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Prompt: Kara and Alex dealing with her being on the spectrum (as adults).

“hey alex, there’s no need to freak out but im home from work early-”

“what’s wrong?”

kara groans for a long time, annoyed that alex picked up. well, not annoyed. just…she just wanted to say it and leave it all behind. go curl up on her couch and eat all the brownies out of the icecream and forget that she’d almost had a meltdown at work.


“it’s not a supergirl thing, i was just going to leave a message,”

“excuse me for a moment,” alex says in a way more formal tone and kara hears her boots echoing and sighs again, pulls the icecream out. a door whooshes open on alex’s end of the phone and alex is talking to her again. “talk to me. what’s wrong? is it that sleazy guy again?”

“no, no,” kara crinkles her nose. “well, he is still sleazy. but it’s not that. i just… hadabitofameltdownatworkandwantedtotellyoubeforejamesdoes.”

“okay, rewind,” alex chides her, but really softly and kara grabs at the duvet she’s been using as a cape - she likes the weight, and she likes that it’s so long it slides along the floor when she walks and makes the nicest shish shish shish sound - and she nods. “repeat all that but slower.”

“i had a meltdown at work,” she says. “and i’m calling you because i’m pretty sure james is going to call you soon to make sure i haven’t blown out my powers and i thought you should know. and, maybe,” kara picks at the raised loops sewing the patches of the duvet cover, “i wanted to see if you were busy.”

“you had a meltdown? what happened? you’re okay? i mean you’re talking so that’s a good sign,”

“yes,” kara nods emphatically, pushes her glasses up her nose when the move makes them slip down. “i’m okay. i stood in the sun, i did my breathing, james hugged me and cat gave me a pillow to hug.”

“that woman, honestly,”

“at least she didn’t fire me,” kara tells her, and damn it her voice wavers a little and alex - a literal spy and awesome secret agent - can’t not pick up on that. “no crying at work, remember?”

“you were crying?” alex asks very softly. “kara, i can be there in fifteen minutes.”

“no. no, you are working and i dealt with it and i am dealing with it and i want you to finish up your meeting.”

“you’re more important,”

“yeah but i’m also okay,” she insists. “please, i just wanted to let you know. i dealt with it, i did well. i’m not a kid anymore, alex, please don’t come over until you’re actually free.”


kara narrows her eyes. “i’ll know if you cut any meetings or whatever to come over.”

that makes alex laugh and she’s about to say something, probably along the lines of i was a DEO agent for years without you knowing, but the door whooshes open and a quiet voice asks for alex to join them again.

“i’ll be right in,” alex promises, and she waits for the door to close again. “i will be over the second my shift is over. save some icecream for me.”

“uh, no.”

“i will pick up some icecream,” alex amends, and kara lowers her head to the kitchen counter and listens to the fondness, the smile, her sister speaks with. “i’m really proud of you. and we can go through what happened to figure out why,”

“i know why, it’s okay. i just want to watch tv with you. but…on mute maybe?” she scratches at her arm. “it was all sounds and stuff today, i just.”

“mute is good.”


“okay.” alex lingers as long as she can, but, “i have to go back in there. my shift ends at seven, expect me at seven thirty. what’s your food today?”


“pick something else too.”

“just brownies.”


“i won’t eat anything else. not today.”

“fine! brownies then,” she grumbles, and her goodbye is hurried but sweet. “i love you, see you tonight.”


she doesn’t feel worse, exactly, when alex does show up. way more tired though so everything is a little harder to manage.

“hey kara,” alex says, and immediately shuts up when her little sister curls into an even littler sister shaped ball on the couch and tugs her duvet closed around her head.

alex makes her way around as quietly as she can. she toes her boots off at the door, pads to the fridge to put away the pizzas she picked up. it wasn’t on kara’s very short food list but it’s a danvers staple so she’ll want it eventually. the low whine of the fridge sounds especially loud and alex hunches her shoulders, moves as fast as she can to finish all the necessary steps. turns her phone on silent and do not disturb, shrugs off her jacket and picks up a blanket, grimaces through cracking open the brownie takeout box and the clink of cutlery when she pulls out a spoon for kara.

