“I wouldn’t so easily dare say that Kara will be forever, but I know that all five of us shine the brightest and are loved the most when we are together. Shouldn’t just knowing that be enough? Because in this world there many people that don’t even know things like that.” - Gyuri

18 . 01 .14 - happy 20th jiyoung♡.

What ever happens between us,  I will always be that person that will never leave your side.I sometimes can’t leave you because we went through so many things that I just can’t toss aside and I’m not planning on doing so anytime soon.But whatever happens, I’ll be there for you, not matter what.

i love you   my giant baby.


Young and talented, giant baby <3<3

KARA's flaw in dance

I’ve noticed this for quite some time already. You know how some groups are known for their perfect and synchronised choreography? I’m disappointed that KARA isn’t one of them. It seems like the girls’ dance teacher or whoever’s in charge, didn’t make it a point to get the girls to be synchonised.

Even in the Electric Boy PV, Nicole’s hand is at a different angle than the rest. Couldn’t this be repaired before the PV was actually released? It was freaking obvious!

In STEP, when the girls perform at concerts (not during their comeback), the dance at the beginning of the chorus (Step it up, step it up!) isn’t the same for the members. Jing would raise up her knee, while the rest skip that part altogether!

And then most recently is Damaged Lady. During the rock part where they shake their hips, they also have this shaking of the right arms, right? Hara’s is lower than the others. Everyone else is doing 90 degrees, she’s only doing…. well, her arm is lowered.

And then the part where they sing “Na bang geum eeeee byeoretta…” The eeee part is where they have their right arm up straight while their left is crooked. The hand of the crooked arm is different for every member. Why not standardise? And then recently Gyuri, instead of shaking her hips several times during the rock guitar part, she just shook twice. Did she think we wouldn’t notice?

i won’t say that I’m a perfectionist but I only want the best out of my girls and I want them to be the best. Since Kpop is known for its creative dances, KARA should be relevant in that sense.

And I wish they’d start releasing singles that are less angry and more Kpop-cute. I think current Kpop fans would prefer it that way, and KARA will reach out to more people.

Okay. Rant over. Again, I say all this because I wish they’d improve. KARA is my first and only favourite girl group and I want it to prosper, despite the recent situation.

Here’s hoping for #KARA5Forever