speed painted portrait ~45 minutes !!


i basically took everything i’m not good at and forced myself to do it. colors. linelessness. shading. shading with colors and not black/white shade/highlight layers. i’ve never even painted irl before, charcoal and pencils is my forte if i ever have the room and materials and i know no color theory tho i wish i did.

i’ve literally done nothing like this before. and i can’t believe i did it in under an hour. it sometimes takes me 3 hours to do a simple cartoon thing.

i saw a tutorial on how to speedpaint landscapes and i used it to draw this trekkiebeth pic

it is not that great but i didn’t erase or use the color dropper to clone colors so the saturation’s all over the place but whatever i’m kinda proud of this even tho it’s not anywhere near as good as i wish it was. eh. practice.


「Stand Master」: Kara

Real name: Karolina

Age: 20

Pronouns: She/Her

Heigh: 173cm/5'8 (I have been cheated, it looks like I’m 175,5cm/5′9)

Occupation: Chemistry student

Country: Poland

Laziness: over 9000

Story: It’s just your friend mod Kara who has somehow appeared on Air Supplena Island during Battle Tendency. Enemy Stand or magic of event? Who knows, she just want to have fun, meet friends from community, annoy Caesarino with Joseph and run away from responsibilities.

「Stand Name」: Hey

Namesake: Hey. Originally her name was „Z przyczyn technicznych” which is one of Hey’s songs and means: „From technical reasons”.

Her body in majority is made of cables with different ends, like USB, HDMI and more. She has her own personality and is able to speak.


1. Can break any electic device within 10 m

2. Can change one device into onother when she connects to it with her cables. For exaple, if she connects to microware Kara’ll be able to use it as a telephone. Cables are 1,5 m long.