Suga: Tanaka, keep an eye on Tsukishima today. He’s going to say something to the wrong person and get himself punched.
Tanaka: Sure, I’d love to see Tsukishima get punched.
Suga: Try again.
Tanaka: I will stop Tsukishima from getting punched.


OK so there is this here about Tsukkiyama being canon and I have no idea if it’s real or just someone stabbing me in the feels- BUT if it were real, I thought ‘How would the rest of Karasuno react to Yamaguchi and Tsukishima dating?’ (this is assuming that this is a world where the rest of them are-mostly- straight) Here goes..

Hinata- He is estatic. He’s leaping around and he’s so happy and he’s hugging Yams and he’s just so happy for them and he tells Tsukki that if he hurts Yams he’ll destroy him and Yams is just so flattered

Kageyama- He’s pretty confused. They have to explain it to him a good three times and then Hinata has to help explain it again. He just kinda nods and goes back to practice but later on he uses his angriest, scariest face to scare off anyone that badmouths the two

Suga- Mama Crow already knew. He knows all. He just smiles and pats their heads and thanks them for telling him and tells them that nothing will change how much everyone cares about them. Later he forces them to listen to a safe sex lesson and they suffer

Daichi- Suga told him already but he’s glad they told him and he’s “proud of their courage to be themselves” and then thats that. But then Suga forced him to give a lesson on safe sex and he’s red but “THis is important Tsukishima you can’t leave!”

Noya- (This boy is so gay there’s no way he isn’t attracted to guys don’t even) He’s just grinning when they tell him and he wraps his arm around Tsukishima’s neck- he has to yank him down about eight feet first- and wishes him luck

Tanaka- He laughs for a solid ten minutes at the look on Kageyama’s face before slapping them on the backs and promising to kick anyone’s ass if they’re in trouble like the big brother he is

Asahi-(GAAAAAAYYYYY) So shy, he just keeps shuffling his feet and congratulating him like an awkward bean and he’s asking them all these questions about how they knew but like, he’s trying to be subtle

Ennoshita, Narita, Kinoshita, and Shimizu- they just congratulate them and go back to bussiness as usual because they don’t think this changes anything about who their teammates are- but now kino and Nari tease them about kissing a lot

Yachi- (Gayx1000) She’s so in awe. She’s grinning and holding Yams’ hands and jumping around with him and telling him how amazing he is and then she hugs Tsukishim and just beams and tells him how glad she is he’s happy.

Ukai and Takeda pretend they don’t overhear all of this but they totally do. Ukai is just his gruff grumpy self and moves on but Takeda is very pleased and can’t stop smiling. 


End my suffering please let it be canon. PLease I will sell what is left of my cold dead soul for Tsukiyama to be canon.

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i don't see much hinata on this blog? can you write a scenario where he gets severly injured during a game? it's so bad that he cannot play anymore, at least not that game. thank you!

Why would you want angst for people who are happy?? Says the person who loves wrecking them the most

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This couldn’t be happening. If it weren’t for the weird step he just made and a crack that followed, he would jump back on his feet and continue to play. But no. Apparently fate had other plans for the middle blocker.

He remained on the ground, holding for his leg, afraid to even put it on the ground as he raised his head, seeing everyone looking at him in worry before he yelled to them to continue playing. He could see coach and teacher on feet ready to run over to him, but stopped midway, knowing they were still in the match.

He watched the ball falling perfectly into Kageyama’s hands and god he wished that that toss was for him. But it wasn’t. It was for the ace and Hinata felt jealousy crept inside of him. He wanted to spike that toss, yet the next moment he groaned, coach already by his side, Kiyoko on the other and the rest of the team around.

They got the point, alright.

“Why are you looking so worried?” Hinata tried to snicker, but winced in pain when Ukai touched his ankle.

“Does it hurt?” he asked and looked at the teen, who quickly shook with head, but his expression said otherwise.

“A little,” He lied, seeing Kageyama cracking his fist for lying along with Daichi.

“It is best if we get him to get the ankle checked-up.” Takeda looked at Ukai, who nodded in agreement.

“I can still play!” He called and tried to stand up on his feet only to fall back down, his expression turning into sourer the realization hitting him in the face like a bucket of ice cold water in the middle of summer heat. He clenched his fists and teeth, not daring to look up.

“Don’t worry, Hinata.” Daichi spoke and messed his orange-coloured hair, messing them even more. “Take care of yourself before coming back to play.” he said.

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Superhero Au!!

I freaking love superheroes. I’m a total comic book nerd and I am at every single mavel movie the second it hits theatres(I still haven’t see x-men apocalypse and i cry) So i figured the next logical step was to put my babies in a superhero universe and give them all kick ass abilities. BUt i got a little carried away. More than a little. I think I literally did every character in the show. THere are very few not on my list. Let’s go


  • Kageyama- he can enhance or null other people’s abilities by touch and he’s scary good but also a total fucking idiot don’t trust him with your life
  • Hinata- he has fire powers and when he fights his hair just lights up and its so bad ass but sometimes he forgets and sets forests on fire in his sleep
  • Daichi- He’s totally superman
  • Suga- shapeshifter who always looks pretty no matter if they’re a boy or a girl and no one knows what they look like except maybe Daichi
  • Asahi-Lightning powers and when he’s angry thunder booms and his hair does the static thing where it just stands up but sometimes he scares himself and he squeaks
  • Noya- Super Speed- Basically a mix between Sonic and QUicksilver on a sugar rush
  • Tanaka- Adaptaion- he can alter his genetics at will to survive drastic temperatures and different climates- breath underwater, impervious to ice or fire, etc
  • Ennoshita- he can stop time for as long as he’s holding his breath.So far his record is 32 seconds
  • Kinoshita- invisibility/intangibility but he’s no useful he just uses his powers to prank the shit out of people
  • Narita- he can clone himself rapidly so there are suddenly about 50 of him and he likes to torment Ennoshita constantly
  • Yamaguchi- he can shapeshift into small animals and its adorable- nothing can be larger than a deer
  • Tsukishima- He’s batman. He may not have powers but he’ll fuck you up- also he will kill your ass
  • Yachi- she can control plants and flowers like Poison Ivy and if she’s tired she’ll wrap herself in a cacoon of leaves its precious
  • Shimizu- Black Canary-esque sonic scream. She doesn’t talk much but once she opens her mouth then boy you better run

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