Ang kwento nating dalawa
Ang istroyang hindi ko alam saan papunta,
Ang gulo,
Sobrang gulo.
Nasan na nga ba ang ako,
Nasan na nga ba ang tayo?

Naalala ko noon, tinanong mo ako,
“Ano ko sayo?”
Ang sabi ko mahal kita,
Tinanong din kita,
Ngunit ang tanging sabi mo ay
“Mahirap, mahirap ang sitwasyon nating dalawa”

Ano bang mas mahirap,
Ang akala mo, mahal niyo ang isa’t-isa
o ang umasa na kala mo ang meron ay wala pala.

Hawak mo ang mga kamay ko habang kayakap kita sa gitna ng kawalan,
Nakakakapit ako na parang hindi nagaalinlangan,
Hindi ko pinaghandaan na anu mang oras pwede kang mawala,
Na kahit anong oras pwede mong sabihing “tapos na.”

Wala akong maisulat na mga salita kung gaano kasakit ang maiwan,
Kung gaano karaming dugo ang dumanak sa puso kong sugatan, habang humihinga, habang lumalaban.
Kung maibabalik ko lang ang nakaraang pag-ibig lang ating tahanan,
Sa mga pangakong sabay nating inukit doon sa kahoy na puno ng santan,

Nandito na tayo kung saan hindi na natin alam kung ano ang tanging nilalaman ng puso mo.
Nandyan pa ba ang unibersong itinanim ko sa mga mata mo, nung gabing sinabi mo ang salitang “tayo”
Ang tanong na laging bumabagabag saking isip, mahal ako pa ba o meron nang siya?
Kung wala na, pakiusap bitaw na.

Kung sakaling nakikinig ka man sa mga salitang nais kong sabihin sayo,
Umasa man akong bumalik ka, alam kong hindi na ‘yon magkakatotoo, kaya may isang bagay akong hihilingin sayo,
Pakiusap, palayain mo na ang ating kwento.
Pakiusap, nahihirapan nako, tapusin mo na ang tayo.

Liham ng paglaya by Peppermintchuuxx

  • Interviewer: Do you like Alex and Maggie's relationship?
  • Chyler: #truedat they're the best. #relationship goals. I love them together. Maggie is perfect. They're endgame
  • Interviewer: Do you like Kara and Mon-el's relationship?
  • Melissa: *parkours to avoid answering the question*

I’m reading this play right now, Roméo and Juliet? […] There’s this moment at the end where I am right now, where they’re about to run away together and to live happily ever after. And I can’t help but think that that could be us. You know? Yeah, but Juliet and Romeo both die at the end.

The lack of intimate moments that Sanvers gets really makes me appreciate Lost Girl

quick update

I’d like to announce that karazorelgifs is gonna be a karam/el free blog from now on. We tried to keep it a minimal but now we’re gotta cut it out completely. This is mainly a blog about kara, made by and for people that love her character and the blog officially doesn’t support any sexist dynamic she’s being put in. The blog is not looking for a discourse, if you don’t support our decision, you can just unfollow us. No hard feelings. 

Thank you.



Stress and exhaustion are catching up with the Girl of Steel. So much that when she falls asleep, she starts sleep-flying though National City’s sky to land on a certain CEO’S bed, and it becomes a habit.


Kara sleep-flies every night to Lena’s bed, and discovers they are both art hoes.

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It’s been a long week. With Snapper’s new assignment, a rogue alien trying to destroy National city for no better reason than pure rage, and an all-human state level conspiracy (because now she also deals with those, apparently), Kara’s never felt so tired. She’s spreading herself thin and she knows it. She barely gets enough sleep on a regular day, but she got almost none for the past three days. The news about Jeremiah was the last straw.

She’s sitting on the stairs of the DEO, staring blankly into the distance. It’s all a bit too much.

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Me knowing that the Supercorp fandom is HUGE in numbers and Lena Luthor is a fan favorite even with little episodes she’s in and that is called IMPACT and impact are made to be considered for the well-being of the show but the writers and directors are too blinded and too proud of themselves thinking that they’re doing what is good for the show when in reality they are ruining it.

So here’s the thing:

I love Sanvers. I’d happily pay way more than I have to get more Sanvers scenes in an episode.

But that last scene? We didn’t need Sanvers.

Alex didn’t need her girlfriend there. SHE NEEDED HER SISTER! With the argument they had, and what Jerimiah said, the one person Alex needed in that moment was Kara.

And the fact that instead, we got 2 seconds of Sanvers and then a full bullshit karam*l scene, it just upsets me.

(Along with the knowledge that the only reason we got Sanvers was to get a parallel fucking Karam*l scene)

The Sisters are the most important relationship in this fucking show. Romantic relationships are great (or at least, Sanvers is great) but not at the loss of the sisterly relationship that the Danvers girls have!


DGNA has returned with their first korean (Digital) Single called Lucky man after 2 years please give it a lot of love