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Laundry Day

For @twelfth-doctor who asked for Supercat going to a laundromat

“You know, when you said that I could spend the weekend here, I didn’t think I’d be spending the entire Saturday watching you clean your apartment,” Cat complained, picking up her feet to let Kara sweep under the couch. The individual chores were going quickly, especially with the super speed, but there certainly were a lot of them. So far, Kara had cleaned the oven, dusted the entire apartment, scrubbed the tiles on the bathroom wall, and spent twenty minutes trying to sew up a hold in the super suit before giving up. And they’d only been awake for an hour. 

“I told you I had a few things to do.” Kara picked the couch up, Cat still sitting on it, to kick a few things out from underneath it. Cat gasped, clutching the arm tightly and glaring at the other woman for the surprise lifting. 

“I figured you meant that you’d throw some things in the dishwasher and maybe take out the trash.” Cat huffed when Kara dropped the couch back onto the floor, disappearing into the bedroom. 

“Almost done, I swear. I just gotta do some laundry.” Kara rushed out of her bedroom, a full laundry basket thrown over her shoulder. “You can stay here if you want, I’ll only be about an hour or so. I’ll just be across the street if you need anything.” 

“Wait,” Cat shifted around on the couch, throwing her arm over the back of it, “Do I not pay you enough to purchase a washing machine? Or is this one of those ridiculous millennial things you do?” 

“Ridiculous millennial thing,” Kara muttered incredulously, dropping the basket on the kitchen counter and digging through a drawer for quarters. Kara turned around, voice back at conversational level, “I make plenty of money. More than I actually know what to do with and you’re fully aware of this.” 

“Do you take the cape to the a Laundromat as well?” Cat smirked, pushing up off the couch to follow Kara into the kitchen. Kara blushed and rearranged the dirty laundry before Cat could look in the basket, a flash of red being tucked underneath jeans. Cat didn’t miss it. “You’re the most conspicuous superhero I’ve ever met.” 

“Met a lot of superheroes?” Kara asked, pushing the basket back onto her hip and walking towards the door. Cat trailed behind her, slipping her feet into a pair of Kara’s flip-flops beside the door. “You’re coming with me?” 

“Of course. I’m not sitting here by myself for an hour. I’m your guest, you’re supposed to keep me entertained.” 

“You’re surprisingly easy to entertain,” Kara said, glancing back at Cat, who was already tapping away on her cell phone.

“Hold this for a second,” Kara said, passing the laundry basket to Cat as they walked in the door of the Laundromat. Cat huffed; thinking that Kara had no idea how heavy her dirty laundry was as it was pushed into her arms. Kara dug through her pockets, trying to pull out all the change she’d grabbed on the way out of the apartment. Dropping the basket on a bench, Cat looked around at the few people who were milling about the room, waiting on dryers to stop or stuffing clothes into washers. An elderly woman smiled at Kara and Kara immediately bounded over, laundry basket forgotten. The two struck up a quick conversation. 

“Cat! Cat, come here,” Kara called, waving her over. “This is Anna. Anna this is my- Cat. No, her name is Cat,” Kara corrected, still waving her hands around, “She’s my… girlfriend? Cat?” 

“Mhm,” Cat hummed, lacing her fingers with Kara’s. Anna and Kara talked for a bit, laughing and joking around while Kara dumped some of the clothes into a washer. Cat just stood to the side, listening and smiling at her absolute ray of sunshine that could make friends with everyone. 

“Listen,” Anna whispered, leaning in to put a hand on Cat’s arm when Kara rushed off to greet someone else, “tell that girl to stop washing her super suit at the damn Laundromat. She’s gonna end up getting herself into trouble.” 

Cat’s eyes went wide, mouth gaping a bit. The other woman just winked and held a finger to her lips, already walking away to say goodbye to Kara. When Kara got back to Cat, she seemed absolutely thrilled. 

“Anna’s nice, yeah?” Kara said, pulling candy out of the pocket of a pair of her dirty jeans and trying to look inconspicuous about eating the pocket candy. 

Anna said to stop washing your damn super suit here, you fucking idiot. I’m investing in a washing machine for you.” Cat stalked out of the Laundromat, leaving a confused and happy Kara behind to eat the candy out of her pants pockets and make friends with strangers.

A Real Book! // Kara & Anna

Kara finished reading her book and turned off her plex, she laid on the sofa trying to get a little sleep. Anna didn’t pay any attention to her, Kara felt like Anna was acting like she was completely alone, without Kara there.

Kara looked to the clock on the wall, 3pm, “the time passes so slowly” she thought for herself. She closed her eyes, trying to sleep.

When suddenly she felt something touching in her arm. Immediately she opened her eyes. It was Anna with a book in her hands!

“Where did you get that?” Kara asked a little curious ‘cause she never saw a real book.


                                                Well my heart is gold 

                                                                 and my hands are cold