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You don’t want to kill me. || You don’t want to do this.

Okay so Kara ended up with alot of flowers from Mxy, and we all know she can’t possible keep all of them, so how much you wanna bet Kara ‘hufflepuff’ Danvers starts giving them away to people. Like the employees at catco go to work one day and just have bouquets of flowers on their desks, and the agents at the deo. Eliza wakes up one morning and sees a dozen bouquets of flowers in her house. Clark and Lois end up getting one, Cat gets one, and so does Lucy wherever she is. Lena’s office overflows with them, and random people, waiters, postmen, teachers, firefighters, the cops.

Like Kara did this you can fight me on it.

The legit first thing I said to Weiss’s voice actor was “Weiss to meet you.” She spent the next minute trying to think of a pun to reply with.

Kara’s face when I greeted her with the pun:

Kara’s face when trying to think of a pun to reply with:

Conflict resolved with a combat skirt high five:

I'm just saying, I think we all know Kara Danvers fairly well.

And if you think for one hot second she wouldn’t have taken time to visit her friend, Lena Luthor, after Lena saved National City and turned in her mother… then you don’t know Kara at all.

It’s so good to finally see Kara this excited and happy! She no longer has to make a choice between being Supergirl over having a relationship anymore. She can finally have both! She can be truly happy and less alone. She can now love without worrying too much because she found someone who can be her partner in fighting for justice and in her personal life as well. Can we not give Supergirl a break at least and let her have a moment of bliss even for a minute or two before going back to action?! I think we owe her that for all the saving she’s done. She can damn well live her life the way she wants it to be and if she chose to be with Mon-el, then who are we to oppose??