“are you done?” kara grumbles from her couch. if she concentrates, alex thinks she can make out a single, baleful eye.

“coming your way,” alex shoots back, and kara sobs once when she steps on a creaking floorboard and again when the couch springs shriek when she sits. “i’m sorry.”

“it’s okay.” kara doesn’t take the brownie box. alex sets it on the table. “it hurts,” she mutters, and alex eases her over so she can lay next to her sister and pulls her head to her chest.

“focus on my heartbeat,” she tells her, and wraps her arms tight even that even kara could feel it. she can’t hold that up for long, but a moment is enough.

kara knees her in the bladder and headbutts her chin, blind inside her cocoon, shifting around to find the most comfortable position and alex bears it with good grace though she’ll be cashing in her bruises for favours later, no doubt about that.

they doze off quickly, kara first, exhausted, and then alex once kara’s tears are mostly cried out. when they wake, it’s because of kara’s stomach. it grumbles and rumbles and kara floats them both over to the kitchen, putters around making their dinner - midnight meal, really - as quietly as possible.

“maybe you should tell your friends,” alex murmurs, trying to keep her voice smooth and low and even. “and maybe cat.”

kara shoves her pizza slice into her mouth and fetches her phone, squints at the brightness and turns it so alex can read the email.

“sick days are unfortunately a requirement by law. you have several. use them wisely.” alex rolls her eyes. “can she say anything without it sounding like a threat?”

“carter,” kara whispers.

“true.” she accepts kara back into a hug, despite the sauce on her chin. kara tucks her forehead into alex’s neck, brings her arms up to brace comfortably between their bodies. “sick day tomorrow? i have a date with maggie in the evening, maybe we can all hang out in the day?”


“we’ll see how you feel. could be a danvers day only.” she feels kara smile and nod. “sounds good to me.”

they stand for a while longer. then kara sighs and pulls back. “i’m going to tell winn and james. they should know in case anything happens while they’re with me. like today. and i trust them. and cat already knows everything,” kara sucks in a deep breath, less to do with cat and more to do with the effort of saying so much at one time. “but i’m going to tell her too.”


“will you stay, when i tell the guys?”

“of course.”

kara blows out her cheeks and nods, relieved. “thank you.”

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Song prompt: Rachel Plattens "Better Place." Either perspective could work, Kara to Lena about her revealing the truth about her alien heritage/ being Supergirl and Lena's acceptance of it, or Lena being accepted by Kara (and the Super Friends) as Lena.

these song prompts are supposed to be AUs but…this is all i want from canon so  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

It’s not the first time Lena has gone to meet Kara’s family, but it is the first time she’s gone there an engaged woman.

She feels unreasonably jittery about it, suddenly, as if everything’s changed; as if she has to prove herself all over again. Kara’s family has always been nothing but kind, sure—but that was then, and now, Lena is about to be tied to them for the rest of her life.

She doesn’t want anything less, but there is a small part of her whispering in the back of her mind that Kara’s family might not.

A touch to her shoulder makes her pause, and if sensing her thoughts, Kara asks, quietly, “Hey. You okay?”

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Either/Or: Duck 4

It didn’t happen often. It couldn’t.

But Lena felt herself getting accustomed to occasionally waking up in the same bed as the hero who had a knack for sleeping like a starfish, big and wide and very wholly. Twice, she woke up with arms wrapped around her. That was a pleasant surprise, one that she allowed herself to burrow into and close her eyes for an extra five minutes.

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Sanvers fic:

Title: Split-Seam
Pairing/Characters: Alex/Maggie, Kara
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:  3126 

Summary: Kara was off doing her heroic duty somewhere Alex couldn’t help her and that Alex was, predictably, a garbage fire of shot nerves and tequila cravings. A little domestic fluff, set between 2x10 and 2x11; Maggie looks after Alex while Kara is away on a mission, and begins to truly understand who the Danvers sisters are.


Maggie thought a lot (like, a lot) about what dating Alex might be like in the last few days before screwing up her courage and actually doing something about it.

