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❝Dolly, this is a psychic text from your best friend, to let you know that you might never see me again. Partly because I’m an alien. Partly because there is a corporate conspiracy to use my powers to do… whatever corporations do with power. Either way, it looks like coach Stone was using me to perform experiments. Which is maybe the reason why Jen is dead. If you somehow you get this message that I can’t actually send you, let me know if you think I’m totally messing up. Because I have no idea.❞

kara zor-el in supergirl: being super book 3

Dear kara danvers,
I’m sorry.
- sincerely everone who watched season one and hoped for the best for season 2 only to end up getting another shit CW show that fucks over the female characters and makes the white male character that nobody asked for, make her feel like shit at every turn. You deserve better than this

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To Save a Luthor

Lena was alone in her office for the first time in almost a week.

The perks of working late, she supposed, swirling gently back and forth in her office chair, idly staring at her screensaver. She wasn’t getting any work done – that much was obvious – but the silence was nice, unbroken by nothing more than the cars on the distant pavement below.

And, it seemed, a soft flutter and the sound of boots softly touching pavement.

“You know,” Lena said idly, not turning, “For someone with super strength and speed, you can be awfully quiet when you want to.”

“I’ve had practice,” came the surprisingly musical reply. Supergirl’s voice was soft, matching the environment around them. “May I?”

Lena turned her chair to face the balcony, amused. “I wasn’t aware you had an appointment.”

Supergirl bit her lip. “I was…kind of hoping you wouldn’t mind.” At Lena’s gesture, the Girl of Steel stepped into her office, taking the time to find the precise center of the room and turn to face the desk, toying with her fingers. Lena finally noticed that she seemed troubled; her eyes remained downcast, her blonde locks falling in her face.

“To what do I owe this very late pleasure?” she asked, her voice gentler than before.

Supergirl tipped her head back and studied the ceiling, still not making eye contact, and let out a long sigh. “I find that of late, I haven’t been quite the friend I should have been to you.”

Lena shrugged. “You’re a Super, I’m a Luthor.”

Supergirl cast a sharp look in her direction. “That never mattered before. Why now?”

Lena shrugged again. “I figured you wouldn’t trust me again, after the stunt I pulled with my mother.”

“Mmm.” Supergirl was quiet for a moment. “For the record, I don’t judge you for the family name you were forced to share.” She finally looked at Lena, her eyes soft but her brow creased with worry lines. “But it is because of them that you have a tendency to attract trouble. More than me, even.”

Lena smiled a little. “I have someone to keep me out of trouble.”

“Kara Danvers.” The statement was just that, a truth simply spoken. “She thinks highly of you.”

“Well, she wouldn’t send you after me so much if she didn’t.” Lena smiled, thinking that the reporter would enjoy the story to come from this; a Luthor and Super in conversation.

“Yeah, uh, about that.” Supergirl looked down again, toying with her fingers once more. “Kara doesn’t – doesn’t send me after you. She, um, she kind of sends herself?”

Lena’s smile faded. “That doesn’t –”

“Make sense? Of course it does, Lena.” Supergirl’s hands clenched and unclenched a few times, and she took a deep breath. “You know me, Lena, not just as Supergirl, and I think you know. You have for a while, subconsciously, somewhere – Rao this is really hard. ” Supergirl’s eyes finally met hers, the blue challenging, daring Lena to see the truth, all at once defiant, worried, and full of some terrible, terrible sadness.

And it clicked.

Lena was a smart woman. And if she had thought it through, taken the time to look, she would have long since seen the truth she was being told now.

“Kara Danvers,” Lena breathed. She jumped out of her seat and came around the desk, the better to see the face of the superhero.

“Zor-El,” Kara murmured.

“Come again?”

“My name. Kara Zor-El, the last daughter of Krypton.” She held her head higher when she said it, and there suddenly was Kara as Lena knew her, proud but sad and –

“Why so worried?” Lena asked frowning. “Why are you looking at me like I’m about to drown a puppy?”

“You’re not – reacting,” Kara whispered. “Like, at all.”

Lena smiled. “You’re you. And Supergirl is you. Should that make you any more or less than you are?”

“You don’t – you don’t mind??”

“Well to be fair I’ve been much more worried about you being safe around me than I – oomph!”

There was a rush of red and blue, and suddenly Lena was assailed by the smell of gunpowder and smoke and pineapple and sunshine as Kara swept her into an exuberant hug.

