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Homestuck au where everything is exactly the same except that Karkat and Eridan were Moirails.  And Karkat is able to snap Eridan back to his senses when he fights Sollux.  And Eridan doesn’t kill Feferi.  And he doesn’t destroy the matriorb, so the trolls actually have some hope of their race surviving.  And Kanaya doesn’t have to kill Eridan.  And everything is just a little bit better.  And Feferi was just such a bad moirail for eridan it should have been Karkat for the love of glob.  

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For the kiss prompt, number 18 with Kars please!

18. Kisses where one person is sitting in the other’s lap.

Lort I haven’t thought about Kars in a while,,, also this one was shorter then I wanted it to be because I’m unsure where the heck I was going with this,

Having Kars as your boyfriend led to some interesting things, sometimes.The man, you had to admit, was an amazing lover. He was thick, and surprisingly kinky. All the good stuff. Not everything was sexual, of course. 

He was an excellent kisser too. That’s why you felt a twinge of excitement, when he pulled you into his lap. That was how he kissed you, a lot. He set his hands firmly on your hips, and you looked up at him. He had this small smirk on his face. You liked that smirk, and he knew it.

He leaned down, pressing his lips firmly against yours, giving your hips a possessive squeeze. Your hands were pressed flush to his chest, and you kissed him back. 

Your hands slid up his chest, and into his wild hair, tilting your head into the kiss for a better angle. After a while, he pulled back, pressing his lips to your neck and shoulder, sinking his teeth into your flesh a few times, adamant about marking you as his, in some way.

nineteen times ward tells people (and sometimes skye) that he loves her


To my sass and sunshine, happy happy birthday. I know I said I stopped writing fanfics, but to show you how much you mean to me, I created this little thingy just for you (Okay, it’s not really little, because this turned out longer that I intended it to be) I love you very much, and I hope you never change. You’re always there when I need you, but more importantly, you’re there when I think I don’t need you (but then I realize that I do). You deserve all the happiness in the world for being wonderful.

To the Skye of my Ward, the Laurel of my Oliver, the Robin of my Ted, the Brooke of my Lucas, the Katniss of my Gale, happy 19th birthday. I love you more than cupcakes and I know you love me more than cookies which is a big deal because you love cookies so much. 

(On your next birthday, I’ll send you Paul Wesley and Brett Dalton.)

(And HYDRA? What HYDRA? Let’s live in AU Land forever.)

(And I did this in one sitting, so I’m sorry for the mistakes.)



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What if, when Eridan and Karkat meet irl, Eridan is struck by Karkat’s lack of decoration and insists on giving him jewelry and fancy beauty products?

FFFFffpfff bonus points for Karkat seeing him and being like “…wow, he’s still cute but he’s drESSED LIKE A TOTAL DOUCHE.” while Eridan has this total dramatic doki-doki shojo montage going on in his head about how cute and small and pretty Karkat is and how he’s going to be so happy when Eridan pampers him and gives him shiny things.


Eridan being a histrionic nerd and Karkat not taking any of his shit is my favorite way to ship Erikar. XD