karaoke software

helo my friends it is time for Tumblr User Sufferingspooks’ Pidge Headcanons™

  • pidge is a butch, bi, and mainly fem-identifying. likes being a girl but also doesn’t see gender as a big huge deal. mainly uses she/her pronouns, occasionally they/them
  • probably doesn’t shave. definitely doesn’t shave.
  • i’m VERY partial to trans girl pidge but if she WERE a cis/dfab girl then i headcanon that she’d have polycystic ovary syndrome, which made her male disguise all the more convincing
  • essentially just. really Really hairy pidge is my absolute jam okay. pidge for hairiest paladin 2k16
  • she likes being called katie by shiro and ONLY shiro. since he was the last known human to be with her brother and dad, it makes her feel a little bit more at home
  • she didn’t actually need glasses when she started disguising herself as pidge, but eventually became nearsighted after spending countless nights 5 inches away from a bright computer screen for hours on end
  • how fuckin hilarious would it be if pidge was like. the second eldest of the paladins behind shiro and everyone just ASSUMES she’s the youngest because she teeny
  • “alright paladins, you’re going in order of youngest to oldest so pidge will go first!”
    “… coran i’m 18”
  • pidge is actually REALLY decent at playing the piano, and the rest of her family is pretty musical, too. they used to perform music all around the house and write songs together. breaking out into song is a normal occurrence in the holt household
  • on that note imagine. pidge downloading a karaoke software onto her computer. think of the paladin karaoke parties.
  • she fuckin LOVED wearing heelys as a kid and as a result has built wheels and wheel holes into every single pair of her shoes ever since. the paladin uniform is no exception
  • the paladin she is the least close to is keith. this changes when she finds out they have a common interest; they both unconditionally love my chemical romance
  • as a follow up to that last one, imagine. pidge screaming “WHAT’S THE WORST THAT I COULD SAAAAAY THINGS ARE BETTER IF I STAY” while keith furiously headbangs and uses his sword as a makeshift air guitar
  • i will die with the “pidge is a filthy fucking homestuck” headcanon ok i will DIE WITH IT
  • she relates to john because of the whole missing father thing. also because they have the same taste in movies
  • she put over 50+ hours into undertale and is (not so) secretly in love with mettaton
  • NOT mettaton ex or neo tho. i’m talkin original sexy rectangle