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Things I had a problem with in Shemar's last post. (STRONG LANGUAGE)

This is an RP post so please ignore if that’s not what you’re into (Our drama is amazing over at KR though).

  1. Stop fucking calling Fumie old! She’s 34, not 94. You’re almost 40, btw.  
  2. She only the “shadow of the sex tigress she used to be” because you’re not putting in work anymore, you lame. 
  3. You blaming her attitude on “the change” is ridiculous for many reasons. MAYBE SHE’S MAD BECAUSE YOU CONSTANTLY CHEAT ON HER. 
  4. If you want the arguing and fighting t stop maybe YOU SHOULD STOP CONSTANTLY CHEATING ON HER. 
  5. “He understood why his boys were trading out their older models for the new ones.”
  6. Comparing women to cars…then dogs. 
  8. The waitress. And the groupie threesome. 
  9. Don’t talk shit about your kids bro. That’s a dick move. (Although Koi is a delinquent; Eri is an angel though and she didn’t deserve that) 
  10. Assuming your wife and kids will still be there when you’re ready for them. Protip: They won’t be. 
  11. So you can be a whore but it’s totally unacceptable for Fumie to mess around on you? That’s what a hypocrite is (you were confused, I guess)
  12. You don’t do public property, but public property sure as hell does you…
  13. “What should he have expected? A slut fucking another man in his bed? His kids not cared for? His foundation unkempt? His legacy defiled?” LOL. Look at you pretending to  care about any of that shit. 
  14. “What good was she?” Plenty. You’re not around to appreciate her many talents. 
  15.  "Now…when have I ever cared about what you need?“
  16. "No, it’s about what I need.”
  17. Stop being a pervert. 
  18. Being an overall BAG OF DICKS that I wish I could have Ruka murder.