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Irene Adler appreciation post. 

In other news, Adlock lives on.

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"I have to go water my cat" Karachi I don't think that'S a good idea also you don't even have a cat, can you imagine the chaos that would create with ur nindogs D:

lol So I’m currently discussing cat!Tobirama with a lovely enabler and this kind of slammed into that in my mind and - 

Kakashi being adopted by picking up a stray cat that’s actually Tobirama. He managed to survive the war diversion by inventing a shapeshifting jutsu but then couldn’t undo it and apparently the nine lives thing is more literal than he had thought?? But just - Kakashi trying to deal with this super-prissy and unimpressed miniature snow leopard while all his dogs are NOT HAVING IT and Tobirama just wants thumbs again, you morons, why is no one noticing that he is not a regular cat??

(Spoiler: because, Tobirama dear, you are actually a giant cat, no matter which form you’re in, and no one can tell the difference.)


 I’m going to make a zine about Karachi. It’s a project vvv near to my heart (OBV) But I want to take submissions too. So I want to invite YOU ALL. If you’re from Karachi, or have been to Karachi, or have any emotional attachment to the city, I want to hear from you. No matter if it’s your words, drawings, poems, wishes, personal stories, photos or ANYTHING, I want to add it in my zine. Either message me or email me (areebasiddique97@hotmail.com) I want you to be a part of it. Karachi is much more than a city to me, it’s a friend and a home. And the city is another world in itself. Let’s celebrate Karachi with art. I might get it printed (a few copies) and send to people who submit the best entries. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!! Deadline is 10 May.

Traveling abroad is directly linked to sexual history in BBC Sherlock.

We first see this connection in Sebastian in TBB. Sherlock deduces he’s been traveling internationally, simple enough for his intellect, but then Sebastian interrupts by calling attention to when he used to do that in Uni. Seb makes a clear connection between Sherlock deducing his travels and Sherlock deducing his sexual exploits. Sherlock could take one look and know who you’d been shagging the previous night.

So how does this manifest with our main characters?

Sherlock, the genius, doesn’t realize John vacationed in New Zealand or traveled to Dublin. John, who’s obsessed with Sherlock, didn’t realize Sherlock left to go to Karachi and save Irene.

*They can’t deduce each other’s past sexual exploits or orientations*

TAB went along with this connection by Eustace’s past (sexual) from America (which his wife didn’t know about) coming to haunt him. Series 4 will address Sherlock’s past sexual encounters (or lack thereof) through enlightening John to the extent of his foreign travels.

Series 4 showing Mary/Agra in Morocco without John could be a nod to the “you know nothing about my sexual exploits but you’re about to find out” symbolism they started in series 1.

By bets are on 1) Sherlock also has a sexual history that links to his time in America, the thing that told him to shut out emotions forever (Victor Trevor) 2) Mary has secrets regarding adultery or old lovers that will put a wrench in John Watson’s future.

DAY 3055

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Aug  11/12,  2016                   Thu/Fri  1:45 am

It is past the hour .. it is now with Mother and her birth ; 12th August !

Many wonder and ask pertinently, that I write on my Father and family, sons daughters, wife grandchildren, but never on Mother ..!

Tell me all … do Mother’s need to be written about .. what would we write about them .. they reside within us, about us, around us .. they are beyond writing and mention .. so I do not write on Maaji .. on the strongest, sublime, most beautiful, caring, considerate, reassuring, lady in my life - Teji Kaur Suri before marriage to my Father and then Teji Bachchan .. her elegance and poise the envy of many .. her strength beyond all the strengths of the world .. her gentle hand on forehead in times of failure and trouble .. her penchant for living life to its happiest best .. and her care and concern even when she has great grand children around ..

“beta ghar jaldi aa jaana .. khana khaya ki nahin .. zyaada der mat bahar rehna .. jao jaake so jao ..”

She believed in my decisions .. in my choices and in my desire to be in films .. she encouraged, she sought meaning in what I did, she gave opinion and caution but never insisted on it, she fought for us, and she wanted for us to fight for ourselves ..