None of the scenarios she’d lingered over – long lazy Sunday mornings and motorcycle rides through the city and late night take out and sex on the couch – had involved the possibility of waking up to Supergirl sitting on her floor unsuccessfully trying to yank her boots off, swearing in Kryptonese.

“Sorry!” She looks up at Maggie, and she looks young – really young, all of a sudden – windswept hair stuck in her face, brow furrowed, eyes bright, “didn’t mean to wake you! If I pull too hard I rip them in half so – ”

She goes back to tugging at her boots.

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Can You See Them?

The world is black and white until their soulmate says their name for the first time.


In which Lena roughly takes five minutes to see colors. Kara needs more.

When she first arrived on Earth, Kara couldn’t understand the concept of a soulmate; it wasn’t something Krypton’s customs had shared. So, she couldn’t understand why she could no longer see the colors.

But Alex took her time, answering her questions after midnight, after Eliza had told her she did not know anything else, because the colors, or the absence of them, ware still a mystery to mankind itself.

And, with blankets around their shoulders, a sixteen year old Alex told a thirteen year old Kara about being perfectly incomplete without another half. You would still be a whole person, but something would always be missing.

That night, Kara cried herself to sleep, measuring her sobs to not wake her sister. Because she wasn’t human, she didn’t share the Earth customs, she didn’t have a soulmate. And she wouldn’t stand in no one’s way.

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quick question but where does Kara hide her boots??

ive just given up on understanding like as far as im concern she wears just the chest piece of her suit as a tank top for the dramatic titties out reveal but then she pulls a flash and superspeeds into her suit

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"Hey, Diana? Thanks for letting me borrow your boots... it worked out really well!" She's smiling brightly as she hands you them back.

Diana still looks a bit befuddled as to why Kara wanted just her boots when she’d been hounding her for a while now to let her try on the whole armor.

“You are welcome… but I am still curious as to… why you wished to borrow them?

Supercat New Year's drabble

Kara stared intently at the screen of her phone. Should she call, or not? After all, it was a holiday. There was nothing weird about calling a friend on a holiday. After releasing a deep breath, Kara tapped the call button and lifted the phone to her ear.

One ring. This is a bad idea, Kara thought.

Two rings. Just take another breath.

There rings. She’s not answering. Of course, she’s busy on New Year’s Eve. Kara sighed. Then, the line picked up.


Kara closed her eyes at the sound of Cat’s voice saying her name, that soft and familiar voice. Kara tried to form words in her mind, but the simple sound of Cat speaking her name had rendered her silent. Then the sound came again.

“Kara, are you there?” The quiet inquiry stirred Kara from her trance.

She blinked her eyes and answered. “Yes, I’m here, Ms. Grant. Hi.”

“Hi,” Cat said back. There was a pause before Cat asked, “How, uh, how are you?”

“Good, I’m good. I, um…” Kara trailed off. She hadn’t come up with much of a plan when she called. She only wanted to talk to Cat. She didn’t care what about. Kara had missed her so much. “I just wanted to wish you a happy new year. I hope that’s not weird.” Kara closed her eyes tight at shook her head at herself. Idiot, don’t make it weird, Kara told herself.

Cat breathed out the smallest laugh on the other end. “No, it’s not weird. It’s uh,” she paused again and quietly finished, “It’s good to hear your voice.”

They fell into a lull, though if they had been in the same room, they would have been able to see that they were both smiling.

Finally, Kara asked her, “How have you been?”

“Good. I’ve been good.” It was a simple answer and Kara knew Cat well enough to know that there were a thousand unspoken words behind it. Her tone was subdued and the young woman could tell Cat was holding something back.

“I can hear a ‘but’ from all the way across the ocean.” Kara hoped she wasn’t being too forward. At the same time, that was how things had always been between them, Cat holding back, Kara calling her out.

“How do you know I’m across the ocean?”

Kara could practically hear the smile on Cat’s face and it encouraged her. “I’m a reporter, Ms. Grant, remember?”

