kara: nicole

I live for all the parallels between Wynonna Earp and Supergirl, though.
  • The lead is a badass woman with powers.
  • She has a sister whom she loves more than anything and doesn’t have powers but is still just as badass. (For real, the most important relationship on both these shows is between the sisters and I love it.)
  • Her sister finds out she’s soooo not straight and falls for a super hot lady cop.
  • The sister is nervous to tell her, but there’s no reason to be because our hero is super supportive.
  • She has a deep love for a specific food. For Kara, it’s potstickers. For Wynonna, it’s donuts. 

Wynonna earp and supergirl are both shows about badass ladies fighting evil and being initially oblivious and later on supportive of their sisters massive gay crushes on the city’s gay cop ( also both police officers have adorable dimples ) my loves if anyone gets shot we riot ….

Sanvers and Wayhaught

I find it interesting that on two different shows with entirely different premises have such similarities. It’s such a great thing to see on television. I just ship both so much and would hate to see anything happen to either of them. <3 <3 

For example:

1. Both shows have out and proud lesbian characters who show up unexpectedly (Maggie and Nicole)

2. Both shows have main characters that are struggling internally with who they are as a person (Alex and Waverly)

3. Both shows have main characters who are confused about their feelings for the lesbian characters (Alex/Maggie and Waverly/Nicole)

4. Both shows have overprotected sisters who are extremely happy and supportive for their sisters’ newfound realization about their sexuality(Kara and Wynonna)

5. Both shows have lesbian characters wearing bulletproof vests (Maggie and Nicole)

6. Both shows have had the lesbian characters be shot and survive

7. Both shows have had a slowburn romance 

8. Both shows have had the two couples get together (Wynonna Earp 1x09 and Supergirl 2x08)

9. The main characters are equally nerdy and adorable (Alex and Waverly)

10.  The main characters also make the first move 

11. Both the Sanvers and Wayhaught pairings between the actresses have amazing chemistry

12. Both lesbian characters understand the main character’s conflict with their feelings and gives them time and space for them to figure it out

13. Both couples aren’t afraid of exploring their new relationship with each other

maybe someday we can talk about our past and we can talk about the weather. whenever you leave I don’t care what I’m remembered for, I just want to be remembered. because even if I failed you at least I tried, and maybe our lives don’t add up now but someday our graves will look the same when we both die. and if I had a chance, I’d give you one last kiss, and I’d bite down on your lip, and I’d try to puncture it so you’ll never forget that time. but you’ll always regret. and darling I know sometimes life will take a turn for the worst, and sometimes life will even hurt. and I know some days you’ll be afraid of the lessons you’ll have to learn, and some days you’ll even feel burned, and I want lo let you know that I want to love you through them.

but I always get what I deserve.