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remember when Alex’s love for Kara was emphasised so much that Astra realised how much Alex cared for Kara, and went to her to stop the black mercy before she even knew they were sisters? remember when Alex begged Alura’s hologram for answers despite knowing that she wasn’t an actual person and couldn’t help? remember when Alex worked with Astra because at that time saving Kara was more important to both of them? remember when Alex went into the black mercy, into Kara’s ideal world, despite the fact that it could’ve killed her, and Kara loved her so much that she remembered?

remember when Alex never would’ve left saving Kara up to someone else? because apparently the writers don’t

as much as i love the way brenda strong plays Evil™ lillian luthor, i can’t help but think about what it might’ve been like if the writers had decided to make her more complex than the cliche Evil Mother Cannot Love Adopted Daughter thing

i think that their dynamic would’ve been a lot more interesting if lillian did love lena. if lena had memories of growing up with her mother’s love and being accepted and being cared for. if it was only after lex’s madness and the things he did that lillian became withdrawn and cold, and started working for cadmus. 

if lillian joined cadmus because she was genuinely scared of aliens, and the things they could do, and she genuinely did think that she was doing the right thing by joining cadmus and finding a way to fight them. if her talk about protecting and loving lena and saving the world was just more than talk.

and it would’ve been a really strong way of paralleling someone lena cares for, for someone that kara loved. imagine lena telling kara about how lillian used to be, before lex’s reign of terror, before cadmus, and kara thinking of her aunt. kara ending up in cadmus and looking up at this woman with cold, cold eyes, remembering how her aunt didn’t listen to her, and telling lillian that her daughter misses her. 

kara becoming determined to save lillian from herself, for lena, because she couldn’t save her aunt

give me a redemption arc for a middle aged woman who loves her child and has done all these terrible things for what she thought were the right reasons, rather than one for a man child whose done nothing to work for it

am i talking about lillian or astra in the last part who even knows 

an au where kara’s pod crash lands right by fort rozz, since that was what indigo locked onto to get them all out and astra finds her instead of clark and immediately takes kara away because i’m p sure a lot of astra’s hatred of alura was bc she thought, for over 10 years, that alura didn’t heed her warning and that her pride was more important than kara’s life, but all the Fort Rozz escapees would still want Kara dead so Astra takes Kara and then they go into hiding

but Kara’s curious and wants to do more than hide and sometimes the best way to hide is in plain sight so she goes to school and sometimes uses her powers more than she should and stands out a bit more than she would have with the Danvers, more than a little bit because the Danvers at least had a baseline to be like no, no that is something you can’t do as a human and that is way beyond current human science no, you can’t correct your teacher on Newton’s laws Kara and she’d definitely seek out her baby cousin, even if he’s not so much of a baby anymore, although Astra would be right there with her and probably would get into a big fight over custody and in this version, yeah Astra wouldn’t let Kara go to a human family when Kara has her Kara’s cousin wanting to spend time with her but him dropping her off w humans to live? Yeah no, she’s not risking her niece like that.

So Clark actually spends time with Kara maybe, but more so as Clark Kent, and maybe takes Kara to visit the Danvers so she still knows Alex pretty well and Clark makes sure she’s signed up for school and help her with English and History (Clark’s no slouch in the math and department, he took Calc III, but this girl is barely a teenager and already running rings around his comprehension. His only consolation is that although Astra can keep up, it’s keeping up, not out pacing Kara.)

Tbh the main way he convinces Astra is that humans are really good at art–and look how animated Kara is after taking that one art class with people her age! And yeah, they’re still on the move and Kara would totally fly to school from like a different part of the country and have her home address be Clark’s place in Metropolis bc yeah they kinda have to keep on the move a bit–and kara wants to explore, and so does astra, she’s bored–but yeah she goes to school in metropolis

and maybe Clark’s like. shit. shit i am in my 20s wait you know who has a kid sister? Lex. What was her name again? Oh! Lena. She’s smart so she can keep up with Kara, and she seemed nice. Maybe they’ll get along! And oh yeah, Lois has a little sister, Lucy! Spoiler alert: they do.

A Luthor, a Super, and a Lane

a request fulfillment for @whoeverdares, who asked for “ Alex and Astra having a coffee ☕ and being super cute together :p “ <– I wonder which fic inspired this prompt ;)

the I can’t believe I’ve never read an au where Kara’s pod crash lands right next to Fort Rozz and so Astra reaches Kara before Clark and this is an astra who hasn’t had 10 years of thinking Kara was dead, or who’s first interaction was with a full grown adult. She loves her niece, and she knows what the prisoners of Fort Rozz, some of the worst in the entire galaxy, would do to the daughter of Alura, even if she was a 13 year old child. And so they go into hiding

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Tonight’s update: Act 4.

The main door clanged shut and Cat glanced up from her book, curious to see Alex Danvers striding toward her cell. Alex was white as a ghost, setting Cat’s own nerves jangling. “What’s wrong?” Cat demanded, slipping off her glasses. Alex stopped and used her thumbprint to open the door. “Is it Cadmus? Did you find something?”

Getting to her feet as the door swung open, Cat realized Alex was trembling. Worse than Cadmus meant only one thing. “Is it Kara?” If those bastards had struck out at Kara, Cat would go back and kill them herself.

Alex grunted in dismissal. “Did you remember anything else?”

Cat tilted her head, watching the agent shrewdly. “I assume you’re after something in particular.”

Motioning to the bunk, Alex indicated Cat should sit as she began to pace the small confines of the cell.

Cat observed her, noting the dark circles under her makeup. Something was keeping Alex Danvers up at night.

“Has Kara ever talked about our family?”

“She said they died in a fire. I assume they technically did,” Cat added quietly. Knowing what she did now, pieced together with parts of Superman’s lore, more of the story made sense. Each realization weighed on her as she built the whole narrative, and left her all the more stunned Kara was still so optimistic.

“Not her birth parents. My family.”


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headcanon time

so everyone thinks that kara’s this sweet kid who never uses language stronger than ‘hell’ and ‘goddamn’, but when she’s really frustrated she sometimes goes off in kryptonese and no one knows what she’s saying, until one day clark and astra are there, and alex asks them to translate, and clark just goes bright red and refuses because, honestly, it’s filthy and some of the anatomy involved doesn’t really translate, and astra asks him why he’s looking at her, because she didn’t teach kara how to say that (even though she totally did)

ever thought that one of the reasons rhea hates kara so much is because of her aunt, the mighty general astra, who was flawed and imperfect yes but taught kara that slavery is wholly wrong, the child appropriate stories involving vanquishing slavers and setting people free–who occasionally tells kara some of the milder stories about the horrible daxamite prince, who kara called “the worst”

the exact opposite of what the daxamites would want

astra in-ze would snap the necks of all the daxamites at the invasion and would punt monoboy into fucking pluto

concept: astra in-ze is alive and well, recovering emotionally from the trauma of losing her entire world and everything she knew when she believed she had a chance to save it, hugs kara on a regular basis, smiles all the time, is in a happy, loving and healthy relationship with alex danvers, and goes on long flights over the globe to show alura the wonders of this new world. she and alex murdered man hell and she and alura dumped his body in a volcano. she tends a garden to remind herself of the potential of this world, makes art with her niece, sings with her sister, and tells alex every day that she loves her. she’s happy, and even though her scar never bothers her, alex still likes to kiss it better.