So we’ve taken great pains in the first episode to introduce you to Odette [Annable]’s character Samantha and hopefully have you fall in love with her and then watch as she slowly becomes a nemesis for Kara.

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I think we can guess who’s going to be in the middle of this.

(Quote above from Andrew Kreisberg.)

Headcanon: Alex and Lena actually manage to break the friendship ice.

Alex visits L-Corp every month. She was getting tired of asking Lena the same questions every month since Lillian vanished after the Daxamite invasion. She was even more tired of nodding to the same answers over and over. No she hadn’t heard from her mother. No she did not know where she was. Same thing every month. But J’onn wanted her to be diligent, Lillian was bound to reach out to her daughter again eventually and when she did he wanted to know about it. 

She didn’t hate it though. They had actually started to become closer. As close as one could get to their little sister’s best friend. Alex shook her head thinking of James and Winn. So maybe that wasn’t true, Alex had become close with her sister’s friends. But somehow her and Lena’s friendship had remained…. professional. The most familiar thing between them that had happened was when Alex had brought Lena a coffee at their last meeting.

Alex had made it all the way to the top floor of L-Corp before someone bothered to tell her Lena wasn’t in her office. Jess looking very confused when she told Alex that she had cancelled all Lena’s appointments for the day. She had left a message on her voicemail… Alex just nodded, that explained the phone call she had ignored earlier. Jess seemed to take pity on her though, telling her if she still wanted to see Lena, she was in the lab in the basement. 

The basement. Of course. Alex stepped inside the elevator a second time and hit the button closest to the bottom. If she hadn’t picked up that second coffee again today she probably would have just headed back to the DEO and rescheduled. But here she was standing under the bright lights of the most decked out lab she had laid her eyes on. 

“Agent Danvers. I thought Jess cancelled our interview for today.” 

“She did. But not before I had bought you coffee.” Alex held it out as she walked further into the lab staring at everything like a child at Christmas. 

“Is that the oscillator from the venture?” 

“After the last one exploded, at no fault of my labs.” Lena reminded, “we decided to rebuild.”

“The venture was going to change space exploration.” Alex nodded, she remembered the days she and Kara had ranted about how disappointing the launch failure had been. “You’re missing some math here.” 

“Please.” Alex took the offered marker as she wrote on the glass board in front of her nodding as she capped it again. 

Lena raised an eyebrow as she watched Alex write the formula she had been about to work through when she had been interrupted, “Remind me Agent Danvers, what is it you do for the FBI again?” 

Alex just laughed as she walked around the lab drooling over equipment.

“I’ve been begging J’onn for new equipment. But you know, government funds.” Alex sighed as she ran a finger over stainless steel. 

“Well, you’re welcome to come play in my lab anytime you want.” 

Just like that Lena was handing over her tablet as she told Alex about the breakthrough she had that morning that prompted her to cancel a day’s worth of meetings. The two of them laughing when they said something in unison. Kara had showed up later food in hand when Alex had called her saying she was working on something with Lena and didn’t want to leave yet. Beaming as she watched the ice finally break between the two women.


Supergirl 3x03 Sneak Peek “Far From the Tree” (HD) -  Eliza throws Alex and Maggie a wedding shower, which causes Maggie to reach out to her estranged father.

Lena Luthor x reader (Worked it out, and figured you out)

Request: I love your writing! Can you do one with Lena x fem!reader? It’s Lena’s first time in the DEO and sees reader training and gets hit with gay panic. Then both flirting over being complete science nerds. Thanks!!     

a/n: YOU BET I CAN. And also… thank YOU! All the prompts you folks send me is what keeps this blog going! I’m getting at it at a relatively steady pace I think, sometimes it’s a little bit difficult than other days to find inspiration, but somehow you all manage to surprise me and remind me of how wonderful this fandom is, and then it makes me want to work even harder and contribute what I can to it! So thank y’all so much!!

Fun little sidenote, it’s actually my birthday today! :D I have too many cute fic ideas swimming around in my head (which is a little bit of a rarity these days) and I’m not even sure when I’m going to get to write for them if I’m going to be off being a loud, delinquent dumbass all weekend. But, yeah! I’m feeling extra inspirational and thankful today… maybe that might even translate into some fics that nobody asked for LOL.

Have fun with this fic though y’all! I was in the mood to write something cracky with J’onn in it and I have not a clue as to why… You’re also a little bit of an ass in this one too but it’s totally fine, it’s part of your charm obviously

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For as long as you can remember, you have always been a force of nature. You knew how to work hard and you knew just how hard to push yourself to make the reward that much sweeter.

Simply put, you had fun living life, and despite the handful of troubling setbacks and the unavoidable years-long turmoil that is the discomfort of adolescence, you still looked at the world like it was your playground.

As rambunctious and tenacious as you were, you had just as much discipline, and it paid off deliciously in a plethora of ways.

You would say the human body is a blessed vessel; the tone and curves of some, the muscle and elegance of others, the ability to persevere and flourish, to deconstruct and to rebuild, it amazed you all the same.

What amazed you particularly (and was frequently the subject of ire around all your friends) is how you could eat like absolute shit and still maintain the form that you do.

As it was, you found yourself at the DEO working off last night’s conquest of an army’s weight of cheesy garlic bread and a late night call with Domino’s.

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I was bored last night and had the footage so I made a compilation of Kara/Lena saying each others names since they do it quite often