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Stress and exhaustion are catching up with the Girl of Steel. So much that when she falls asleep, she starts sleep-flying though National City’s sky to land on a certain CEO’S bed, and it becomes a habit.


Kara sleep-flies every night to Lena’s bed, and discovers they are both art hoes.

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It’s been a long week. With Snapper’s new assignment, a rogue alien trying to destroy National city for no better reason than pure rage, and an all-human state level conspiracy (because now she also deals with those, apparently), Kara’s never felt so tired. She’s spreading herself thin and she knows it. She barely gets enough sleep on a regular day, but she got almost none for the past three days. The news about Jeremiah was the last straw.

She’s sitting on the stairs of the DEO, staring blankly into the distance. It’s all a bit too much.

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It’s a quiet night. No rogue alien attacks for Supergirl and no regular crimes for Maggie or Guardian. It’s a rarity, a unicorn, and they’re determined to enjoy it.

The group meets at Kara’s for game night. A little beer and friendly competition  exactly what they need to unwind from the week. 

(Mostly friendly. Their little group has grown in the past few months and they have yet to find a game that stays calm when CEO’s, law enforcement and actual superheroes are all equally competitive.)

(Maggie and Winn have an ongoing bet of who throws the first pillow. Alex and Kara, unsurprisingly, are tied.)

The first time Kara dragged Lena along for game night after Lillian’s arrest had been tense. She was, after all, a Luthor. One of her family members had just tried to commit genocide. Again. But Kara was persistent, refusing to let a few people make Lena feel unwelcome in Kara’s home, and over time the group warmed to her presence. 

(It also didn’t hurt that she had the budget to match a Kryptonian and Daxamites appetite.)

The group has just finished a game of charades (’Reigning champions bitches!’ Maggie had shouted as the timer ran down before kissing a beaming Alex on the cheek.) and somehow the conversation has moved to unknown talents. Lena is watching the conversation quietly, enjoying the debate of whether or not being able to juggle counts for a person with super senses, when the conversation turns to her. 

She shrugs, letting the group guess for themselves instead of offering anything up. She’s laughing off Kara’s guess of ‘freakishly accurate goat noises’ when Winn leaps up from the couch.

“Oh! Oh! She can play guitar!” 

Lena groans. There’s always a surprise when this comes up, the guitar apparently not ‘sophisticated’ enough for a Luthor to know. She knows what’s coming, and sure enough, Maggie races off to the closet Alex has an acoustic guitar stashed in case of inspired drunk sister jam sessions. 

She hands the guitar to Lena and Lena fidgets with the strings, checking the tuning as the others wait eagerly. She doesn’t know what to play, doesn’t know what is going to satisfy the curiosity, and is about to brush it off as a joke when she see’s Kara.

Kara, smiling so sweetly at her and smiling so wide and encouragingly. Lena can’t help but smile back as a wave of calm washes over her. Her fingers begin to move without her realizing it, and she doesn’t even realize what she’s playing until Kara’s voice comes in at the verse.

My head is stuck in the clouds. 
She begs me to come down, 
Says “girl, quit foolin’ around”

So I never ever post my stuff in here but I started writing this and it got out of hand and I have no idea where this came from but I like it very very much and I thought I shared it…

I’ve see many fics where Cat doesn’t miss a beat in correcting Kara to call her ‘Cat’ instead of ‘Ms. Grant’ when they start getting involved, and I have this headcanon:

Cat actually likes to be called 'Ms. Grant’ by Kara instead of insisting on being called Cat everytime Kara says it. And, not just in bed for a dom! sub! thing (though that would totally happen as well), but like just day to day because they are so used to it, and it’s a respect thing, since we see most people calling her Cat unless they are afraid of her (say Winn), and Kara says it in a very affectionate way that makes Cat’s heart skip a beat, and sometimes Kara says it teasingly, and other times she just uses it almost like a term of endearment (and she tried to teasingly use kitty once but got a slap on the face and a week on the couch, of her own apartment).
Because 'Cat’ is personal, 'Cat’ is private, 'Cat’ is intimate. It’s for when it’s the two of them and Carter, sometimes even Adam though Kara and Adam are still awkward around each other; 'Cat’ is for when they act like an old married couple and Cat does or says something so rude or stubborn that a simple 'Ms Grant’ reprimand isn’t strong enough, it’s for when Cat does something so amazing that Kara can’t help but gasp 'Cat!’, it’s for when Cat does something so considerate when Kara is down that all the girl’s emotions just spill out in a soft sigh or whisper of 'Cat’. It’s for when they are having breakfast or getting ready for the day or watching tv on the couch on a lazy Sunday at home with fluffy socks and worn out tshirts that Cat will never admit to ever wearing. It’s for holidays and long weekends on their private beach when Kara keeps trying to coax Cat into dropping her book and going for a swim with her, for when she calls excitedly to show her the sand sculpture she and Carter did, for when she slips behind Cat pressing her whole body cold from the water against Cat’s sun heated skin and they watch as Carter has the time of his life playing with their dog and Adam and Cat presses a kiss on Kara’s salty neck. It’s for the heated arguments over 'truth justice and the American ways’ they have at home that always start in the public areas of the house like the living room or the kitchen, or even their home office, but they always take it to the balcony of their bedroom when they notice things getting ugly so Carter won’t have to watch them tearing each other; it’s for the apologies after that and the i love you’s that follow, and the promises of open minded reconsideration, and the suggestion of ordering take out and having a game night with Carter. It’s for the hard moments of pain and doubt (and Cat has many of those because she might have a rough exterior but she actually is very caring and vulnerable) when Kara will wrap her arms around Cat’s tiny body and pepper kisses on her neck and shoulder before just burying her nose there and listening to Cat’s heartbeat waiting for her heart rate to go back to normal and her body to stop shaking. It’s for the pleas in the supermarket to get an extra tube of ice cream or box of sugary cereal or bag of chips combined with pouty lips and wide puppy eyes from Kara and Carter; for the excitement of waking up to the first snowfall of the year, and fireworks on new year’s eve followed by a kiss that starts before the count down and ends long after it’s done. It’s for the first time Carter spends the weekend at a friend’s house and Cat wants to call every five minutes and can only sleep after Carter calls (because Kara told him to in a discreet text) to say goodnight despite Kara insisting she can hear him and he is fine. It’s for when Cat is sick and being adorable yet extremely stubborn and doesn’t want to cooperate in Kara’s care to make her better; it’s for the whines when it’s Kara’s turn to get sick when she blows out her powers and Kara is literally the worst patient ever in direct competition with Cat herself. And it’s for when Supergirl is needed and Kara has to leave a very worried Cat behind (be it on the street on the office or on their bedroom) and she bids goodbye with a soft kiss on the lips a promise of coming back safe and an extra kiss to the forehead just to make sure, before flying off, up up and away, to save the day.

'Cat’ it’s only theirs.

(much like Keira/Kara is for Cat)


“You must love my niece very much.”

Cat turned from the bar, two drinks prepared, and handed one to Astra. She could hear Kara and Alex in the den, groaning and hollering as Carter schooled them yet again in Mario Kart. “Did you doubt it?” she asked.

Astra accepted the drink, and leaned back against the arm of a nearby chair. “No, but you have proved this evening that it is truly unconditional.”

Cat crooked an eyebrow, and sipped her drink. “And what specifically have I done this evening to prove my love for Kara? If you think I cooked that meal, you are mistaken.”

“You smile at that name she calls you.”

Cat took another sip, and waved a dismissive hand. “Oh that. She’s always called me that. She said it was a term of endearment.”

“You do not know what it means?”

Cat narrowed her eyes. “She said it was the Kryptonian equivalent of sweetheart.”

Astra, the feared general, shrank under Cat’s scrutinizing gaze. “Perhaps I should have not mentioned it. I believed you knew what she was saying, and I do not want Kara to be with the dogs.”

Cat tilted her head, eyes still narrowed. “The what?”

Astra looked down into her glass. “Alex sent me to the dogs last week. There were no dogs, and I did not enjoy sleeping on the couch. I do not wish this on Kara.”

“Ah,” Cat nodded. “On Earth we call that the dog house.”

“On Krypton, we did not have separate houses for our pets, nor would we send our mates to live in them if we did.”

Cat downed the rest of her drink. “Yes,” she started, turning to refill her tumbler. “You Kryptonians are very civilized. I certainly didn’t watch Kara chug thirty ounces of root beer yesterday to test whether she could burp your alphabet.” Astra’s eyes widened, but Cat waved a dismissive hand, and resumed leaning back against the bar. “An experiment with Carter. Now tell me more about this pet name.”

“Kara will not get in trouble?”

“Why are you so worried? What could it possibly be that it would get her in trouble?”

Astra shifted. “You have often voiced your displeasure at people making feline references.”

“Feline,” Cat repeated. “You’re hesitating, which leads me to believe Kara is not comparing me to some kind of powerful, Kryptonian lioness.”

Astra polished off her drink. “We did not have lions on Krypton, nor cats, but Kara always did very well with her writing classes. She seems to have invented her own word by combining several. She is very clever. She loves you so much. I’m certain she invented it to express her affection for you in her native language.”

Cat kept Astra fidgeting with a stare that could possibly shoot lasers. “Stalling is a terrible tactic, General. Out with it. The words.”

Astra set her glass down before she broke it. “I think now perhaps I should not tell you.”

Cat took a step forward. “Too late. Tell me.”

Astra bowed her head in defeat, and sighed, muttering a string of alien words.

Cat crossed her arms, recognizing some of the syllables. “And what does all that mean?”

Astra cringed, pained to give up her niece, but, for all her powers, frightened of Cat. “Rao forgive me,” she threw up before translating. “Cute, little furball.”

Cat’s expression was unreadable, as she polished off her drink and set her glass down on the bar. “Furball,” she muttered.

“Also cute and little,” Astra attempted in an effort to save her niece, but Cat didn’t hear her as she marched towards the den. Astra followed quickly, and captured Cat before she interrupted the battle for Rainbow Road.

“Put me down!” Cat screeched, as Astra effortlessly hoisted the smaller woman over her shoulder.

Everyone quickly piled out of the den as they heard the commotion. “What the hell is going on?” Alex asked.

Cat was beating futilely against Astra’s back. “Put me down, or I’m going to kill you! I can do it. I will find a way.”

Astra looked at her stunned niece. “I suggest you run, little one. Your human knows the true meaning of your pet name for her. I don’t believe she finds it as affectionate as you intended.”

Kara’s mouth fell open to let slip a rare expletive. “Shit.”


In which Cat is ticklish

Kara let out a sigh as a lazy smile made its way to her lips. Waking up next to Cat was one of the many little things she loved about being in a relationship with her.

With slow, light touches Kara began to trace nonsensical patterns on the skin of Cat’s bare ribs. Moments later she watched as Cat began to stir. With great effort Cat tried to cover the laugh that was bubbling in her chest but Kara heard it nonetheless.

The sweet smile from earlier turned into a wicked grin as Kara’s eyes lit up with mischief, “You’re ticklish?”