I’m having feelings about Domestic Established Sanvers and Kara

  • one day Maggie’s in Kara’s apartment and she sees a new picture on the shelf and its a picture of her and Alex and they are both smiling and Maggie doesn’t remember it being taken so Kara must of taken it without them knowing and Maggie has to go cry in the bathroom for a hot minute
  • one day Maggie comes home with a dog and it’s just kinda stays but they never name her and Kara just calls it ‘puppy dog’ constantly so that becomes the actual name
  • Kara keeps Vegan ice-cream in her fridge for Maggie
  • one day Alex watches Maggie and Kara tease each other over something and she just watches her two favorite people smile and laugh with each other and gets overwhelmed with happiness
  • Kara talks to Maggie about her crush on Lena Luthor because she wants Maggie’s advice because Maggie scored Alex so she must have ways with the ladies
  • Maggie has a cabinet in her kitchen just for Kara and all her food
  • one day Kara puts her self in unnecessary danger to save someone and shes not sure if Alex or Maggie is more angry
  • movie nights are Alex leaning against the side of the couch, Maggie leaning into Alex, and Kara’s feet thrown over both of them
  • they have a group chat that basically Maggie and Kara sharing pictures of cute dogs they see
  • one day Alex is at Maggie’s apartment and she sees a picture of her and Kara on Maggie’s shelf and she gets emotional and calls Kara immediately
  • when Maggie learns how mean Snapper was to Kara, Alex has to distract her from destroying him
  • sometimes when Kara’s had a bad day she asks if she can stay with Alex and Maggie that night and crawls into bed with them
  • Maggie so unnaturally good at Mario Cart that the Danvers sisters have to work together to sabotage her races 

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The matsus react to their s/o speaking a different language like spanish (i really love ur work)

Hello! And Thanks, Anon! I’m sorry for any mistranslations with Tater Totty’s. Google translate isn’t the best. Also, most of the places mentioned in these scenarios are real places! I didn’t make up any! ~Mod Kara

One day you bring Osomatsu with you to the farmer’s market to look around. You look at all types of stalls selling jellies and desserts. After getting scotcharoos for the both of you, Osomatsu spots a frilly-looking foreigner. He points him out to you, since he looks like he needs help or something. You two decide to approach him, and ask if he needs help. “Do you need help?” You ask, and the foreigner stares at you blankly. “Do you speak french?” He asks. So he speaks french. You reply; “Yes. Do you need help?” Osomatsu jumps in surprise. “WHAT?! You can speak like him?!” You laugh, hadn’t you mentioned this before? “Oui, It’s called French.” You then turn back to the foreigner and ask again. “Do you need help?”

“Yes. Where is the Doubletree Hotel?”

Continue straight down that road and take your first right.

“Thank you so much! I’m honored to get help from such an attractive young one!” And the foreigner smooches your forehead and cheeks, then leaves.

“What was that?” You heard Osomatsu complain. Smiling, you say “It’s a greeting, he said thank you.” Osomatsu pouted the rest of the day, but when you got home, he suddenly hugs you from behind and kisses your neck. “I don’t like it when other men ‘greet’ you like that..” he whispers into your ear, and his hot breath warms your lobe. “I don’t…” he whispers again, this time softer. His body against yours feels hot, and his breath on your ear and neck dulls your senses and makes you melt. You lean into Osomatsu. “What can I do…?” You’re words are breathy, as if you’re in total bliss. Osomatsu smiles against your ear, nibbles it, and speaks again in a husky, desire-ridden voice. “Only speak like that for me, don’t let other people greet you…”  Osomatsu’s warm hands find their way up your shirt, and a soft moan escapes your lips.

You and Karamatsu are on a splendid date together at the waterpark, and it was obvious that Kara had been wanting to show you something all day. It was a spontaneous thing, he suddenly called you this morning and asked if you wanted to go to Lost Island Waterpark with him. You had nothing to do today, so why not? After spending all day together riding on slides and enjoying the wavepool, he takes you out to dinner at Otis and Henry’s just around the corner. It’s a really nice modern steakout restaurant, so he bought a nice new outfit or you, and he put on a white button-up with frills around the collar, and his glitter pants, and even worse, he had on studded high-heeled boots to top it all off…. He had his leather jacket on, but it was too hot so he took it off and slung it over his seat. After a while of talking about random subjects, you got your food. In the middle of the meal, he speaks in Italian. “Can I kiss?” he doesn’t quite get the accent, and it’s really broken… You raise one eyebrow. He’s trying to impress you. He really is a sweet man, so you can’t really complain. ‘Can I kiss? What does he mean by that?’ It’s obvious he doesn’t know much Italian, so you decide to mess with him a little. “I don’t know CAN you? I would really like it if you could.” You smile a little, and he stares at you in bewilderment for a solid minute.. “Y-yes…” he says finally. But he doesn’t feel dejected yet. He regains his “cool dude act” and tries again. “You smell bathroom.” and he winks. You blink a few times, and start laughing. Karamatsu looks flustered at this point, and he’s frantically asking why you’re laughing.