Cat chuckled at that and it made Kara beam from ear to ear. “You are indeed.”

Kara soaked in the veiled affirmation from the person whose affirmation meant the most. Finally relaxing, she leaned back against her sofa. “So, you’re good, but…?”

Another pause and Kara heard wind blowing across the phone’s speaker. She must be outside. “I’m good,” Cat responded, “but I miss it. I miss CatCo, I miss my work, I miss…” She trailed off.

Kara pressed her lips together, hearing a hint of longing. Was it possible that Cat missed her like she missed Cat? They’d become so close before Cat left. There had been times when Kara swore that a look Cat gave her meant much more than it was intended to mean, or that a word of encouragement was really a declaration of some sort. Then there were the times when Kara couldn’t forget the warmth of Cat in her arms or the way they stood so close that last time on the balcony.

Kara asked, pushing, “What do you miss?”

She heard Cat breath out and say softly, “I have to admit I’m a little afraid to say it.”

There was an inflection of uncertainty in her tone, but to Kara it sounded like hope. She sat up straighter on the sofa. “What can I do to make you less afraid?”

Another pause. Cat said, “Maybe if there was a way I could say it face to face.” They lingered in silence for a few seconds.

Then the line went dead.

Kara’s brow furrowed together. She pulled the phone away from her ear and looked at it. The call had ended. “She hung up on me,” Kara whispered aloud. Slowly the realization dawned on Kara. Hanging up wasn’t a dismissal, it was an invitation.

All the pretense and all the secrecy, Cat was asking to end it. And maybe start something new at the same time.

Kara was on her feet and, with a whoosh, in her super suit and out the window. She called her sister from the air asking for a trace on Cat’s phone.

Paris. Cat was in Paris.

Kara flew as fast as she could, spurred by the cold air over the Atlantic ocean. The water gave way to land and soon Kara was over Paris, France. The lights guided her to the city’s center where she would find Cat. The wind that she had heard over the phone was no doubt from Cat being outside.

When she reached the coordinates of Cat’s phone, Kara eagerly looked around and around. There, a tall hotel, complete with a balconies in the highest suites. That has to be it, she thought.

She slowly flew around the place, making sure to stay out of sight. After too many minutes of scanning, Kara saw her. She stopped her movement, freezing in the air, hovering just out of Cat’s eyesight.

Kara took the opportunity to watch the woman. Cat’s elbows were propped on the balcony’s edge, like she was waiting. The breeze blew her loose curls. Her shoulders were relaxed and as Kara came closer she saw tiniest smile on Cat’s perfect lips.

Without looking in Kara’s direction, Cat’s smile grew and she closed her eyes. It was as if she sensed Kara’s proximity. When she opened her eyes, she turned to the young superhero.

Cat quietly said, “I knew you’d find me.”

Kara slowly touched down only inches away from Cat. Returning Cat’s soft smile, Kara lifted her hands to lightly cup Cat’s cheeks. Her confidence was boosted when small hands found their way to her waist.

“Tell me what you miss.” Kara echoed her question from earlier.

Green eyes searched pure blue ones, and Cat said, simply, “I miss you, Kara.”

Cat pulled on Kara’s waist until their fronts touched and, with Kara in her boots, she had to stand on her tiptoes to bring their lips together. Kara didn’t hesitate to press into Cat, threading her fingers into the shorter, softer hair.

The kiss deepened quickly after so many months of denying their feelings. Kara couldn’t keep herself from parting her lips and asking for more. Cat didn’t mind in the least. She matched Kara’s enthusiasm and opened her mouth, passing her tongue over Kara’s bottom lip and they began an intimate dance of wandering hands and exploring lips that lasted for long moments.

Finally, they pulled apart, only enough to look at each other. With shy smiles, they both laughed lightly. Soon, the sound of cheering across the city floated up to the balcony and they looked out to see the lights of the Eiffel Tower flashing. It was midnight.

They turned back to one another and Cat said, “Happy New Year, Kara.”

“Happy New Year, Cat.”

As Kara pulled Cat in for another searing kiss, they new that this year would be the best yet.