kara cosplay

The legit first thing I said to Weiss’s voice actor was “Weiss to meet you.” She spent the next minute trying to think of a pun to reply with.

Kara’s face when I greeted her with the pun:

Kara’s face when trying to think of a pun to reply with:

Conflict resolved with a combat skirt high five:

Where’s Blake? well she had family business to attend to but she will reunite with us eventually!!!

Yang by Acaciana Cosplay
Ruby and Weiss by us!
Ruby and Weiss cosplays made by Ohmyeggs

Photography by Lucy’s Photography Wonderland

Quick message from Mod Kara:

I’ve recently been hired for my summer job, which is at an overnight summer camp. Hooray for me, because I’ll finally have cash flow again! 

But what does this mean for you? Well, it does mean that starting this week, I will not be able to respond to your asks as quickly as before.

As it stands now, there are  2 WEEKS left before the final deadline for submissions! I know, I know, so soon?

However - in the event that 

a) participation is still low 

or b) I simply do not have time to begin editing the zine,

this project may receive a final final extension (I know, I know, I already said this was it… I was not expecting to hear back from this job!). If I did change the final final deadline, it would be around the end of summer convention season (mid - late August) when my employment contract ends. 

It would also give me more time to help advertise this project like I did the first time around, which I wasn’t really able to do during my college courses these past several months. I’d really love to put together another large anthology! 

For now, keep submitting your entries! However, come June 9, I’ll let you know what’s up with Beauty Karamatsu volume 2.