“You just said that I smell like bathroom!”

“What?! I said you smell like lilies!”

“How do you get those mixed up?!” after a few more seconds of embarrassment, Karamatsu joins in the laughter, and decides not to try again.

You hadn’t seen Choromatsu in over half a week, and you’re starting to get withdrawal symptoms. You’re lying on the floor reading the latest chapter of your favorite manga when your cell phone rings. You jump in excitement when you see the caller ID is Choromatsu. “Hello?” you speak after you calm down a little. The voice on the other side sounds just as excited as you are. “Hey! Do you want to come over? Everyone else is out playing pachinko, so they’ll be gone for a while.” You smile at the thought of finally getting alone time with Choromatsu, and hastily agree. You leave right away, the manga forgotten and your jacket barely on your shoulders when you almost sprint out the door. Once you get to Choromatsu’s house, you’re out of breath. You basically ran all the way there, and made it in record time. After catching your breath, you ring the doorbell. You can hear  footsteps getting louder and louder until the door opens. As soon as the door opens enough to see him, you hug Choromatsu so recklessly he almost loses his balance. After a few seconds, he hesitantly embraces you. You let go first, and chuckle when you see his red face. You know he’s happy to see you. “I have something I want to show you.” Choromatsu waves for you to follow him to the dining room, so you follow. Once you make yourself comfortable, Choromatsu grabs a book from a bag and sits at the table with you. “So I found this book at the used bookstore, and it’s all in greek. Wanna try and translate with me? I think it’s full of cool grecian mysteries written by some old philosopher.” The book did look really dated. It might be fun to see what it says. “Okay, that sounds like fun.” This way, you can show off your greek. Choromatsu decides to start right in the middle for some reason, and he lets you take a look. “The quivering member is touched by the virgin”  You blink a few times… “Did I read that right?” Choromatsu looks over with curiosity in his eyes. “You can read that?” You re-read the sentence, and chuckle. Choromatsu, what did you think this book was going to be again?”

“I said it could be written by a cool philosopher.”

“This– this isn’t what you think it is.”

“What is it, then?”

“This sentence, in english, says ‘The quivering member is touched by the virgin.’ Choromatsu, I think this is smut!” Choromatsu stares in amazement for a while, until he realizes what just happened and his face flushes with red. You can almost see steam shooting out of his ears.  “S-Smut?!” he raises his voice, being overwhelmed by embarrassment. “More importantly, you can speak Greek? Then, whats ‘beautiful’ in greek?” You answer, and he smiles with pleasure. “Whats ‘Animal’ in Greek?” and he asks you these types of questions until you’re pretty sure he can speak greek fluently.

You didn’t need words to have a good time with Ichimatsu, but today was slightly different. You had stayed the night with Ichimatsu, and you were now making him breakfast early before the other brothers got up and made you make them some, too. It was about 7am when you felt your phone ring in your pajama pocket. You look over at Ichi to see him sleeping with his head laying on the table. Smiling slightly at the sight, you reach for your phone out of your pocket, and see your adoptive brother’s Caller ID. You hadn’t seen him in a while, since he’s visiting his birth parents in Spain. He doesn’t speak english, so you had to learn spanish as a kid. You quickly take the call and happily greet him. “Hey, brother! How’s Spain treating you?”

“Hey! It’s great here, everyone is so nice, the food is delicious, and the women are good-looking. Nothing beats your homemade stuffed peppers, though.” You laugh. He seems to be enjoying himself there. “You’re enjoying yourself! Good! I can’t wait to see you again next month! I’ll talk to you later, okay? I’m over at Ichimatsu’s house, and i’m making breakfast. So I can’t talk for very much longer.”

“Okay. Talk later, okay? And tell Ichimatsu that if he hurts you I’m coming over there to personally punch him in the face.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll tell him. See ya.”


“I didn’t know you could speak spanish…” you heard Ichimatsu’s  tired voice behind you. “Oh, yeah. I had to learn since my parents adopted my brother from Spain.”

“Cool…” was all he said, and he lazily placed his forehead onto the back of your head, letting his arms dangle toward the floor.. Later, after you’ve eaten and the other brothers had gotten up, you were laying your head on Ichimatsu’s lap and reading a book while he entertained himself with the cat on his side.

