it can happen so fast, or a little bit late (timing is everything)

So.. happy birthday, Scheherazade Pascual! And since tradition na ‘to, here’s her birthday ficlet. Like what I’ve said earlier this week, continuation ng it’s one door swinging open and one door swinging closed. You must read that one first para maintindihan niyo ‘to.

This one’s a bit different, kasi naka second person POV and present tense. So if magulo ang ibang tenses dito, I;m very sorry. Hindi ako sanay na magsulat in present tense. Sobrang challenge sa ‘kin ‘tong ficlet na ‘to hahaha! So enjoy!

Title from Garrett Hedlund song, Timing Is Everything. I think themesong ‘to nitong ficlet hahaha

One year, nine months and eight days later, Andreau and his WTT parted ways.

(Everyone was thoroughly surprised about this, especially you.)


The ironic thing is, sa Chismis Squad mo pa nalaman ang balita.

(You’re disappointed, though. Wala ka namang nakuhang information sa article. It simply said na may nagtanong daw kay WTT kung bakit hindi niya kasama si Andreau as her date in that event. Her answer? “Andreau and I already parted ways. We’re still good friends and the break up is mutual.” Hindi niya sinagot ang follow up questions about sa dahil ng break up nila, kung third party ba o dahil sa busy schedule ni Andreau recently.

(( tumigil ang puso mo sa third party. hindi mo kayang isipin na kayang mangaliwa ni andreau. pero si WTT? who knows? ))

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