She wept uncontrollably when she saw a trial of ‘Deewar’ at RajKamal Studio theatre and was inconsolable for hours after it was over .. I think it was the first time she had seen a death scene of mine ..

I wept in the middle of my political foray during the election in Allahabad, and told her in the middle of the month of seeking election as an MP, that I did not want this .. I was not qualified, and uncomfortable and ignorant and just not cut out for the job .. I wanted to withdraw straight away, talk to the party and say I want out .. my Father said lets go back right away .. but she was made of sterner stuff .. she said NO .. we shall stay and WIN and then go back and say we want out ..

In the school days in Allahabad, my group of friends bullied me and beat me up .. I ran home and cried in her lap, complaining of how these friends of mine had treated me .. she picked me up gave me a tight slap, and said ..

‘I want you to go back to those that beat you up, and give it back to them ..’

I said ..

‘but they are more than me, four of them, I am alone and they are bigger and stronger ..’

She said ..

‘I don’t care .. do not come crying to me again .. go .. fight back beat them up and then return ..’

I went back and fought them .. gave them back what they had given me and returned triumphant ..

Her zest for life was infectious … not just for me .. but for all that came in contact with her .. she loved people, she loved to drive out, to explore to find new avenues, to eat out, to mingle and have a kind word for all .. she had her favorite coffee spot in the city .. she had her store that she went to when buying her goods and ‘prasad’ for the temple .. 

It has been years since she left us .. but in every city we lived, the people she connected with still remember her grace and verve ..

The coffee spot guy in the city still comes over often just to tell us how he misses her daily presence and her coffee cups she consumed  .. the sweet meat store from where she got her ‘mithai’ still sends us complimentary packets of sweets .. just as a gesture in her ‘yaad’ .. the fruit store, the sari shop .. just everyone .. and not just in the city where I live now, but in every city we lived there is someone there that has a story to tell of her exuberant presence ..

My Mother .. the most beautiful woman in the entire universe ..

Happy Birthday Amma ji ..

Yes Amma ji, is how we all addressed her .. it started from me .. then became Amma, then Ma .. and finally in reverence, Maaji ..

My Father reminisces in his autobiography how when my Mother had to suddenly leave Allahabad to go and see her ailing Father in Karachi, she left me behind in the care of my Father and her faithful aide Sudama, when I was about 3-4 yrs of age .. and how on a thunder lightening filled rainy night I used to get up and go to the veranda of the house and weep and scream for her ..

‘Amma … Amma … Amma ji !!’

It was such a heartfelt lament that it was impossible for the staff and my Father to bear this little one yearning for his Mother each night .. 

I remember her each day now .. and somewhere silently I still cry and scream for her ..

‘Amma .. Amma .. Ammaji .. aap kahan ho .. kahan … !!’

Amitabh Bachchan

“My father made this business and I took it over from him. He was a self-made man. His own father died young, so he only studied up to fifth grade. He quit school and started delivering food and tea when he was ten. Eventually he bought this small table, and grew it into a restaurant with 27 tables. He wanted us to have a better life. With all the work he put into us, I should have accomplished more. But I was responsible for my own destruction. He sent me to one of the best high schools in the city, but he was always at work. So I had no supervision and all I did was play video games. He worked so hard for me and I didn’t even study. But my son will be different. He’s going to be an important man.”

(Karachi, Pakistan)

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Hi love, I was wondering if you could reblog some pictures of some emerald green heavy suits? My cousins wedding is coming up (3 weeks) and I don't have my clothes yet and the theme is green. I don't have time to go shopping around and I'll be in Karachi for only a week so I need just one design that I can go and buy and only have fitting changes made. If this is too much trouble I completely understand! Thank you and hope you have a nice day!!

Hello!! So, I’ve done some research for you and these are the dresses I found. I know some of them are not emerald but they are in the green family, thought you might like them..

Sania Maskatiya

Zaheer Abbas

Zainab Chotani

Maria B

I found all of these dresses on their e-stores but since you will be in Pakistan, it will be easier for you to order them.

Good luck!