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Rip to all of these mcu ladies

Most of them aren’t even dead

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Cat Grant Appreciation Week: Day 1 - Favorite Scene.

There’s no way I could ever choose a favorite Cat scene.  There are far too many. But I’m absolutely heart-meltingly weak for any time Cat shows a side of herself that she does not show to the world at large.  She lets her guard down for Carter, occasionally for her mother, to her frustration, in this scene to Adam and eventually, to Kara.  My heart broke for her when her whole self told her to reach out and fear and insecurity and her own inadequacies stop her from approaching with her usual bravado.  It’s beautiful and captivating and I’m drawn to this Cat like a moth to a flame.  This is the Cat I’m compelled to write into a thousand love stories.  This is the Cat I am determined to give every happy ending I can imagine for her.  This is the Cat that deserves a superhero of her very own.


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