PAKISTAN, Karachi : A Pakistani resident helps a heatstroke victim at a market area during a heatwave in Karachi on June 23, 2015. The death toll from a heatwave in southern Pakistan on June 23 passed 450 as medics battled to treat victims after imposing a state of emergency in hospitals, health officials said. AFP PHOTO / Rizwan TABASSUM                        

Current situation in Karachi

They’re not being able to bury the bodies because there’s no water to wash them with and the hospital isn’t being able to take in bodies because there’s no space in the morgue. Families are having to keep the bodies in their homes and a lot of people don’t even have water or electricity

Don’t forget to make dua for Pakistan tonight!

Please pray for my Home Country

In Karachi, Pakistan, the city I was born in, is being hit by a heat wave that has killed 200 people already. My family is there. MY BLOOD. I am so worried sick for them. 
I was in Karachi in 1999 during a heat wave that nearly ended my life. I was ill for 2 weeks. I know what it is like to suffer from a heat wave!!! It truly feels like death is choking you. Breathing becomes harder by the day. You feel like no amount of water you drink will cool you. You can feel your blood boil. 
For a moment, I lost my eyesight and hearing for a few minutes. It was terrifying. 
I know there are dead animals in the streets….they are always the first to go. 

Ramadaan is happening right now. It is so hot, people are unable to participate in the fasting portion of this month. 

I am especially worried about one of my cousins who is actually sick and terribly weak already. I am so scared. 

There is NO POWER!! No one can run a fan or AC. Please pray!!!!

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'oon

Guys, please keep Karachi in your prayers. More than 500 people have died during this heat wave. Not only are temperatures terribly high, but there are also major electricity and water shortages. The government is unfortunately not doing anything to help effectively.
Our brothers and sisters are in crisis during this blessed month of Ramadan. Please don’t underestimate the power of du'a and make sure you remember them. May Allah (swt) grant them sabr and make it easier for them and may each moment of their suffering wash away their sins and become a blessing for them. Ameen.

“A few years back outside of mama’s clinic, I happened to come across a ball of dirt lying next to our car. As I looked closer I saw that it had blood over it and it was shivering. Heart literally stopped. There was a newborn baby (cord intact) wrapped up in a dirty cloth (probably a few seconds after delivery), which someone had discarded in a pile of dirt. She had the most beautiful eyes. Just remember taking her to the Edhi centre where they gave beautiful baby, Muskaan, a bath and caretakers immediately fed her. Let’s never forget to go visit the orphanage sometime in our lives and meet those kids who were not as fortunate as us to have such loving parents and families. Cherish your daughters. They are the future of this city, our country and our duniya“

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Heatwave in Karachi - Dua’a

Ya Allah, have mercy on your fasting servants in this blessed month of Ramadan and send upon them beneficial, wholesome and healthy rain. Ya Allah,  You are indeed full of kindness and Most Merciful ya Rabb relieve them and shower your blessings on them and protect them from the heatwave. (amen)

The heatwave in Pakistan has caused so much grief and death.

Over 1300 people have died and 65, 000 people have been treated/ are being treated in hospitals. The problem is that it is the month of Ramadan and everyone is fasting. Therefore they cannot drink water to relieve themselves.

Water itself is scarce and there isn’t enough to go around - bodies can’t be washed and give proper burials due to lack of water, insufficient space in hospitals, and overflowing morgues. Electricity goes out for majority of the day so they can’t cool themselves using air conditioners or fans or anything. The situation is worsening.

Please pray for Pakistan, that that the heatwave ends, that no more people die or suffer from all of this, that they can have access to water and electricity, that they can give their dead proper burials.



Nostalgia is a funny thing. It’s like looking through the window of a bullet train passing by downtown of a metropolis at night. You only see the well-lit boulevards and tall skyscrapers while the darkened slums are blurred out of view. Today, when I look back at my 29 years in Pakistan, I can’t remember the pitch dark slums of the late 80s or early 90s. The memories that have remained or those which my brain has chosen to record are the ones where only the metaphorical boulevards and skyscrapers remain.

Before a myriad of Pakistani television channels sprung up, before a number of musical bands with idiosyncratic names popped up, before the ‘with us or against us’ moment, before the Kargil fiasco, before the mushroom growth of satellites across city rooftops and even before silly old cynicism crept into our collective minds, …I remember playing cricket in the streets in pouring rain and in scorching heat…“—Ahmad Hassan.

Pakistan through cricket (Insp.)


At least 43 people were killed and 13 others wounded on Wednesday 13 May 2015 when armed men opened fire inside a bus carrying members of the Ismaili community near Safoora Chowk in Karachi. Jundullah which is a splinter group of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility for the attack. Shias yet again massacred. Shia genocide has bloomed in Pakistan, with well over 100 Shias dead in bombings just this year. 43 people were killed, in just one day, 43 people were killed.