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Lena absolutely knows Kara is Supergirl because, ya know, she's not stupid but she pretends she doesn't so she can say she has two friends instead of one.

Kara: Lena, I have to tell you something but pls don’t get mad


Kara: I’m Supergirl


Kara: I know I should have told you sooner but…

Lena: No it’s not that it’s just now I have to…

What is the difference between あげる (ageru), くれる (kureru) and もらう (morau)?

A lot of people get confused with あげる (ageru), くれる (kureru) and もらう (morau) . We hope this post helps to clear things up!


あげる (ageru)

あげる (ageru) means to give. This word is used when you are talking from the GIVER point of view.

When we can use this word?
– When you are the GIVER
– When you are giving something / doing something to someone else
– When you talk about someone giving a gift based on the GIVER point of view

watashi ga tomodachi ni hon o ageta
I gave books to my friend


くれる (kureru)

くれる (kureru) also means to give. But you use this word when you are talking from the RECEIVER point of view.

When we can use this word?
– When you are the RECEIVER
– When you are receiving something (either object or action) from someone else
– When you talk about someone giving a gift to people in your UCHI group based on the RECEIVER point of view

Uchi, as explained above means someone you emphatize with or someone who is close to you. Such as your family, your friend or someone you really know well. So you cannot use くれる (kureru) when you are talking about stranger or someone you’re not close with.

tomodachi ga watashi ni hon o kureta
Friend gave a book to me


As you can see, when talking about あげる (ageru) and くれる (kureru), the most important thing is about identifying the GIVER and RECEIVER. 

When you want to say that you’re giving a favor to someone, you use あげる (ageru) and when someone else give a favor to you, you use くれる (kureru).


もらう (morau)

This is the last word we’re going to review. もらう (morau) means to receive or to get. This word has a nuance that you’re feeling grateful of what you’ve received. So you cannot use it for something that have negative nuance or about something that you don’t feel grateful about.

When we can use this word?
– When you or someone in your UCHI group received/got something good

Note that to mark the source of your gift, you need to use the particle に or から (from)

sensei karakara purezento o moratta
I got a present from my teacher

sensei ni purezento o moratta
I got a present from my teacher

Happy learning °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°  



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Supercorp and Sanvers Fix-it Fics/Missing Scenes, 2x18

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Supergirl 2x18 Promo


Kara meeting this guy - not sketchy at all

I think this is the same guy and he says he has information about for Kara. My guess is that it’s probably about Jack Spheer and his nano technology

This could be his car or someone else’s

That’s Kara in the fire. Kara most likely witnesses this guy getting killed after their talk (wearing the same trench coat from before). We hear Kara say he’s killed 2 people (probably talking to Lena)

Jack Spheer - all good villains come with a British accent. Jack has come to National City to present his nano technology. I think it’s supposed to help cure sick people? Side effects may cause mind control for ages 12 and over. Please ask your doctor if you can be a candidate for this trial.

Yeah. So Lena and Jack are exes. Obviously they are kissing. BUT my theory is that this is Jack using his technology on Lena. (Please be advised. Side effect may cause you to kiss your exes against your will. Please ask your doctor if you can be a candidate for this trial.)

Looks like Kara interrupts a date. Jack replies - Are you trying to get me in your crosshairs, Ms. Danvers? (sounds like a threat. I also think Lena will be under his control at this time, too)

Guardian. I don’t know what’s happening. He’s fighting someone.

What does she see?!?!?!?! Something bad. My guess - this is Jack’s computer and they found video documentation of test subjects….. or not. idk

It was literally a miracle that I got this.

Final battle scene?

This girl in blue could be Kara. I’m not sure. This girl is showing a video to Lena and she says - Who else has seen it? Then the girl says - The truth is what matters. Whatever it is it’s not good.

Supercorp!! Some nice Kara comforting sad Lena. This is probably at the end. Lena realizes what has happened to her and how, and is probably not feeling so great. (side note - I’m curious if the topic of consent will come up. Mind control does not give consent!)