“Ow – Kara, not all of us have super strength –”

“Oh, Rao, I’m sorry!” Kara released her, and Lena’s knees buckled slightly; they had been floating a few inches from the ground. “I’m sorry, I just – not everybody takes it well. Oh!” She blushed a little and stepped away. “I forgot – I have something for you.”

“Yeah?” Lena raised her eyebrow, and Kara grinned.

“Yeah, Winn and Alex helped me make it work.” Kara held out her hand. In her palm sat an ordinary earpiece. “It works like a normal Bluetooth set, so you can use it for work, except if you touch here –” she tapped the very back of the piece, and a light started flashing red and blue, “–it will send out a frequency that I can hear across town, maybe farther – it’ll alert me when you’re in trouble. And, when activated, it emits a radioactive signal that renders kryptonite useless within a twenty foot radius, so as long as I stay near you, I can’t be affected by it.”

“That’s – practical,” Lena said as Kara pressed the earpiece into her hand.

“It’ll keep you safe,” she said, as her own earpiece crackled. Lena couldn’t hear what was being said, but Kara sighed and tapped it. “Alright, I’m en route. Stand by.” She grinned ruefully at Lena. “Duty calls?”

Lena smiled. “Go save the world, Kara Danvers.” She held up her earpiece. And thank you.“

Kara smiled her sunny smile and floated a few inches off the ground. “Lunch tomorrow?”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” And with that, a grin on her face, Kara was gone with a flash of her cape.
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50. Supercat. ❤️

This ended up being really long and took forever to write, but I hope you enjoy! Since it was author’s choice, I picked two prompts. Let me know if you can figure out which ones. Thank you! Here on A03.


Soooo…” Kara made a grand gesture with her arm, hiccuping as she grabbed the stool, stopping herself from falling. “What do you think?”

“When you told me about this place, I wasn’t sure if I should be picturing Star Wars or Total Recall,” Cat tried not to slur, meticulously scoping out the scene over the noise from the jukebox.

“And?” Kara grinned, taking another swig of her beer.

“I can’t really say,” she shook her head, sipping her martini. “There doesn’t appear to be any signs of imminent danger, but there’s still a decided level of…skeeviness…hanging in the air.”

“That’s just the Boloreans,” Kara snorted, whispering. “You’ll get used to it. It’s just their mating ritual.”

“And you would know this…how?” Cat smirked. “Did you try mating with one of them?”

“Did I…” she flustered, cheeks turning crimson as her mouth fell open. “I have not tried…done…that, thank you.”

Cat laughed softly as she squirmed, eyes narrowing before casting them around the dimly lit space.

Kara couldn’t help but sigh, leaning on her elbow, grinning dopily as she watched her. This was crazy. She knew she shouldn’t have brought her here, but ever since Cat discovered her secret, she’d been unable to stop her from digging further, getting closer, wanting to discover more truths. That, and her new gig helping the president resettle alien refugees meant needing to understand better where they came from. This, Kara figured, was as good a place as any to start. 

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Whats a soulmate?

It’s a.. Well, it’s like a best friend, but more.

It’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else.

It’s someone who makes you a better person

well, actually they don’t make you a better person

you do that yourself– because they inspire you.

A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever.

It’s the one person who knew you

and accepted you,

and believed in you 

before anyone else did or when no one else would

And no matter what happens.. you’ll always love them.


When facing an attack like this, it’s easy to feel hopeless. We retreat, we lose our strength, lose our self. I know. I lost everything when I was young. When I first landed on this planet, I was sad and alone. But I found out that there is so much love in this world out there for the taking, and you, the people of National City, you helped me. You let me be who I’m meant to be. You gave me back to myself. You made me stronger than I ever thought possible, and I love you for that. Now, in each and every one of you, there is a light, a spirit, that cannot be snuffed out. That won’t give up. I need your help again. I need you to hope.

I’m just gonna leave this here for the people saying it’s not Kara’s job to make Mon-El a better person/man/whatever...

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It’s not her job, and she doesn’t do it as such. Just by being on his life she’s already changing him, making him a better man by showing him the error of his ways, just like HE shows her the error of hers when she’s in the wrong.

You can’t interact with a single person without CHANGING that person to some extent. For better or for worse, every interaction we have changes us, even if we don’t notice it at the moment (or ever). So, yeah. Kara’s making Mon-El a better person, because the alternative could only be making him a worst person than when she found him (not that he was that bad a person then, either, just a little misguided dude acting how he was raised to act by his less-than-ideal society).

