I have spent way too many hours on this, haha XD. Anyway, here’s a picture of the agent cantina with all its madness! I don’t imagine that those cups are in one piece for very long, haha!

The suckers in the picture are ascottlegacy’s Romal, juczerro’s Zaharian, karanan’s Roscoe, scribblingbearcat’s Ellie, ezroad’s booty boys Ez and Ash, zenatness’s Sha, chacah’s Tiel, my own agent Davin, masterofmad’s Ausk and last but not least, peeking from the doorway, are exvind and ensign Cape.

I really hope you’ll all like this! Kudos on all your awesome and kickass characters! <3


Some of my fav Caspira arts. Not all the favs because fukin hell I have done and receieved a lot of art of her but yes! I wish I had room for more than these, you don’t even know.

I’ve tagged the pictures done not by me, but you can find them all here on tumblr they are all amazing folks. @savagebooby/@damarlegacy, @awkwardtimezone @caekpan and @karanan

Inspired by meeshay’s cool collection/collages she’s been doing :D


The truth actually is that Ashroad and Roscoe secretly are kind of friends. It’s hard to keep up your dickish bastard armour forever (coughAllOnAshroadcough). Especially when you work really well together and get sent on difficult missions a lot, where you might need support to deal with the horrible agent lifestyle. 

(aka me and @karanan play a lot together haha)


“I had this weird dream the other day that Roscoe and Ashroad were on a mission together, which had really gone tits up.They were stuck in a vessel that was sinking, and Roscoe was freaking out, and all Ashroad could think “Fuck you, you even look pretty when you’re dying.” - tatiletotesamaze

I suddenly remember this from time to time and every time I laugh, so I had to sketch it hehe. It’s so perfect?? T_T 

Hopefully you’ll appreciate sad looking Roscoe, karanan :U


Roscoe being a shit to Ashroad (revenge for this probably) during a mission, for karanan, who got me a sweet pvp outfit, thank you bae T_T

Don’t remember if it’s me or Nan who thought of this but it’s like, this would be the ultimate way to get back at Ashroad for being a brat, make up sweet cuddly lies about him when he can’t protest and has to play along.

Agents being shits to each other under cover, favourite thing <3


I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to drawing other people’s characters.

Some agents summed up with simple symbols in my mind, haha.

Mr. Sparkles Roscoe belongs to karanan. I really hope I did him justice ;o;.

Grumpy cat Ashroad is ezroad’s character <3

Exclamation Sha is zenatness’s character :D.

And then there is massive question mark Davin, because he has no clue what he’s doing most of the time XD.


About three or four months ago I started doing little sketches of other peoples’ TOR characters while I was eating my lunch before work, and this is the result. Really sketchy, not that refined, and not very polished, but I was also trying to scarf down a chicken sandwich.

There’s….A lot of people to tag here, holy fuck. I wrote all the characters’ names next to their head, none of them are mine, etc etc.


So this Harry Potter AU is just the best. I’m having so much fun with dorky in love Davin XD. Roscoe is just too perfect to handle, clearly.

karanan, juczerro, zenatness


So I was leveling Ashroad with the 12x xp thing going on, and at the Cortess estate??  karanan ’s Roscoe with dark hair?? And it was so, the character had this really fake-y sounding voice like, like if, oh shit, two undercover agents run into each other unplanned, super awkward. Hello palace servant, you total stranger you, please escort me, military officer, to the main room. 

Imagine like an important underworld meeting between a bunch of bosses, but all the bosses are actually undercover agents. And their subordinates are standing behind their respective bosses all hyped up and tense over what is going to get decided at this important, crucial meeting!? And all the agents are like, we already decided the outcome earlier during the briefing,  but now we gotta act out a believable discussion, pokerfaces on,

Just AGENTS!! Undercover agents who know each other suddenly interacting whilst under cover AAH!! AGENTS!!!