Judge me

Judge me based on the few posts I make, or the few that I don’t. Judge me because I choose to medicate and recreate with marijuana. Judge me because I’m a girl. Judge me because I try to express myself in some way. Judge me for the music I listen to. Judge me for the clothes I wear. Judge me for only the me I allow you to see, but don’t you dare judge me on the real content of who I am, I much more prefer your vapid assumptions. 

So the superbowl is coming soon and honestly I could care less except the Seahawks are playing and the one cool thing about my childhood was being raised by the guy in this photo. He stood up to being my father when my own father couldn’t, and though we have had our issues I am proud to call him my dad. Marshawn is cool n all, but this dude right here is #24 where I come from back back back in the day when they had shitty padding and fucked up astroturf.