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So there’s this urban legend called Pérák or The Spring Man of Prague

Pérák was a mysterious man or a human-like entity that used to show up in occupied Prague around the time of WW II. First a malevolent figure rumored to stealthily kill wihout discrimination, he quickly turned all of his murderous attention towards the nazis, whom he often assassinated when they wandered into a dark alley at night or when they were assaulting the citizens. He became something of a beloved superhero vigilante among the people, only to vanish without a trace after WW II ended.

His descriptions vary, but some common repeating elements are:

  • glowing red eyes
  • black clothes
  • outstanding physical feats, superhuman speed and ability to leap over ten meters with ease (hence ‘The Spring Man’)
  • impervious to bullets
  • what was described as hidden knives or “iron feathers” held in/attached near his hands and sometimes at his boots, that he was adept at fighting with in close quarters


You may already see where I’m going with this

I can’t believe Kars came back to Earth, chased after Stroheim and his nazis through Central Europe and accidentally became an urban legend


“Happy Together” Trailer

Director: Wong Kar Wai
Cinematographer: Christopher Doyle


Year: 1997