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Marvel- Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Peter Parker, T’Challa

DC- Oliver Queen, Clark Kent, Kara Danvers, Barry Allen

Supernatural- Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Crowley

The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Jesus, Carl Grimes

Actors: Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Tom Holland

Below are a list of prompts that can be used:
1)“It’s okay,” he said wrapping his arms around her as she shook with terror. “It’s over now.”
2)“No it’s not,” she whispered. “This is only the beginning.”
3)“I loved you like there was no tomorrow. But you loved me like there was no yesterday. So no, no I don’t want you back.”
4)“I’m trying to save your life right now. We’ll see who deserves what later.”
5)“Her murder had been planned a long time, probably since her birth.”
6)“What is your name?” “My name would be poison on your lips.”
7)“The world was collapsing and the only thing that mattered to him was whether or not she was alive.”
8)“Of course I lied to you. I have always lied to you all… because if I told you the truth you’d think I’m insane.”
9)“Tell me this, she looked up at him with wonder and death in her eyes, are YOU my friend?”
10)“So you’re the guy who saved my life?”
11)“She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled. ‘Was that supposed to hurt?”
12)“The phone rings. The voice on the other end says, ‘We need you.’”
13)“I always knew I’d take a bullet for you.”
14)“This is SO stupid why am I here anyway? Oh thats right I’m better than you.
15)“You heard a whisper that I was coming back again. You chose not to believe it. Big mistake.”
16)“Hand over the girl.” “Not going to happen.”
17)“Get your hand off my ass! NOW!”
18)“She stands in the street. Singing for money.”
19)“It’s funny… She was designed as the weapon. And yer I’m the one fighting to protect her.”
20)“He leapt over the railing and onto the ground below, racing towards the fallen figure as fast as he could.”
21)“No one is coming to save you.”
22)“Would you please calm down and listen to me for once?!”
23)“I can’t lose you again. I can’t, not again. I’m not strong enough.”
24)“You can’t throw me to the wolves. They come when I call.”
25)“If you hurt him/her. I’ll kill you. I swear I’ll kill you all.”
26)“Give her back to me.”
27)“Well that was tragic”
28)“I’m not here to make friends. So, don’t try.”
29)“I need a place to stay. Why? Oh, mine got blown up”
30)“YOU just got stabbed and YOU want to tell me about safety? Heres some safety for you, go fuck yourself.”
31)“You’re a freaking man-child!”
32)“She’s hiding behind the sofa”
33)“I’d kill for some peace and quiet…literally”
34)“You’re getting crumbs all over my bed”
35)“Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion”
36)“I think we need to let some cool air in here to get rid of this attitude!”
37)“I’m bulletproof… so please shoot me”
38)“Did you just hiss at me?”
39)“I swear I am not crazy!”
40)“How is my wife/girlfriend more badass than me?!”
41)“Are you sure you want to make THAT decision?”
42)“You’re a monster.”
43)“Sorry isn’t going to help when I kick your ass!”
44)“This is girl talk….so leave or I’ll shoot you”
45)“Where am, I going? Crazy. Care to join?”
46)”Do you seriously think I’m scared of a woman?”
47)“I could punch you in the dick right now”
48)“Welcome back now help me!”
49)“You’re bleeding. All over MY carpet.”
50)“Not everyone’s out to get you so shut up talking about it!”
51)“Don’t argue, just do it.”
52)“Enough with the sass! It’s annoying!”
53)“Show me what’s behind your back!”
54)“I’m not going to be sympathetic. Nope, not until you go to a doctor. You know, the professional?”
55)“Sharing is caring! But I don’t care and I’m not sorry.”
56)“I could say no, I won’t do it again but I will. We both know that.”
57)“You want me to go to a self-defense class? I’m an assassin and you want to team me self-defense? I don’t think so.”
58)“Don’t look at me like that! I only punched the guy three times! In the nuts, but still.”
59)“You’re useless except for hurting me in every way possible.”
60)“Take your stupidity and shove it up your ass. Hopefully there’s enough room left over with your big ass head in the way.”

So when she at the end was saying goodbye to [Anders], I think that she was saying goodbye to their bodily forms. I think she knew, especially if he says, ‘I’ll see you on the other side,’ I think she’s with him. I think they’re both dead, but I think she’s with him. That was a decision that we made, because I selfishly wanted her at peace, and the only way to do that was to have her with someone at the end, or to be with the person she wanted to be with. I don’t know. That’s kind of where I think she is. She’s with Michael Trucco playing pyramid in the sky somewhere.
—  Katee Sackhoff

READ the full chapter here: AO3 | FF.Net
Chapters: 1/??
Pairings: KarLena(Supercorp), SaLara(S.S. Endurance)
SUMMARY: “Are you happy?” Sam asks it’s sudden.

“I am,” Lena smiles, much brighter than she had before.

“Damn you’re in deep, LeeLoo,” Sam slaps her shoulder, Lena frowns, “you’re looking at her like I look at Lara. You’re a goner.”

She looks pensive for a moment, Sam continues with a smile.

“So is she,” She gestures to where Kara and Lara sit talking, Kara’s eyes flicker over and she waves with a grin, “she’s been unable to keep her eyes off of you for more than fifteen seconds. I counted.”

“I kind of guessed,” Lara informed, “you’re entitled to your privacy about it. You owe me nothing. Why would it blindside us?”

“Because she’s been spending the night at my place for the past month,” she blinked again, “it’s become a comfort I’d rather not lose with how things have been lately. I…asked her to stay again tonight when she’s off work.”