Because, let me tell you, there is no way in hell she could be in his life and not make a positive (or negative) dent in it. No way. It’s just not possible. Social interactions don’t roll that way, and we’re social beings, last I checked. So…yeah. Couple that to “to every action there is a reaction”, and you have exactly what you were complaining about; Kara IS making Mon-El a better person. DUH!

When She Sees You

When She Sees You

Okay, this one’s kinda short, but I wrote it first for supercat week. I think it’s really cute, and just be aware, this is a lot less cocky Kara and a whole lot more scientifically advanced Cat. Well, a bit. Cat knows her languages, it’s a thing she likes learning. Kryptonian is one of those languages. This is set before the series, the time Kara comes in for her interview, as we see a flashback of in season 1. It doesn’t go quite the same way.

Rated teen +. Trust me, I could do more, but… I had 7 stories to write in a week, so yeah. You want a follow up? DM me on Tumblr or here in the comments, and I’ll do my best. I’m a bit busy this month, since the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is around, and I have the best cosplay I have ever put together this year. I can’t wait for all of you to see it, there will be hundreds of pics after May 1st.


The day Kara’s world tilted off it’s regular set axis was the day she walked into Cat’s office and everything suddenly came into full colour. On Krypton, there was a rhythm to finding love. From birth, you saw colour, but you missed one. The eye colour of the person destined to you. Once you found your soulmate, saw him or her for the first time, you suddenly saw that colour as well. It was shocking, a stunning reveal, and never in history had this chosen fate been incorrect. For instance, Kara’s blue eyes would mean that her soulmate would never see blue until he saw her. And vice versa. Kara actually much liked the idea, but assumed she would always be alone, since Krypton was gone, and on Earth they had no such customs. Kara just boiled it down to say she’d always be alone, and considered her friends here her family, even Cat, her boss.

But standing here, stalk still, for her interview with Cat Grant, Kara’s words failed her. Suddenly everything was bright, and she could see the trees and the weirdly coloured mug on the desk, and leaves, and… Cat’s beautiful green eyes. Green. That was her colour. The one she’d never seen before. Kara swallowed, barely managing to keep her balance, and felt her world blue around her and her lips part. Kara stared, transfixed, at those beautiful orbs of colour while everything inside her mind shifted and regrouped, her past coming back like a sharp blade to her heart, and Kara spoke.

Without realizing her actions, the next words that escaped Kara’s lips were old, and curled with her ancient accent, and beautiful with her bold bell like voice, and… Kryptonian.

My confirmed soulmate, to you, our unity, only you, forever, beautiful.

Rahzh Ewuhsh Zrhymin, vo Rraop Kah Uchahvia, Chaviah Rraop uldif, Zrhueaio.

And then she fainted.


The next thing Kara saw was blurry faces and soft green eyes staring back at her. Kara felt soft hands on cheek, heard startled voices, but one tone above all others, from this woman. This woman. Cat Grant.

Kara blinked a few times, squinting, trying to block out the bright light. Suddenly everything was way too strong, the ceiling lights, the sunlight off the balcony doors, the stark white and cream of the office, and mostly, Cat’s wild green, worried eyes.

“Are you alright?”

Kara sighed at the voice, and lolled her head to the side, into the gold pillow beside her as her heart beat a wild drumbeat against her ribs, her mind racing and spinning, making Kara dizzy and weak all over again. Kara wanted to speak, to say something, anything, but couldn’t make the words come. The feeling of Cat’s fingers, so delicate and soft, over her skin, gently brushing her hair from her forehead, Kara’s body arched closer to the touch despite her will to stay put flat the the soft cushions of the sofa.

“Can you hear me? Say something. Do you need me to call you an ambulance?”

Kara shook her head no, just barely, and whispered the only words that came to her mind right then. The only words she had for this beautiful woman.

My one. My soulmate. I have found you.

Rahzh chahv. Rahzh zrhymin. Khuhp Kehp Ahvrig rraop.


Something clicked in Cat’s mind at those words. The word zrhymin. Cat knew it. It wasn’t human. It was… Kryptonian.

Cat looked up abruptly at the staff all standing around her, unsure of what they should do, a little dizzy in her mind, and told them to leave, to leave her alone with this girl. Cat knew. Even the queen of all media had hobbies, and besides writing short stories and shopping for shoes and fountain pens, Cat had a slight obsession with Superman and his language. Cat loved languages, she knew several fluently, and despite not knowing it as much as she would prefer, she knew the rumors about aliens. One of those rumors proven true, among a few other small ones, that certain aliens had soulmates.

