karaoke. dance. party

random things i can’t stop thinking about

what the fuck me 

  • bitty probably has had a full blown dance/karaoke party by himself thinking no one was going to be home for ages only to have someone walk in on him shaking his butt to the beat 
  • he totally doesn’t let out a scream and fall over when he hears the laughter 
  • once ransom was so sleep deprived from exams and studying he walked into the kitchen and grabbed the first bowl he saw and put cereal and milk in it 
  • then started eating it
  • holster screamed in horror and snatched it away when bitty asked where the brownie batter bowl went 
  • ransom didn’t notice and he was too dead inside to care

got carried away and i didnt clean it up lmao

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TITLE: Karaoke Dance Party


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you think you are home alone and you put some music on and start dancing. When a slow song comes on, Loki sneaks up behind you, grabs your waist and spins you around, pulls you close and dances with you cheek to cheek.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Lots of mentions of Disney songs. (Not sure if that’s a note or a warning, but whatever.)


There is no point in getting out of my pajamas if everyone is gone, I thought to myself with a smile as I rolled out of bed at like ten in the morning. I hadn’t slept in that late in ages given Natasha and Steve think early-morning training is a good idea (I can assure you, it’s not). The new Avengers facility was supposed to be left all to me for the next couple days because the rest of the team decided to go see Clint’s family. All at the same time. And I had just gotten back from a visit with the Bartons so I elected to stay behind and “care for” the facility.

Though, by “care for” I mean play pranks on everyone and have a karaoke dance party for one.

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Concept: Taylor holds a not so secret session where she invites fans into her house to listen to 1989 but everyone already knows the lyrics so it becomes a giant, Karaoke dance party

hc that nick and judy’s favorite dates/hangouts (both at the same time this is not an “or” this is an “and”) are their two-person karaoke dance parties to 80s hits at nick’s shitty apartment

AND theyre both awful singers!!!! so luckily the sounds of their off-key voices echoes off the metal pipes all over the room and creates a headache-inducing cacophony, but one of love