Lara nodded and considered the information.

“I won’t mind, nor will Sam, I’m certain she’ll enjoy it more than I will. Embarrassing you, I mean, in front of a romantic Partner,” the words brought a smile to Lena’s face again. It felt like a normal friendship for the small moment, a part of Lena’s past she finally got back that wasn’t tainted by the Luthor name.

“Alright, thank you for understanding,” Lara just shrugged, “shall we go finally?”

“Yes. I’d like to get home.”

Lena stopped only to inform Jess of her plans, asking her to notify her instantly the moment something came up. If it was important. After jess confirmed her plans, she led Lara through the building. Once in the elevator, she let herself fully breathe in relief. Lara elbowed her with a reassuring smile. Tonight would be fine, they’d get through it, tomorrow would be the real challenge, wouldn’t it?

coloneltigh  asked:

Battlestar galactica

 ❤ Favorite Male:  girl.we talked about this.

Helo. He’s flawless. The first action he takes in the miniseries is to sacrifice himself to near certain, painful death just to give humanity the tiniest chance at survival. He’s the most selfless, most caring, most loyal, most open minded character on the entire show. He only ever tries to good and only seems to get stuck in difficult situations because of this. He loves unconditionally. He doesn’t judge. He is a good friend to Kara, a loving husband to Athena, and a protective father to Hera. And this damn scene makes me cry every time.

The things this man is willing to do, willing to risk for the people he loves. Ugh.

❤ Favorite Female: Who else?

Oh, Kara. Kara Thrace and her special destiny. Mother fucking Starbuck. Tough as nails, detached, hard, flawed, alcoholic, talented, bad ass, lost, confident, incredibly caring even though she pretends she isn’t, always fighting because she doesn’t know how to do anything else. practically the Dean Winchester of the BSGverse ok.

And this might be my favorite scene in the history of anything:


Favorite Pairing: These two

Doomed from the start, I know. But oh I loved them. Sam is my runner up for favorite guy. And he was so good for Kara. He made her truly happy, as long as she let him. They had spark. Not the popular pairing, but I think had Lee and Kara even truly been together, if they had a chance at the end, it would have ended in disaster no matter what. I wish Kara had allowed herself some happiness with Sam, but what can you do. At least they had their time together.

They’ll see each other on the other side

❤ Least Favorite Character: this was actually an easy choice

External image

Oh, Cally. I can’t lie. I loathed you from the beginning. From clearly trying to steal the Chief away from Boomer from the get to, to killing Boomer, (which started the strangest character shift in the world that still doesnt make sense to me) to lying to the Chief about the possible parenthood of your child. But you know what sealed the deal?

External image

You tried to kill your son. Who at the time, we thought was half cylon and then your murder/suicide at least made a bit more sense. But no. Your kid was fully human, and you knew that, and the father alive, but no by all means take the toddler down with you.

❤ who’s most like me: 

This is really, really fucking intimidating because the characters are all strong and well written. I will say that I can relate a lot to Tyrol at the end of the series. There have definitely been times where I’ve said fuck it and been 100% done with humanity only to retreat into my own little bubble. Plus his little “of course, lol” smile and the gif above his on my face a lot when I react to things.

❤ most attractive:

(i mean she was a frakking model hello sex. or Helo. Or Chief in the miniseries. or 8.)

❤ three more characters that I like: Well, I already mentioned Sam and Tyrol, so we’ll just leave off with this bad ass:

Laura Fucking Roslin.

honestly though Cally might be the only character I actively dislike?

So when she at the end was saying goodbye to [Anders], I think that she was saying goodbye to their bodily forms,“ she said. "I think she knew, especially if he says, ‘I’ll see you on the other side,’ I think she’s with him. I think they’re both dead, but I think she’s with him. That was a decision that we made, because I selfishly wanted her at peace, and the only way to do that was to have her with someone at the end, or to be with the person she wanted to be with. I don’t know. That’s kind of where I think she is. She’s with Anders playing pyramid in the sky somewhere.”
—  – Katee Sackhoff
Kara/Sam manifesto of sorts (but mostly about Sam)

Previously on tumblr: Rachael made a post about how great Samuel T. Anders is, with intentionally minimal stuff about Kara but she also said:

I don’t actually ship them all that much […] so other people would be able to do the Kara aspect much more justice than I could.

AND I TOOK THAT AS A CHALLENGE. :p ‘Cause I think it is really meaningful (and much more rare) to talk about him independently and not as an accessory to the romance side of her arc. I know we’ve COVERED all the ship stuff already, as a fandom. But whatever else he did on the show, from good-hearted insurgent guy to Cylon Bob Dylan, his primary role will forever be Starbuck’s boytoy-turned-husband, and I grew to love him for that alongside everything else and I want to talk about it. A lot.

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you were my sam / a mix about the anders-thrace who do not hurt at all [LISTEN]

1. cross that line - joshua radin, 2. this woman’s work - greg laswell, 3. a promise to return - bear mcreary, 4. awake my soul - mumford and sons, 5. atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich, 6. sad beautiful tragic - taylor swift, 7. you were a kindness - the national, 8. the ballad of richie lee - spiritualized, 9. poison and wine - the civil wars, 10. cemetery weather - isles & glaciers.


Before leaving UB(ex) the last thing I wanted to say is I’m convinced there are multiple scenes in this ep where the actors legit broke character and they just left it in because it was adorable.

(I mean IIRC Katee is on record that she was actually cracking up at Jamie Bamber’s modesty underwear.)