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Ukai Jr. volleyball story in high school was more tragic than Suga’s. 

Both had to let their place to their kouhai and watch the game from afar. But I doubt that Ukai’s kouhai was a prodigy like Tobio, so it was even more frustrating for him. 

And imagine, having your gramps as (a famous) coach and not being able to be a starting member. The fear of being a disappointment to your family. The constant pressure. 

Please make sure to love Keishin the way he deserves. 

i have no words

~Karasuno in hot springs~
  • Hinata:i am going to spike the WATER
  • Kageyama:i am going to set the WATER
  • both:*yelling*
  • Tanaka:*trying to look the girls bathroom*
  • Noya:*jumping in the water*
  • Asahi:*collapsed in the water*
  • Tsukkishima:*drowning in the water*
  • Yamaguchi:FUCK TSUKKI YOU OKAY??????

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Kuroo, Akaashi, and Sugawara dancing with their s/o to famous cheesy pop songs from the past!

[Unrelated: Kuroo and Brokuto shaking their tailfeathers in front of their partners; Ushijima impersonating Kanye West in the background, singing Gold Digger, k, bye. Also, Kuroo stripping to Let Me Blow Ya Mind OKAYTHAT’SENOUGH.]

Kuroo: {Always On My Mind - Michael Bublé} Sharing a moment of intimate togetherness could make Kuroo feel flustered, timid even. The mere thought that there was absolutely nobody that could disturb them and ruin the situation would put his mind at ease. Kuroo would be able to give in to his feelings for his partner completely, his arms wrapping around their waist as he would rest his head on their shoulder. They would be swaying slowly to the rhythm of the song and Nekoma’s captain would feel inclined to disclose how important they were to them verbally. Whispering against their neck, he would completely forget about the effect his words had on them, failing to see the obvious blush appearing on their cheeks.

Akaashi: {Hey There Delilah - Plain White T’s} Akaashi wouldn’t have known what had come over him, but the combination of hearing the calm and simple tune played by the guitar, the listening to lyrics about a deeper connection and watching his partner slowly tucking a strand of hair behind their ear while smiling at him would leave him absolutely breathless. Enchanted by this magical moment, his instinct would take over. To him it would almost seem like he was watching himself from afar, stretching his hand out to his significant other and pulling them to himself, asking them in a low and calm voice whether they wanted to dance. 

Sugawara: {Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer} The air would be filled with soft giggles, a duet of timid voices singing along to the song that was playing in the background. Feeling his partner’s body pressed close to his own, Sugawara wouldn’t be able to lose the tickling excitement in his chest. He would try to distract himself by instigating a small-talk but thanks to the song he wouldn’t get very far with that. An elated smile would appear on his face and Sugawara would accept his defeat, deciding that this was the right moment to tell his partner about his feelings for them. He would have rested his head on theirs in an attempt not to let them see his embarrassment, but the mood of the tune soon would take over and to the setter there would be nothing else but his partner…

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How would Kuroo,Kageyama,Iwaizumi,Bokuto,Tsukki and Kyoko deal with a HSP (highly sensitive person) s/o?

[Information: Since I had to do a little research about this myself in order to get a general overview, here is a definition I thought was an easy-to-understand introduction to this topic: HSP […] are people whose brains and central nervous systems are wired in such a way that they are more acutely aware of, and attuned to, themselves, other people, and their environment. As a result, a highly sensitive person is more easily stimulated and aroused by their surroundings, from which it follows that they also get more readily over aroused  than most people. Found here. Also: A highly sensitive person is a person having the innate trait of high sensory processing sensitivity. Some common signs are sensitivity to loud noises, bright or fluorescent lights, and strong smells. Found here. If I misunderstood anything, please let me know!
Also: Difference between Highly Sensitive and Hypersensitive here.]

Kuroo: Despite the fact that there are a lot of differences between a highly sensitive person and a hypersensitive one, Kuroo would still recognize a lot of behaviors his partner displayed thanks to sharing a strong bond with Kenma. Knowing that they wouldn’t necessarily become anxious in certain situations, Kuroo would still make sure to keep an eye on them, suspecting them to act stronger than they truly were. He would observe them as much as possible without appearing like a mother hen (he occasionally still would), ensuring that they were exposed to certain stimuli in healthy doses, shielding them whenever he sensed their discomfort. Kuroo would enjoy showering his partner with affection, not being negatively affected by their high sensitivity.

Kageyama: It would be thinkable that even a usually calm (unless he was surrounded by obnoxious people) person like Kageyama would struggle with a highly sensitive person. Of course it would also depend on the stimuli his significant other reacted to, but it would be possible for Kageyama to become rather impatient with them if they had trouble making decisions. Being a very direct and straightforward person, Kageyama finds it easy to make quick and effective decisions, sometimes failing to understand why others need a little more time to think something through. He would also react slightly insensitive if his partner began worrying about having made the wrong decision, thinking that they had to hold themselves responsible for whatever they did.

Iwaizumi: Experiencing his partners highly sensitive behaviourisms would trigger Iwaizumi’s own sense of protection numerous times. He wouldn’t necessarily talk about his worries openly, but part of his mind would always think about his partner’s well-being. Whenever they promised to cheer him on during a match, he would reassure them that he would understand if they wanted to stay home and watch the game in a more private and calm environment. Acting that way wouldn’t tire him out either, since Iwaizumi appears to be mature enough to understand such circumstances, focusing on trying to see their cheerful expression at the end of the day.

Bokuto: Bokuto would probably have trouble understanding his partner’s situation, finding it difficult to control the volume of his voice or managing his spontaneous outbursts in a disciplined manner. It would take him quite a while to see the entire spectrum of highly sensitive people, although knowing what his partner reacted to in particular would make it slightly easier for Bokuto to focus on controlling such stimuli. Fukurodani’s captain would certainly make the effort to act a little more restrained and seeing his partner act more comfortable around him would reassure him in his behavior. The longer he would be with his partner, the more he would learn to value a calmer environment, although he would never be completely restrained, often falling back into his old self. 

Tsukishima: Despite his broad knowledge, Tsukishima could easily fall into the trap of mixing up high sensitivity with hypersensitivity. Initially viewing his partner as a rather fragile person, he would soon have to learn that perhaps they were superior to him in numerous aspects. Their attention to detail and their high observation skills would intrigue him greatly and he would often see them get to a conclusion much faster than he did. Tsukishima would enjoy interchanging different advantages and disadvantages about a certain topic, growing much closer to them in the process. 

Kiyoko: Kiyoko would treat her significant other very delicately, making sure she paid proper attention to them. Even while it would appear like she was preoccupied with her work as a volleyball manager or while she was busy with schoolwork, she would regularly glance over at them, making sure they were all right with whatever situation they were in. She would be quick to notice the sensory inputs that triggered them to behave differently, observing the situation from afar until she would notice her partner being in discomfort. On a whole she would be very supportive of them, handling them well since she would be a calm and collected person by nature.