Cat had rarely believed in such fancy things, but if aliens from thousands of light years away lived on earth, with powers and strength, well then Cat had to wonder, maybe soulmates weren’t such a stretch after all, considering.

Cat watched as everyone slowly left, talking and gossiping already, and turned back to the girl still lying on her sofa. Her eyes were on everything, every sparkle, every glint and shine, squinting at them, then looking at Cat nervously, meeting her eyes.

Cat stared into those blue blue eyes, just like Superman’s, and realized now she must be somehow related to him, not just one of his kind. She had to be… close to him. Those blue eyes, so dark and wild… there were stars in those beautiful blue orbs. Constellations. A whole new universe.

That one word repeated like a drum in Cat’s mind, one of the few words of Kryptonian she knew. Zrhymin. Soulmate. Kryptonians had one soulmate. One and one alone. That much Cat knew of the alien race, from her lengthy studies of it. And by the way this girl was staring at everything, anything, staring at anything green, Cat figured out what was happening. All of a sudden everything was still and clear, and despite Cat’s shock and sheer wonder at what had just happened in the last 10 minutes, she couldn’t help a smile.

Underneath her cold office attitude, she was a romantic at heart. And wasn’t it the most romantic thing to imagine finding the one person you’re meant to be with, after probably imagining you never would. Cat grinned at the beautiful girl and grasped her fingers, bringing them up to her lips for a soft kiss. If Cat was this girl’s one soulmate in the universe, well, she wouldn’t deny the girl. She thought about her previous marriages, failed, twice, and her son, Carter, and decided trying again might not be a bad idea, even if this girl was easily half her age.

“I’ve got you. Take your time relaxing. What’s you’re name?”

“Kara Dan… uh, Kara. Kara Zor-El.”

“Zrhueaio, Kara Zor-El.” Cat whispered, one of the few words Cat knew how to properly pronounce, pulling the shaking girl into a tight hug. It would take a while for her to calm down, if what Cat had read was true. It was a traumatic experience, suddenly seeing colour, light, more than you ever knew. Cat knew it would take the girl time, and she was only just glad that this girl was lucky enough to find her soulmate, who knew some of her world. It was better than a stranger to it entirely. Cat took a deep breath against the girl’s skin, and sighed. This would be hard. But, hopefully, worthwhile in the end. “Rraop nahn zehdh.”

You are home.

Friends: So dating how is that working out for you?

Me: Who needs dating ??? i love my fictional lesbians. I love fanfiction. I adore fanfiction. I BREATHE fanfiction. How can it get any better than this? Fanfics before i go to sleep and updates when i wake up.


Me: I love those flirty adorable ships. I now ship this puppy and kitten and they are adorable.

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Friends: You need help ……with a dose of superjesus

do i love analyzing the karamel kiss over and over? you can bet your ass on it.

kara is so vulnerable in this scene, she feels the weight of her father’s fault on her shoulders and mon-el immediately knows he has to make her see the truth, the mistakes of her family arent HER mistakes. you can see a second of hesitation where he looks at her, broken, then clenched his jaw and decided to act and speak up. “you know you look beautiful, with the weight of all these worlds on your shoulder.” this goes over the physical appearance and it’s an underrated quote to me, because people think he only cares about her exterior look, but “THE WEIGHT OF ALL THESE WORLDS ON YOUR SHOULDER” oh boy, i can’t even explain how emotional this makes me. mon-el understands kara, like no one else, he can read into her expressions, her behavior, her words, her voice: another thing i loved, maybe even more than the kiss itself, was his hand on her cheek, you can tell he was terrified to do such a thing, but i think he did it because he knew that kara needed it more than him. kara thought he only said that for compassion, that’s the thing that made mon-el kiss her and prove her that he really, really felt that way, it wasn’t just “making her feel better.”

Fucking Jor El

First he’s like “Oh hey Clark congrats on your engagment. Lemme just drop ths ice pillar on Lois real quick.LOL just kidding she aint dead but she has your powers now and everything is about to go terribly wrong.There was no reason for me to do this… toodles”

Then Ollie would have gotten the God Damn bo if he had Kara with him. But Nooooo Jor El calls her away and Granny Goodness destroys it. So Ollie’s gonna go ape shit and kill everyone now… lovely

Then Kara leaves Metropolis because she’s helping to much…

…ummmm…the fuck?! How is it her problem that Clark is incompetent ?!

death… your doing it wrong