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When you find your friends at a convention and they’re cosplaying from the same series xD
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Kars: @sonnysama
Esidisi: @wandering_chaos
Wammu: @fang_soul

Video by me

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Fanime 2017 JJBA Cosplays - Sunday, Day 3
JoJo Gathering Edition
After the Gathering

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@hotpantys - Bruno Buccellati
@sporkbot - Stone Ocean Dio Brando
@spitewick - Ultimate Being Kars


Pillarweek 2017- Day 1 Modern AU.
So I have this rad pillarmen tank top made by the talented @sleepystellarsister which I wear to the gym on a regular basis. This event gave me and excuse to cosplay a fitness instructor/personal trainer version of Kars. He works at the Aztec God Of Fitness gym and is willing to train you to get those glorious pillar thighs for the small price of vampirism and utter devotion towards him 💪🏻💖


A perfect life form combines all the abilities of all other life forms.

Amanda and I are going to prep Punk Rock Pillar Fems for Youmacon this year and I thought I’d break out some random jewelry and test out my first ever lace front wig with some first draft makeup. Right now I’m hand embroidering the design for the back of my vest.

I especially liked the selfies with me standing in the sun, for obvious reasons.


Colossalcon 2017 was my very first colossal and it was a blast!!! I got to meet so many of my good friends from online finally! If you happened to see me I was Young Genji Thursday, Anasui Friday, and Lady Kars Saturday! I was Doppio on Sunday for about 2 hours I don’t think I saw anyone there that day.

mamabirdkars  asked:

Are there any good tutorials for over arm wings? I'm planing a cosplay for Ultimate Kars from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and I can't find many tutorials for the type of wings I need

Hello there!

For wings like this, it is mostly going to be a sleeve with feathers or a feather substitute hanging off of it. Depending on manga or anime, Kars seems to have either pretty much regular arms colored black with the long feathers hanging off (anime version) or has a lot of smaller feathers up near the arms and just a ridge without feathers near the top (manga version). Which way you go is up to you. 

Here’s a tutorial that lays out the process nicely.  You may want to stick with the faux feathers for this type of design, since the wings are very large and will be very heavy and impractical with real feathers, though real feathers can create a great effect. EVA foam (I would use the large rolls of craft foam if you go this route) can be another option. Fabric would be a less realistic but more comfortable and practical option, since it wouldn’t be stiff and possibly hitting things when you wear it.

Whichever way you go, you will need to either make or buy the smaller feathers for up near the arms, which can be real feathers, real feathers cut down to smaller sizes, or your faux feathers cut to smaller sizes. 

If that one tutorial isn’t doing it for you (and it does seem to be one of the only for this style of wing), I’d look up videos and photos of people who have made arm wings so you can see them in action – while this isn’t a tutorial, it would give you an idea of how they move and possibly how they go together if you can break down the component parts that you see. 

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff