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On the rooftop scene from Dead Reckoning

@potcpoi : Because this got super long (again) and I thought maybe it’s a good idea to put it into a post. And I’m so happy you mentioned this scene. I’d love to know your opinion about it!

I love that scene so much??? (Actually the whole episode. Every time I re watched it I got so emotional.) I love how it was toned, from the moment Kara showed up, as John’s past catching up, but was later redefined by Harold on the rooftop. Basically what happened to John’s life when Harold showed up, replayed in a condensed, different visual form. Harold was there, out of nowhere, standing between John and his upcoming death, and stopped the counting. I love that John chose to pull a gun, tbh. Not that I’ll ever believe John would shoot Harold or even threatening him, I love that because it gave us a Past!John, since John considered all that bomb thing was what “he deserved” because of his past. That’s the Past!John in John’s mind eyes. That’s how he viewed himself. Calm, not afraid of death, for the greater good (he told Harold about the hard drive like leaving an instruction to teammates), “pulling a gun” on cared ones for the latter’s good, because he didn’t deserve them and their help (like how he pushed Jessica away,) believing that in the end no one would come to save him. He stood there holding a gun, like he was saying: Look, this is me. All these messes were my past. You said you knew everything about me, but did you really know? If you did, then you’ll know it’s time to cut me loose. (And oh, I always believe what Kara said to John, “Fond as I am of you, John, don’t make me remind you just how expendable you are,” really dragged him back to the old shadows, and convinced him even more that there wouldn’t be anyone to save him, thus influenced his actions to an extent.)(Really, I felt so mad when Kara said that. It took a lot for someone held as hostage to try to turn the table using their own life as leverage. And she laughed at that because for her that didn’t matter.)

Yet, Harold on that rooftop changed everything. His words made John lowered his gun in seconds. John accepted his help. John became all unsettled, afraid, and breakable. I think if Harold weren’t there, John wouldn’t be that afraid. It’s hard to have loved ones watching you die. And, of course, John was afraid for Harold. John would trust Harold on almost everything, but did that include Harold’s own life? He was afraid Harold being the collateral damage when he was paying his debt. But Harold disapproved his view. “But this moment does (concern me.)” God, I love that line so much. Harold not only aware of John’s past, and accepted it. He even considered it was, due to their relationship and the fact that they shared every present with each other now, John’s past also concerned him. I think, to John, it’s more than unconditional acceptance, especially he was so convinced no one would love him once they knew what he had done (like his parallel in Foe.)

Also OMG Harold Finch. I love that I never know how far he would go. He went to the fire line to warn his newly hired agent, who hadn’t proved he’s trustworthy. He rushed to the parking lot when John told him to cut him loose. He climbed to the rooftop, an almost certain death, for a chance to save John from his past, again. He didn’t even disarm a bomb vest before! What he had were basic principles, and he might also have some trauma about bombs.

I love that in their probably last moments, John referred to what Harold said when they first met. Harold thought John meant his death, and told John that he preferred later. Harold thought he was the one eventually put John into this situation, since the whole job might cause CIA’s attention. But he didn’t know John wasn’t talking about his death, but about why he was alive. Harold Finch was the reason why John Reese was still alive. And the lines followed were Harold’s “It’s hard to say,” and John’s “Not really.” (My aesthetic of lines!!) Harold gave a rational answer, since it’s probability, and yet John gave his interpretation emotionally. There was no way that John would stand on this very spot without Harold Finch’s existence. And that’s not because Harold dragged him into the number saving mission, but because John was still alive, because Harold saved him. And that’s why he asked Harold to pick a winner. Death or alive, he didn’t even care, as long as Harold called it, even it’s his gut feeling. And Harold was terrified. The weight of this man’s life, and his absolute trust. Also, JC’s acting here was terrific. John was so “not-John,” and he was drowning in emotions. He couldn’t take his eyes away from Harold like otherwise he couldn’t breathe. After the bomb had been disarmed, he stared at Harold like the latter was the one who went back from death and he felt so grateful… to fate, destiny, or gods? Or whatever it might be called. For him the answer was always the same: Harold Finch. Harold picked the winner and saved them both.


Person of Interest Week Day 6: Favorite Musical moment(s): 

In no particular order: 

Down Boy by Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Future Starts Slow by The Kills | Lonely Souls by Unkle | If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray | I’m Afraid of Americans by David Bowie |  I Might Be Wrong by Radiohead | No Wow by The Kills | Young Men Dead by Black Angels 

I chose the musical moments because they’re the ones that stuck with me, not only do they have great songs but paired together with specific scenes they all gave me aesthetic chills. 

The way perfect moment happens, and when the plot dominoes falls just so, and the result is often breathtaking. 

“Like the sound on an old tape.”
POI Meme - 2 Characters: The Sledgehammer Sameen Shaw  

rugrats au: goodbye kara

the original | halloween | clothing | the reckoning | the reckoning pt. 2 | martine | getting married | the office | anniversaries | root’s parents | a new family | john

  • perhaps surprisingly, root is more dangerous than shaw
  • sure, shaw is more likely to pop off in the moment. a kick to the shins when she’s younger, a quick jab to the shoulder when john annoys her, knocking randos out when they hit on root
  • but root. root plans. root schemes. root remembers everything
  • root holds on to things. lets them build up. shaw is a lighting strike but root is the entire goddamn storm
  • so when root says they’re gonna take a walk, shaw knows root is going to take the scenic route to plan this shit out
  • root’s mentally taking inventory. she has her switchblade that shaw gave her in her boot. mace in her bag. “shaw, you have a lighter?”
  • “duh”
  • shaw pauses. “wait. root. what do we need a lighter for?”
  • root heart flutters briefly at shaw’s “we”
  • “mace is highly flammable. i just want to get my point across”
  • shaw has never been more aroused. it shows.
  • root closes shaw’s mouth with the tip of her finger. “you
    can catch flies after we take care of kara”
  • they press on. find kara’s house. root boosts shaw over the gate and shaw pulls her up after
  • “lights are off. cars are gone. parents might not be home.” shaw notes
  • “they’re on a cruise. it’s their anniversary. won’t be back till friday”
  • “how do you–never mind. i don’t wanna know”
  • the door’s locked. root reaches down (shaw stares at her ass appreciatively) and grabs her switchblade. “let’s go say hi”
  • shaw is so in love. she grabs a pin from her hair and picks the lock
  • they slip in quietly. kara’s on the couch watching tv. they sit on either side of her. “kara, it’s so nice to finally meet you”
  • shaw loves it when root’s an asshole
  • “what the /fuck/ are you doing in my house?? i’m calling the cops”
  • shaw slips kara’s phone out of her pocket. smashes it on the ground
  • “what’s your fucking problem? you’re paying for–”
  • this is when root starts twirling her knife around her fingers. (she’s been practicing for weeks)
  • kara’s freaked out, she tries to get up. shaw grabs her arm, presses her back down
  • root just keeps looking straight ahead
  • root’s voice: quiet, deadly: “here’s what’s going to happen, stanton. you’re going to stay away from john. you’re not going to look at him. you’re not going to talk to him. and you’re sure as fuck not going to touch him. ever again. got it?”
  • kara still thinks she’s hot shit. “fuck you, groves. you think you’re so tough cause you’ve got your girlfriend here to back you up? you’re full of shit. i’ll do whatever I goddamn please.”
  • in a flash, root’s knife is pressed to kara’s neck. shaw chuckles. “listen, i’m not here to keep root safe, if you catch my drift”
  • kara whimpers
  • “so. kara. let’s try this again. three days after your parents come home on friday, your mother will get a phone call for a better job offer. she’ll hesitate because she won’t want to move you in the middle of the school year. but you’ll tell insist that it’s fine. a can’t-miss opportunity. and then five days after that, you’ll be gone. out of john’s life indefinitely. and if you
    convince your folks to leave even sooner, i just might decide to let you
    keep all your fingers”
  • shaw stands. “we done here?”
  • root grins, a terrifying silhouette in the light of the tv screen. “i think so, sweetie. i believe kara and i understand one another quite clearly”
  • kara is frozen in fear
  • shaw pats root’s ass on the way out. “i love to watch you work”
  • they set fire to the flower beds just because
  • kara is gone in four days. they never see her again
monster au: from the ashes (pt. 2)
new yorks finest (pt. 1)
  • joss carter is an immortal, undying, incredibly important pheonix
  • 5′4, solidly built, radiating enough heat to keep the room warm in winter, and covered with downy feathers across her shoulders and arms
  • carter is such a dramatic inspiration at work
  • she singlehandedly took down hr- they were completely powerless to fight back against her i mean even when they tried 
  • she just burst into flames and then showed up in taylors room five hours later
  • (”mom! you can’t just do that! what if i had a boy over?!”)
  • (”taylor, i just got shot, are you really going to be having a boy over now?”)
  • shes one of the most amazing people- human, or monster, in recent history
  • being gone for days at a time, always re-materializing at the precise moment to save the day
  • all the rookies look up to her
  • more than that she’s a goddamn FIREBIRD. a national hero. she shook obamas hand. there’s a picture in the captains office.