You had been watching Jyushimatsu’s baseball game, and his team was crushing the other team with a 5-2 lead. It was currently Jyushi’s turn to bat, so you watched intensely. Right now, he was taking practice swings, so you harmlessly shout “Go, Jyushimatsu!” And he also earned some applause from the audience. He turns around to you and gives a thumbs up and his usual big smile, shouting “Hustle, Muscle!” You smile right back as the crowd quiets down. Jyushi steps up to the plate and focuses. The first pitch is thrown, it goes straight through the plate. Jyushi reacts immediately. A loud crack echoes through the field, and the ball does a line drive through the middle of the field. By the time you take your eyes off the ball and bring them to Jyushi, he’s already past first base. The outfielders are struggling to get to the ball before Jyushi makes it to second. It was close, but Jyushi got to second base just in time for the ball to get into the second baseman’s mitt. The intense shouts of the crowd are bringing the morale of the other team down, and having a good affect on our team. “Dammit. Where am I?” You look to the right at the German speaker, and realize he’s actually a foreigner. He’s messing with his cellphone, even though there’s no service out here. He’s also wearing an expensive-looking suit, even though it’s about 85 degrees outside.His blonde hair is slicked back, and he’s… intimidatingly tall and muscular, his face looks really intense. You cautiously walk up to him and speak. “Sorry, do you need help?” He looks at you, and nods. “I seem to have given the cab driver the wrong address, and he brought me here. I’m actually supposed to be at a conference building.” A businessman, huh? “I can probably show you, if you want. But you’ll have to wait until the game is over, my boyfriend is out there, on second base.” The foreigner looks to second base, seemingly impressed. He then looks to his watch, then the scoreboard. It’s the bottom of the ninth inning. The foreigner shrugs. “I have time. Why not enjoy a good baseball game.” Then, a shorter, brown-haired fellow runs up to the foreigner. You can’t help but notice he has an unruly curl sticking out of his head. “Ludwig, Ludwig!” He continues to prance toward the foreigner, Ludwig, with a blissful expression on his face. He’s speaking Italian, so you can’t understand, but Ludwig apparently does, since he mumbles something in Italian back to the smaller man. You watch as the Italian reached onto his tippy toes to kiss Ludwig’s temple. You smile and turn back to the game. The current batter has two balls and one strike, and the next pitch is about to be thrown. The next pitch goes straight across the plate, and the batter hits it hard. The ball goes all the way over the fence. Screams from yourself and the crowd are heard as Jyushimatsu and the other player run all the way around the bases. With that, the game was over. Jyushi’s team won 7-2. Well, that was short lived for the foreigners… oh well. The players shake hands and return to the dugout for the captain’s speech and congratulate each other. After a few minutes, Jyushi runs out of the dugout toward you, and you run to him as well and crash into a hug. “Congratulations, Jyushi!” you say excitedly as you let go. “Thank You!” Jyushi basically shouts and raises his fist in the air. You smile at him. You really do love him. Oh yeah! “Hey, Jyushi, I ran into these foreigners,” you point at the foreign duo next to you with your thumb and continue. “I promised to help them to the conference building.” Jyushimatsu looks to the foreigner with delighted eyes and steals his hand to shake it vigorously. While Jyushi was hyperextending Ludwig’s arm, the Italian seemed to frolick around, not paying attention. “Veee~” was all he said “My name is Jyushimatsu! I like baseball!” Smiling, you turn to Ludwig and translate. “He said his name is Jyushimatsu, and he likes baseball.”  Your hyper lover then looks at you in surprise. “Ehhhh?! I didn’t know you speak funny!” Oh, right. You speak German. You forgot to mention. “Oh, yeah. I speak German-”

“It sounds funny!” Jyushimatsu said before laughing and speaking again. “Teach me! Teach me!” Dammit, why do you always grin like an idiot whenever Jyushimatsu gets excited… actually, hes always excited.. “Alright, I’ll teach you. Now let’s get these men to the conference building before sundown. We don’t want to get home too late.”

“Yaaay! German! German!”

(I put Germany and Italy in after I actually posted this scenario, but the opportunity was too good to pass up!)

Todomatsu wanted to spend his day off with you, so you’d been at the Matsuno household since noon that day. After playing poker with the other five, dominating at Mariokart, and eating the dinner that Karamatsu made, you were all watching television. You were curled up into Todomatsu’s side, and his arm was draped over your shoulders. Right now, there is a commercial about flavored bread. For some reason, the star of the commercial is dressed as the stereotype frenchman. You came up with a marvelous pun when he put the bread into a toaster. “I guess you can call it french toast.” Of course, it was a horrible pun, and like any other person you hate yourself for it. You feel Todomatsu’s chest vibrate as he chuckles. “Toast français pour le Français…” You chuckle at Todomatsu’s understanding of the pun. Did he just speak french? You decide to test out his french skills. “Todomatsu, do you speak French?” His eyes locked with yours, and he replies in fluent french. “Oui, I see you do, too. By the way…” He leaned toward your ear and brushed his lips against your lobe. “You sound cute when you speak french.” Heat pools into your cheeks as you feel Totty’s breath on your ear, and a shiver travels up your spine. “T-Todomatsu…” You close your eyes for an amount of time. When you open them, you look to the other brothers, who are staring at you and Todomatsu in surprise and disbelief. “U-uhh…”