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What about 1 for Shinran? :D

From this list of kiss prompts.

1 breaking the kiss to say something, staying so close that you’re murmuring into each other’s mouths

Rain falls.

It’s been three weeks since Shinichi went missing. At first, Ran tried to be brave, but then.

She watches the window, always.


Always waiting.

For his stupid face. His stupid smile. His stupid everything.

Not one word.

It hurts. It hurts so much. To sit here and do nothing. Nothing but watch and wait.

He’s not going to come. He’s not going to come.

No. She shakes her head violently.


She can’t believe that. She won’t believe that.

He’ll come home. He will come home. She’s just got to watch and wait for him to show.

She refuses to believe that he won’t come home.

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