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The kis desh q got me thinking: I believe actors like sushant and nakuul have a very wide range as opposed to harshad and maybe even barun. The latter can only echo one personality and when they sign onto projects that don't suit them, they can't make it work. That's why I think nakuul has a good future because the guy is funny, charming and charismatic. Like aditi who's talented in kis desh has become successful in TV and surbhi would be the same too. Do you think nakuul will go to big screen?

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What do u think of KSG? Do you think he should have focused on his television career?


Hi anons!

I think Sushant is truly an exceptional case. After SRK, he’s the only one to have found such success transitioning from TV to Bollywood. Primarily because success in Tellywood is absolutely no guarantee of success in Bollywood. The truth is Tellywood acting and Bollywood acting are two different beasts altogether. (Good) Bollywood acting is much more subtle, not as in-your-face as Tellywood. There’s only so much that can be covered up by editing/dubbing. Nakuul has shown tremendous growth as an actor from Pyaar Ka Dard to Ishqbaaz, and he’s good, but he’s Tellywood good. He’s no Sushant, who can play both Byomkesh Bakshi and MS Dhoni. But lbr, even Sushant is kinda struggling against the wave of star kids with famous surnames and backing from the big producers. Let’s see how long he manages to sustain his Bollywood career.

Also, one of, if not THE most important thing when transitioning to Bollywood, is to choose projects wisely: which Barun and KSG have simply failed to do. Barun just has sheer bad luck, having signed projects with unreliable producers who didn’t have the strength to market the films properly. Besides, you’re right; I suspect he’s rather one-note. His greatest success has come in playing this one particular role, and now he’s back trying to capitalize on the success of that. I’d like to see him attempt something really different; which is why I was looking forward to the now-scrapped Mohra/Satya Ki Kiran. It sounded like an interesting project and would have allowed him to show his range in a role that’s a departure from Arnav.

KSG, IMO, is a pretty subpar actor and all he has going for him are pretty much his abs. Also, he’s in the news more for his personal life than his acting. Having been slotted into that sex thriller eye candy niche in Bollywood, I don’t think he’s going to break out of that any time soon. I don’t think he’s even really signed anything after Hate Story 3. He’d do well to return to television as well. He’s still got quite the fanbase here who would watch whatever he chooses to come in next.

I believe the next Tellywood star to watch out for in Bollywood is Vikrant Massey (the second/better Ayaan from Qubool Hai.) He’s made his mark in quite a few Bollywood movies, like Lootera, Dil Dhadakne Do, Half Girlfriend, and is now receiving rave reviews for his performance in Konkona Sen Sharma’s directorial debut called A Death In The Gunj. He’s making smart decisions and picking the right projects - not necessarily ones where he is the lead character with the most screen-time, but roles that allow him to quietly and effectively showcase his talent.

As for Nakuul, he did have his shot in Bollywood already, with a film called Haal-E-Dil; a teenybopper love story that sank without a trace at the box office, before finding some mediocre success when it aired on TV. I don’t really see him going back and making another attempt at movies again; 1. mainly because he has it good here in Tellywood and he knows it. He’s said so in quite a few interviews. And 2. He seems to realize the potential of emerging media like web series and seems to be looking to grow in that direction. His “I Don’t Watch TV” was quite the success, and the upcoming web series from his production company, “Gangster Newton” (which I believe he’s had input in writing) looks pretty solid too. I think he’s discovered his strengths and the trajectory he wants to take his career in, and will stick to those. (Tellywood to keep himself in the game/get that $$$$$, which he then invests in projects that he is truly interested in.) Good on him; I commend him for going the unconventional route instead of just using Tellywood as a stepping stone to Bollywood, like the rest of them.

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I really love Karan as Asad Ahmed Khan ! I FUCKING love him in this role ^_^

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