• Kara Danvers: Things between me and my best friend are really hard now. I feel like Lena betrayed me and I just...don't know how I feel
  • Sara Lance: I know the feeling. I still remember my first love. Her name was Nyssa. When she poisoned my sister and kidnapped my mother I felt so betrayed and hurt that she could do something like this to me
  • Sara Lance: And then there was Thea. She was like a sister to me....when she shot me on that roof and the arrows hit my chest..... the pain wasn't just physical. At the time I didn't know she was brainwashed and I was so hurt
  • Sara Lance: And then there was Mick. He wasn't really a friend but I thought he was at least my teammate. Someone who would have my back you know? So when he betrayed us to the pirates and left us all to die it stung
  • Sara Lance: And I can't forget Rip. He gave me a new mission in life. I thought of him as my friend and I didn't hold it against him when he shot me and broke my neck. Sure being killed by a friend was traumatizing but I understood you know? But when he dissolved the team and kicked me to the street? And when his obsession led to him bringing back the guy who murdered my sister...god that felt like a real betrayal
  • Kara Danvers: .....
  • Sara Lance: Shit sorry. I made it all about me. Please tell me what did this Lena to you?
  • Kara Danvers: ....well....she....you know I think I hear a robbery. I gotta go

Kara and human time

Time is hard for humans. Don’t walk too fast. Don’t breathe like that. Don’t do this.

Alex helped her. They went to target and browsed the watch section until Kara found one with a clicking noise that didn’t annoy her. They bought six. (They’re fragile.)

Kara spent hours watching Eliza and Jeremiah and Alex (though it annoyed Alex sometimes), listening to the click of seconds, timing their breaths and their steps, learning the timing, learning to fit in.

She sat in front of movies endlessly, moving to mimic them, trying to match their timing. She had a habit of scratching her face so fast it was just a blur. She was working on that.

Earth school was easy, ridiculously so. Pretending to be from earth, that was the hard part. Kara paced for hours on the grass behind their house, learning by sound how hard to put her feet down, trailed a couple steps behind Alex for long walks on the beach, making the imprint of her feet match the depth of Alex’s prints in the sand.

By college it was second nature to act like a human in terms of force. But Kara was still rarely seen without a watch.

you left me in the dark ~ 14/17

Is it the nature of the universe for things to happen all at once? For chaos to continue, once peace has been broken? For things to tumble out of control with continuous events that plunge the world further into confusion?

In which Alura is in the pod, Astra is in Project Cadmus, and nothing is easy.

Alex comes to with a ringing in her ears. Everything is blurred and white and ringing, muffled voices shouting from above her like she’s under water, and she can’t get a grip on herself, on reality, to pull herself out.

She’s lying horizontal in a bed, Kara’s pendant heavy and cool against her sternum, and after a moment, she realises that the rough sheets feel familiar to her. She’s been in the med bay enough times to identify one of the unyielding beds by now.

It takes a great effort, but finally she manages to open her eyes.

The med bay is full of people, black and grey smears moving against a white background, a single scarlet blot that for a moment she mistakes as Kara’s cape, before remembering that her sister wasn’t wearing it before -

The explosion.

Alex tries to sit up, but her head pounds and a hand pushes her down. Her vision focuses, and she sees Dalia leaning over her, looking harried and stern. The red blur becomes the soft folds of her hijab. ‘You stay where you are’.

She moves away before Alex can argue, hurrying down to where Kara is standing by another bed, looking strange in her pyjamas, and Alex sees a pair of legs, and her own sleep pants.


Red, like Dalia’s hijab, like Brenner’s smile, and all the blood that covered Alex’s hands.

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calling out to you - chapter 1/4 - onefootonego (startingXI) - supergirl (TV 2015) [archive of our own]
reverse engineering an abduction is not how you thought your night would go. you were expecting to spend the night curled on the couch with maggie, watching booklyn nine-nine and dozing between checking on kara. instead, you're standing in lucy’s office, face to face with a whiteboard currently holding all the trackable, checkable details associated with orchestrating a kidnapping.
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Devils in the Dark Chapter 6: Ghosts of Future Past Archive of Our Own
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Oliver arrives…


Don’t get used to this, guys…


“I’m back,” Barry called from the Cortex, making Kara look up from the cerebral regulator she was explaining to Cisco. When she saw who was with him, she felt a wave of fury roll over her like the heat from an exploding bomb. She stood up and marched out into the Cortex, doing her best to rein in her temper, and having no luck as she walked past Felicity and stopped, standing toe-to-toe with Oliver Queen.

“Um,” Barry said, “Kara, is everything okay?”

“No,” she said, “but it will be.” She drew back and punched Oliver square in the nose, making him stagger back a few steps as the blood ran down his face.

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