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Every year I give Leslie the same present I give everyone: a crisp twenty dollar bill. And every year she gets me something thoughtful and personal. It makes me furious. This year she outdid herself.“ He pushes the button on a remote and the doors to his office close automatically. "She had it installed over the weekend. It’s so… it’s so beautiful.
—  Ron Swanson nearly breaking down when talking about Leslie’s - no, Santa’s - gift to him this year, Parks and Recreation “Citizen Knope”
Relationship Recap: A Marriage in Crisis, Friday Night Lights

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I don’t ever like to see Eric and Tami Taylor fight. I’m alright with a whisper fight here and there but we’ve never seen them fight like this. And it’s not even technically a fight. It’s an opportunity – or, at least, that’s what Tami keeps calling it and I think she has a point. She’s been a coach’s wife for eighteen years. She’s followed Eric around from city to city, finding whatever jobs she could get while he’s pursued his dream of coaching football. When is it going to be Tami’s turn? Isn’t her career important too? Is this the one thing that can break the Taylors up?

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Friday Night Lights' Moment of Goodness: Coach Lets Jess Shadow Him

Jurnee Smollett’s Jess Merriweather has always had a thing for football. Her (currently absent) father was a local football hero and her little brothers play in the Pee Wees. Even though she has no desire to play, which she tells Coach, she is interested in learning what it takes to become a coach. When she asks Coach Taylor to shadow him, you can see him thinking of all the reasons why it won’t work. But Jess is nothing if not tenacious and Coach is willing to do whatever necessary to inspire his students, who are like family.

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I was Special Forces. I used to eat ‘classified’ for breakfast and yet writer boy can know? Ok. I’ll be over there with harbor patrol trying to figure out how to get your unit out of the drink…I’m glad you’re ok.
—  Esposito to Beckett after she still won’t tell him what’s going on with this case, Castle “Linchpin”
Glee's Moment of Goodness: Sam and Mercedes Couple Up...Secretly

Alert! Alert! Sam and Mercedes are now a couple. It is about time a straight guy showed some interest in Mercedes; we love her, especially when she’s not being influenced by the likes of Lauren. The fact that she’s with Sam? Love it. We thought we saw some chemistry between them at the prom (and at Nationals). Sam seems like the perfect person for Mercedes to have her first real relationship with. Awww. And we love that they’re keeping it a secret.

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Friday Night Lights’ Moment of Goodness: Coach Taylor Decides to Stay at Home, In Dillon

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There are so many amazing moments in “Don’t Go” that it’s almost impossible to pick just one. One of the most significant moments in this episode is when Coach Taylor decides his heart belongs to Dillon. Now, I think any of us can understand why he’d seriously consider the offer from Florida. He’d basically have it made at that school with no worries about funding or recruitment money, and that’s huge. But what he wouldn’t have is all these kids he’s helped turned into men, all these kids who need him. I can’t tell you how much it moved me to watch Vince ask Coach Taylor to stay. I haven’t been the biggest Vince fan lately, but he really redeems himself. He acknowledges that without Coach Taylor he’d be dead or in jail. And with those words, Vince acknowledges how much Coach Taylor means to him and his teammates. It’s those words that touch Coach Taylor most of all and help him make the decision to stay.

Bonus moment: Buddy calls Tim Riggins family.

Extra bonus moment: Vince stands up to his father.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. 

Parenthood's Moment of Goodness: Adam Braverman Hips it Up "Nora"

For any of you who missed “Nora,” I wish there was a picture to show you just how awful Adam Braverman looks when he tries to hip things up. The photo above illustrates how great he can look and it’s the exact opposite of how he looked at various points (but mostly at the end) in this episode. We all know Adam is a bit of a square, but that is exactly what Crosby needs in a partner. The problem is Adam can come off as a bit uptight so when Crosby takes him to meet an artist they want to sign, Crosby needs Adam to look a bit cooler. Too bad Adam has no idea what being (or looking) cool is all about. When he came out of the store in his “hip” clothes? I laughed loud and long. This could technically qualify as a rewind and repeat, but since I didn’t do that it’s gotta be my moment of goodness.

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You know what I was thinking about? If Mary Tyler Moore married and then divorced Steven Tyler, then married and divorced Michael Moore and then got into a three-way lesbian marriage with Demi Moore and Mandy Moore would she go by the name Mary Tyler Moore Tyler Moore Moore Moore?
—  Max when asked if his mind just went blank like everyone else’s, Happy Endings “Party of Six”
EXCLUSIVE TV Goodness Q&A: Southland "Reckoning" Postmortem with Michael Cudlitz

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Sammy And Ben’s Partnership Is Over

We knew where this was headed. Ben tried so hard to keep Sammy off the scent. But Sammy used to be a detective and a damn good one. So when he finds out Ben is behind all of it - and worse, that he’s not sorry - their partnership falls apart. I loved these two so much. I’m kind of heartbroken, but after something like this I don’t see how Sammy can ever trust Ben again. And I really don’t like the kind of cop or person Ben’s become. Maybe this “breakup” will make him reevaluate some of his life choices.

Ruben Is Recognized

With all the push-back they got from RHD, it was nice to see Lydia and Ruben pursue their own leads in their own way. They managed to track down both suspects in the Lucero/Cooper kidnapping without any help whatsoever from RHD. We knew they were great detectives and they’ve just proven to the department how much better they are than the “elite cops” in RHD.

Russell and Lydia Spend More Time Together

I’m not sure what’s going on here (well I am, but I’m not sure I like it). It is nice to see that Lydia has someone to depend on. I want to see where this goes (and, yes, I have to believe we’ll get another season of this fantastic show). I’ll make up my mind about this later.

Cooper Gets Shot

He’s had a pretty bad day. He’s stuck behind a desk, working as part of the “rubber gun squad” as he calls it. He thinks it’s time to make a baby with Laurie, but she tells him she’s not interested anymore. And the guys next door push him too far. It was so hard to watch that last scene. Seeing John take his frustrations out on those guys just proved once and for all how not-okay he actually is. And then, of course, he gets shot.

We had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Michael Cudlitz (Officer John Cooper) about the season finale, his work with a few of the actors on the show and his hopes for season 6. Read our Q&A below.

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Dexter Says Goodbye to Deb, Dexter “Remember the Monsters?”

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Jennifer Carpenter made no secret of how she thought her character should end the series: dead. And it’s fitting that Dexter is the one to end her life. Even though Dexter thought he was turning over a new leaf by letting the law deal with Oliver Saxon, it comes back to cost him everything in the end. Not only does Saxon shoot Deb, but Dexter misses his chance to leave with Hannah and Harrison because of him. So much for a new life, right? But I think Dexter ended up exactly where he should be - away from the people he loves so he can’t destroy them. 

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The ocean is dying and if we don’t do something to protect it soon, we won’t be alive to regret it. Director/producers Fisher Stevens (The Cove) and Robert Nixon (Gorillas in the Mist) document legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle’s wake-up call to save the world’s seas. Four years in the making, Earle goes on a global quest to protect our oceans — and the extraordinary marine life that call them home — from the powerful forces of pollution, overfishing and climate change.

Mission Blue premieres August 15th on Netflix.