hopeful.  His mouth went slightly dry.

“Tigress?!” he squeaked.

“Mm-hmm,” replied Viper, busy filling out information on his sheet.

Po pointed in disbelief.  “That Tigress?!”

“Yup!” Mantis answered, busy taking down his own notes.

“Varsity Team MVP, winner of the regional championship three years in a row, voted Prom Queen two years running Tigress?!”

Viper handed him a sticker with a number on it and smiled.  “Good luck!” she told him.

Po gulped, nervously peeling off the sticker and taking his place in line.

There seemed to be an awfully large crowd on the bleachers, and not all of them looked like they were tryouts.  From the cheers and shouts of, “Get him, Tigress!” and “Varsity represent!”, he had a nagging suspicion that the tryouts had attracted a cadre of non-clubmember fans.

His turn came up all too soon.

“Go get ‘em, film buff,” sniggered the candidate in line behind him, giving him a shove forward.

Po stumbled, tripping over his feet a moment, then recovered quickly with a nervous laugh.

Tigress adopted a casual pose, her paws on her hips, expression amused.

“You’re a new face,” she commented.  “Done any martial arts before, big guy?”

“Uh… some,” he answered, wiping his sweaty palms on his pants.  “Karate classes when I was little.  And then a year and a half under Master Ox from the dojo just up the street.”  He let out a strained chuckle, suddenly acutely aware of his own gut.  “I’m… uh… a bit out of practice.”

“I’ll go easy on you,” Tigress promised, crouching down and readying her stance.


Two minutes later, Po was flat on his back on the practice mat, the loud cheers of the fans in the bleachers ringing in his ears.

Or maybe that was his ears ringing.

He saw Tigress standing over him, upside-down in his vision.  She didn’t look like she had even broken a sweat.

“Well, your form is terrible, your style is a confusing mishmash of different disciplines, and your physical constitution needs a lot of work before it’s remotely ready to handle the rigors of actual Kung Fu,” she assessed with a frown.  Unexpectedly, she reached down to offer him a hand up.  “But you do seem to have a bit of an underlying knack for it,” she considered.

Po’s ears perked up hopefully.  “I do?” he asked.

“You got better as you went.  Corrected your mistakes,”  Tigress explained as she helped him to his feet.  “You’re out of shape but you learn quick.  And we can always use an extra member or two, in case of injury.”  She poked him in the stomach with a playful smile.  “Drop a couple pounds before tryouts are over, and we’ll be happy to let you join the club.”

“Really?!” Po exclaimed, eyes wide, feeling a jolt of elation.  Then he coughed, getting hold of himself.  “I mean–that’s awesome!  Yeah… that’s–that’s great!”  He coughed again, awkwardly.  “Um… do we get snacks?”

Tigress’s expression went flat, apparently coming to the end of her amusement with him.  “Vending machine’s outside the gym,” she said, tilting her head in that direction.  “I do expect some discipline and self-control in my club, Sophomore,” she warned.

Heat rushed across his face and he shrunk slightly.  “Heh. Right.”  He backed up off the mat and began to make his hasty retreat, passing by Monkey–the final member of the Varsity team–on his way.

“She likes you!” Monkey whispered encouragingly, giving him a thumbs up.




I went into the mountains and saw goats and deer and coyote poop! I wasn’t eaten by danger floofs (bears)  and I learned a lot about using sai, as well as a new kata for bo!! ( ゚д゚)
My body is sore and very tired from moving over all kinds of new terrain.
The group of us that went into the mountains left at 4:30am(we stupid for karate) and trained straight through till 12:00pm…. BUUUuuuuut this little treat at the end of a long day is sure hitting the spot!! (๑>◡<๑)


Today was a long, emote-y kinda day for Pants (^das me, btwubs).  I Went to my hometown. This is where my Martial Arts journey began. I met with people very near and dear to my heart, and celebrated the life of my first karate teacher. I miss him, but I certainly take solace in knowing his family is doing a little better every day.

During the marathon, his son (a couple years younger than me) approached me about karate. He has a 5 year old daughter and wants to start up classes again, with her! It fills my heart to overflowing, knowing that the style can be passed on to his grand-daughter. What an amazingly wild, wondrous world we live in.
This is it, folks. This right here. This is what I’m here for.

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Hi, I'm kinda new to the budoblr community so I wonder if you have any blogs you recommend? Btw I adore your drawings!

Hey fighter! Welcome to the budoblr community and we hope you enjoy your stay!
Oh gosh, a list of recommended blogs? GEEZE WHERE DO I EVEN START-
Here are a few of the blogs I usually frequent:

@shaped-by-karate- because you need a kind, considerate,  level head to do budo (also, creator of The List~!)

@manwithoutborders- a good egg with much consideration for all. A must.

@assassinwannabefitness-a warm, powerful friend and wicked inspiration

@spadrill- the keep-on-keepin-on kind that you need to keep you going.

@stephfitblr- a beautiful inspiration

@magnakongcarter - the straight-forward, wonderful, push-you onward kinda blog

@tubeztheone - a great, powerful mind and true fighter of the world aww yisss~

@wiredtokill- super skilled, super rad, super-motivated! That peep!! Yowzaa! 

@jaxblade​- idk I feel like jax is the male version of me sometimes???? hahahah HES JUST GREAT IN SO MANY WAYS GO  CHECK ‘IM OUT.

These are a few blogs I frequent and keeps tabs on. Mind you, that is for a number of reasons:  motivation, inspiration, and they gel well with my personality/thoughts.
Finally, if you’re really digging  for MA/budoblr blogs, you should definitely check out The List!
Good luck @calllmeafighter! I wish you the very best

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A boy wearing only black karate pants and showing off his six pack was walking through the forest along the trail.

Bumping into them she fell back scattering her flowers about around her,as well as decorating her body.“Sorry..guess I wasn’t paying attention..” although, this was the forest so why was he here?