  • she dropped out of the military because of the way supernatural beings were being recruited and abused
  • she thought she could make more of a difference on the streets
  • keep the world safe for taylor, you know?
  • he didnt get the genes for the immortality but he is a feathery-downy and handsome young man
  • plus, she always knew that she wanted to use her supernatural powers to protect other monsters
  • because not everyone has superhuman strength like her
  • and shes also just got a natural knack for solving mysteries
  • everything comes to her easily
  • theres one mystery she cant solve
  • the mysterious man in the suit who always disappears around water
  • it’s really starting to piss her off
  • so there aren’t many mermaids in the water surrounding new york city
  • and for good reason i mean. you have to have some pretty tough gills to swim in that muck
  • not to mention boaters, cruise ships, and industrial freight ships constantly cutting through the water
  • plus, who’s heard of a mermaid who only has a tail during the day?
  •  thats why, when carter and laskey’s murder witness says that he saw the corpse being dragged down to the bottom of the sea by an emaciated male mermaid, they’re surprised
  •  carter can’t swim. the whole “blood burning as hot as magma” means that even her showers have to be boiling to avoid her evaporating the whole thinng through the water
  • ONCE when she was a kid she tried to go into her cousin michael’s kiddie pool on his birthday
  • she managed to turn the backyard into a sauna until her mom picked her out with a pair of heavy work gloves and kissed her on the top of one of her puffs
  • and laskey. well, laskey didn’t have a superhuman excuse not to go diving. but he just wasn’t interested in doing.. well, anything above the lowest possible to get the job done
  • “i don’t get it, carter, isn’t this one open and shut? another human lost to the insatiable appetite of the sewer monsters- why are we even investigating?”
  • laskey knows carter isn’t human, but he insists on talking like this to her every day. she can’t wait to be reassigned
  •  "first off, that mermaid didn’t kill our vic, and you and i both know it, laskey. now listen up: if the government wasn’t starving out the people who can’t live in the city, they wouldn’t have to steal corpses for food. you think anyone likes that?“
  • laskey is quiet for a second
  • "i’m sure there are some who do”
  • the biggest tell for carter’s anger is her temperature. she looks calm, and collected, but the air gets colder as she represses the fire that makes her be what she is
  • “go wait in the car, laskey” and he does
  •  carter combs the rocky shore for a while, looking for any sort of evidence. eventually, she finds some blood on a rock, swabs it for the lab, and gives up and leaves
  •  harold finch, hiding behind a rocky outcrop a few feet away, can finally breathe freely
  •  at first, when the cops showed up at the shore where he was walking, he assumed they were there to arrest him
  • what for, he wasnt sure, he was just watching, he hadnt done anything wrong
  • but maybe the beautiful mermaid had gotten fed up with being approached and then avoided by a vampire like him every day for nearly 500 years
  • now that he’d actually heard what the cops were there for, finch almost wished that they were there to arrest him. he’d never, in all his years, seen his mermaid hurt someone
  • (it was root who first called him that and now finch cant stop even if its embarassing)  
  • he knew it had to be a mistake. the object of his affection wasnt like that. he wouldnt be like that
  •  finch HAD seen him with another underwater person- a sea witch with the same dark hair and boney face as him, but pale, empty eyes
  • he’d also seen the claw marks that dug into his back and tail, and the way that his poise and grace seemed to crumble entirely around the woman
  • it had to be a mistake. it had to have been her
  • now, finch hadn’t actually gone swimming in well over 200 years
  • and while he didn’t need to breathe, as a vampire, that didn’t take away the lack of mobility he’s had since before he was ever turned
  • so he knew that wasn’t the way to do it.
  • but he’d also seen his mermaid get up, sometimes, only by the light of the moon, and.. change. shed his tail in a way that must be agonizing, and grow two long, naked legs from his torso
  • but he didnt scream. he bit down on his knuckle, sometimes, but he never screamed. he’d then walk a few blocks along the water to a small, abandoned beach house, retrieve the same black suit and white shirt, and wander into the city
  • finch never followed him past the shore. he told himself it was to give him some semblance of privacy, but if he was honest with himself (and if root was, too), it was because he knew that if he went after him, he might actually have a chance
  • but now, the cops were after him, for something finch didn’t believe he could have done of his own volition
  • so tonight, things would change.